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Vasogen® Powder has been reported as discontinued.

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Vasogen® Powder Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to VMI Sports® for sending it out!
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  October 15, 2017

  • Interesting Flavor
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Works With VMI K-XR
  • Prop Blend
  • Expensive At Two Scoop Dosages
  • Under Dosed Ingredients
  • Low Benefits
  • Low Pump
  • Low Vascularity
  • Too Expensive
  • Filler Ingredients
I'd like to thank VMISPORTS for the opportunity to review Vasogen through the Trooper program. I'll start by saying that I am not as well versed in pump products as I am in stimulant and performance based products. I have used a couple like Hemavol (years ago), Vasky and straight Citrulline. To be honest, I have never really found a pump product to deliver any noticeable effects that I would not have experienced without them That being said, I went into this trial with an open mind and hopeful attitude that they would be the one for me.

Ingredient Profile

The product starts with a few ingredients to help with fluid balance and replacement.

Niacin (B3 as Niacinamide): 10mg
Chloride: 61mg
Sodium: 39mg
L-Taurine: 2g

Then there is the Vasogen Swell Matrix Blend, which unfortunately, is wrapped up in a 1.15g proprietary blend. It includes the following:

Hawthorn Berry Powder: It is used to regulate blood pressure and it is a safe way to counteract any supplements that may cause high blood pressure. It does this through vasodilation.

Schizandra Berry Powder: Helps with the body's ability to fight stress. It has shown benefits for energy, cognitive function and mood.

Theobromine: Like caffeine, it can provide intensity to a workout but without affecting the Central Nervous System. It has also been linked to better NO productions, so better pumps.

AgmaPure (agmatine Sulfate): A patented form of agmatine sulfate, this pump inducing ingredient improves blood flow for better pumps while also providing some nootropic (mood enhancing) effects.
Pine Bark Extract(std. min. 95% Proanthocyanidins): Can help increase the endurance and performance yield in the gym by increasing the amount of oxygen in the muscle and by dilating the blood vessels.

ViNitrox (Grape and apple polyphenols): Also added to help with blood flow and to increase nitric oxide levels in the muscles.

Based on the ingredient list, there are some really effective things in here. It is just too bad that their amount are kept from us. That, along with the fact that the blend is only 1.15g, I would say that it is pretty dispointing. I would like to see 1g of agmatine alone.


Taste: I have the Blueberry Razz flavour, with the picture of blue raspberries and coconuts. I mention the picture because the taste is overwhelmingly that of coconuts. There is a hint of fruitiness but it is hidden behind the coconut and slight chemical taste. It is not a bad flavour and =I never once struggled to drink it, but it is not in my top contenders. I'd say maybe about middle of the pack.

Mixability: I did not experience any issues with the way the product dissolved in water. Sometimes, there was some granulation left at the bottom of the shaker cup, but that could be due to not mixing thoroughly enough. Usually, a couple of shakes did the trick.

Dosing: 6.68g per serving. I did not wish to take out the small scale to measure out the . grams so usually I would just use a full scoop, which I measured out to be 6g. At one serving, the container lasts 30 days, but really, I think that you would need at least 2 scoops to see any desirable effects. That brings the total down to 15 days worth. In my opinion, that is simply not enough.


This is the area of the product that I am the most disappointed in. It is also the most important. For me, I never experienced any changes, benefits, or effects from Vasogen. I tired taking it with carbs, without carbs, with more carbs, with protein, with protein and carbs, and it never really made a difference. I used it consistently throughout the 30 days, no matter which body part I was hitting and I can't say that I ever felt any effects from the product. On a couple of occasions, on arm days, I included 2 scoops to see if I could feel anything, and again, I felt nothing more than usual. This was disappointing, as the ingredients present in the profile are quality ingredients, but the doses just might not be high enough. It is also possible that the product just did not work well for me. As I stated earlier, I never really experienced success with a pump product. So you should keep that in mind.


The cheapest I could find this product listed at is $29.95. That is right around the same price as other pump products, so it is competitive. But there are others out there at a lower cost with really good reviews like MTS Vasty, which goes for $20. You then need to consider the fact that you will probably want to consume 2 scoops of this at a time, with brings it down to 15 servings, making the value a lot less favourable. So you would have to decide whether or not the price is worth it for you.

----Side Effects--
I did not experience any side effects with this product. Unfortunately, not even positive ones.


I think that VMI is on the right track with Vasogen. They are good quality ingredients set to help out with a fuller pump. If only we could see the dosage upped and the proprietary blend gone, it might be a product worth considering. But as it stands now, I don't think that Vasogen is a product that I would be willing to spend my money on. It is just not worth it for me.
  • Blueberry Razz: 7/10

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