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Vasogen® Powder has been reported as discontinued.

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Vasogen® Powder Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to VMI Sports® for sending it out!
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  April 14, 2017

  • Solid Pumps
  • Improved Vascularity
  • Expensive At Two Scoop Dosages
  • Prop Blend
Thank you VMI for the opportunity to review two of your products. I thank you for being part of the SR community.

Let me explain the title. We all have that one friend that leaves us hanging when we go up for a high five. Then some random dude comes from behind and gives you a high five. Now you don't feel so bad lol. I'll get into these a little more in my effectiveness section.

Ingredient Profile
Another prop blend from VMI :( Is the end of prop blends near?! There are many great and complete breakdowns of the profile by other reviewers, so I won't cover every ingredient. A few ingredients did catch my eye though: hawthorn berry and vinitrox. According to VMI's website, hawthorn berry is supposed to be a vasodilator and vintitrox increases performance and endurance, boost nitric oxide levels, and delay fatigue. Nexira, the manufacturer of vintrox said on their website that in a recent study 500mg per day improves physical capabilities. However if we look at Vasogen Swell Matrix Blend, vinitrox is labeled last, which usually indicates that in the blend the amount of vinitrox is less than the other ingredients mentioned (meaning underdosed). OK, so lets say my previous sentence is wrong and each ingredient listed in the blend is dosed at equal amounts. 1150mg/6 ingredients equals roughly 191.6 mg of each ingredient (still underdosed). Another sad day for products with prop blends.

I want to thank VMI for fulfilling my flavor request. They said they would accommodate my flavor request if possible, and they did! I had requested for Tigers Blood (combined flavors of coconut, watermelon, and strawberry). I love anything with coconut. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole tub. I did receive samples of the other flavors (Hawaiian Pump and MaliBlu Berry Breeze), but Tigers Blood was hands down my favorite.

Mixability was decent. I didn't have many problems, but it did leave some settlement at the bottom. I used two scoops, only when I did not feel the need for a stim pre-workout. When I combined it with some of my favorite pre-workouts, I used one heaping scoop. I found that 20-30 minutes before my workout was the sweet spot.

Going back to my high five story in the beginning. This product is that friend that leaves you hanging for a high five, except in this case it is pumps. Then some stranger comes and makes it all better. The stranger in this case is another pre-workout. Combine this with a pre-workout, and it makes this product better.
ONE SCOOP: For me, little change in pump and vascularity. I'm glad I tried one scoop on my deload week.

TWO SCOOPS: Pumps were there. It wasn't anything out of the world or what I've experienced from other pump products, but it did the job. Vascularity was increased; my arms were just hanging by my sides and I could very clearly see an increase in vascularity. Pumps were there but it was nothing like the "vein splitting muscle swell and pump" they advertise.

ONE SCOOP + STRANGER: I combined VMI's VasogenXT with their own pre-workout K-XR and IN DVST8, two of my top pre-workouts so far. Head over to K-XR's SR page and you'll see some of the same responses: "lack luster pumps" or "no pump". Also check out wjmathewsx's review on VasogenXT. He brought out a good point; in a comment he wrote "some products are meant to be stacked. I think this is one". I firmly believe 100% that VasogenXT was created to be stacked with either their pre-workout or one of their competitors. It was just that much better with a pre-workout. Both K-XR and DVST8 turned into better pre-workouts. The solid pump, combined with energy and focus, just was great. Not only did I feel bigger, I definitely made some small strength gains. Plus, I felt I looked bigger (or maybe I'm just full of myself).

Right now on Amazon I see it for just under $30. With 30 servings per container and some simple math, each serving is about $1. But bump that up to $2 if you decide to take 2 scoops every time. If you're solely using this and dosing it at 2 scoops I definitely feel that the product is overpriced. However if you combine it with one of your favorite pre-workouts, maybe the price is more reasonable (depending on the cost per serving on your favorite preworkout). For example, I combined this frequently with IN DVST8 White Cut. I recently purchased DVST8 for $40 at $1 per serving. So for $2 I can get a hella good workout, with great pumps, focus, and endurance. In the case, I feel the price is reasonable.

Side Effects
None, just sides from the pre-workout used.

This product was very interesting in my opinion. I do recommend the product, however I am more in between MEH to YES range. As a standalone product, I would put MEH, since two scoops were needed to be effective. However when you stacked it, I'm totally in the YES I do recommend. If you're looking to purchase the product to stack with your favorite pre-workout, definitely consider this product. But if you're not big on stims and are looking for a stim free pre-workout, I'd recommend you to look for another product.

For now SR, peace.
  • Tigers Blood: 8/10

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