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Vasogen® Powder has been reported as discontinued.

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Vasogen® Powder Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to VMI Sports® for sending it out!
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  August 1, 2018

  • Interesting Flavor
  • Increased Pump At Two Scoops
  • Improved Vascularity At Two Scoops
  • Prop Blend
  • Expensive At Two Scoop Dosages
  • Under Dosed Ingredients
  • Low Benefits
  • Too Expensive


I want to kick this off with a huge thank you to both the Trooper Program here at SR & VMI Sports for supplying me with a full container of Vasogen!

VMI Sports Vasogen is a Non-Stim Pump based pre-workout, designed to increase Nitric Oxide production which we can all thank for the insane vscularity and muscle pumps we love so much. Vasogen, while unfortunately utilizing a proprietary blend, is an extremely simply designed product, utilizing only 6 ingredients in it's "Swell Matrix Blend". I used Vasogen both on it's own & mixed in with a pre-workout, on both low & high carb days to really see how well this product performs under all scenarios, and found myself really disappointed after a few days using a single serving at how little the product actually helped. It wasn't until I bumped up to two scoops that I saw a noticeable increase in pump and muscular endurance, which turned this 30 serving tub into less than half of that after a few days of use. Those two scoops though played no games, and after just a few warm up sets my pump hit hard & kept me full until well after my workout ended.

What makes up this "Swell Matrix Blend" exactly? Let's find out.

Ingredient Profile

Before we reach our proprietary blend, let's breakdown all above it:

Calories: 4
Carbohydrates: 1g
Niacin (Vitamin B3) (As Niacinamide): 10mg
Chloride: 61mg
Sodium: 39mg
L-Taurine: 2g

Before we even get to the actual pump matrix, Vasogen is supplying us with both Chloride & Sodium, which are both good sources of electrolytes. Don't let that scare you away! Just keep your daily water intake high as you should and let the Sodium do it's thing. Now we dig into the "Pump Matrix", a 1.15g total prop blend consisting of six ingredients. Kicking it off is both Hawthorn & Schizandra Berry Powder. Both are natural herbs which have been shown to increase Nitric Oxide, but Schizandra playing a bigger role in cognitive function. Theobromine is a close relative to caffeine, but doesn't ignite the nervous system quite like caffeine does, playing a bigger role in Nitric Oxide production. The final three ingredients are Agmapure (Agmatine Sulfate), Pine Bark Extract, and ViNitroX, which is a combination of Grape and Apple Polyphenols. Every ingredient in this matrix is designed to give you the most wicked pump possible, with a few showing a lending hand in focus & energy. Did it have to be a proprietary blend though?!


At both the single serving and two scoop servings, Vasogen tastes really good. I was supplied with the cleverly named Hawaiian Pump which I enjoyed sipping on during my drive to the gym. There were a few cases of some powder being left behind after drinking it, but that only happened with one of my shaker bottles. I used it twice with this product and both times found that, but never found any lingering powder with any other of my bottles. Just as a test, I mixed one scoop of Vasogen in a standard glass and mixed it with a spoon in which everything blended perfectly together.

Dosing is one of the biggest downfalls with this product, a single scoop is giving you only a total of 1.15g of actual pump ingredients. Yes you're getting the dose of Sodium & Chloride with that, but there really isn't much going on here. It's a relatively small scoop and there was such a big difference when bumping up to two scoops, it makes me wonder why this isn't dosed higher. The potential is right there & I really love the contents but there just isn't enough in here to warrant using a single scoop.


For the first few days of using Vasogen by itself, I didn't really notice any improvements in my pump. I would warm up as I always do, pushing as much blood & nutrients as I can into the working muscle group, but nothing really wowed me. I had a decent little pump from the warm ups but much like I always have to when not using a pump product, I really had to keep the rest times short to make sure I stayed full. It wasn't until I bumped it up to two scoops where I saw a huge improvement, and I really began enjoying Vasogen from that moment on. Man did the pump come on quick, right in the middle of those warm up sets I could feel the blood rushing through my body and filling up the target muscle group without really forcing it. Vascularity increased shortly after and by the time I finished my first exercise, I was as full as I could be. I trained with both short and long rest times to test how long I could keep the pump up, and no matter if it was 45 seconds or 4 minutes, I never once felt the need to pump back up as I did without using the product. I will say that some days it took a little longer to kick it than other, which was to be expected, but on a few occasions it took almost an hour after drinking it to really feel the pump kick in. There's so many factors contributing to that though, I can't blame the product for that, but I feel the need to mention it.


It took some digging, but I found a 30 Serving of Vasogen for $29.99 through IllPumpYouUp, which is a huge difference from VMI's asking price of $42.99. After doing some research into the most popular Non-Stim pump products, Vasogen falls on the pricey side. There's a lot of other brands packing bigger formulas with more promising ingredients around the same price as the cheapest retailer for Vasogen, but again, if everyone had the same experience I had and needs two scoops of this stuff, you're paying $30 for 15 days worth, which doesn't sound too exciting. I've personally used stronger pump products for less money, but quality is going to change from person to person so if you have $30 burning a hole in your product, try it out.

Side Effects

No side effects noticed while using Vasogen.


At the end of the day, Vasogen is a good Pump product, at double the recommended serving. I understand that everybody is different and there's a lot of people who could benefit from the single serving, but to go from no difference in my pump to a drastic increase in blood flow by simply increasing by a scoop, is a big deal. Especially when it cuts itself from a month supply, to fifteen days worth of product. There's a ton of room for improvement by VMI, who says the product works best when combined with their Creatine and Pre-Workout, but that doesn't help anyone who's just looking for an overall good increase in their muscular pump. In my opinion, cut out the proprietary blends, up the dosing significantly and if that's all done well, the price might justify the product. Until then, it's just not really worth all that much as it stands.

I just want to thank the Trooper Program & VMI Sports once again for sending me the product!
  • Hawaiian Pump : 8/10


  • Unheard0f
    Rep: +337
    July 30, 2018

    Struggled a little bit with this one, first write up ever on a pump product! Still learning & growing!

  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,098
    July 30, 2018

    Nice job. Pump products are hit or miss for me, so for me they are hard to write up.

  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    August 1, 2018

    Based on SR's Rating Guide and your description, your Effectiveness deserves to be a bit higher because it worked well with 2 scoops. A "4" which means "Didn't do anything" would have been accurate if 2 scoops wouldn't have done anything but considering it did, then something closer to a 6 sounds more accurate.

  • Unheard0f
    Rep: +337
    August 1, 2018

    @MarsheS Thank you! I made an adjustment up to a six and re-read the guidelines! Thanks for the advice!

  • fat2ripped
    Rep: +134
    August 4, 2018 - Last Edited: 2018-08-04 01:42:41

    Nevermind I see you mixed it with bpi nice i was wondering if it'd be too much pump ha

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