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Major Mass™ Lean Protein Gainer Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to VMI Sports® for sending it out!
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  February 11, 2018

  • -amazing Taste
  • Mixes Effortlessly
  • Has Real Marshmallows
  • Versatile
  • Prime Ingredients
  • Great Recovery
  • Keeps You Full
  • Good Meal Replacment
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Recovery


    Big thanks to VMI for letting me try major mass. I am 5 weeks into my hybrid training program and hitting nutrition goals is becoming paramount. I was hesitant to pick this up because I had the wrong impression about mass gainer products and this one really opened my eyes to how beneficial it can be.

    Ingredient Profile

    First thing you will notice about this Mass gainer is the fact that it is not filled with a bunch of crap. Other mass gainers use shortcuts and put junk in their mix because all they care about is a caloric amount which will in turn equal mass gain. Not VMI, they have chose carefully what goes into this mixture. Lets have a look at the ingredients.

    80g of protein per 8 servings (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whole Milk Powder, Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Protein Isolate), this combination delivers focused muscle building protein with varying digestion speeds.

    They have a multi-phased carbohydrate blend that accounts for moderate to low glycemic index carbohydrates. Anything from easily digested fast acting carbs for post workout, to carbs that will stick with you to keep you full. These sources include Carb10 and Maltodextrin.

    For me this is where Major Mass sets its self from the pack with the fats they have chosen to include. They include healthy proven fat sources including MCT oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, and fat naturally derived from whole milk powder. These simply are not just fillers, but actual healthy fats that your body can use as fuel.

    Major Mas features Digestisorb Enzyme Complex. This is included to keep away the nasty bloat that you might experience from protein powder and making you feel gross and like a busted can of biscuits.


    Ok so now that the FDA technical stuff is out of the way lets get down to the real factors. How does this taste? Well I went with the Marshmallow charms or as I called it the "lucky charms milkshake" and let me tell you the taste is INSANE. It is addictingly good. I would be stoked to be finished my workouts just because I knew that this drink was coming. My only disclaimer about flavor is I never tried it with water, because...why bother. This drink tasted spot on like you just finished a bowl of lucky charms and are drinking the left over milk even with the marshmallows. They are legit lucky charms marshmallows. This drink is insane with flavor and detail.

    Mixability is effortless. For the most part I drank this with 12-16oz of milk with a blender bottle with the wire wisk in. Come to find out having the wire ball in the cup is absolutely NOT needed. This powder mixes fantasctically without it. I honestly feel as if this mixes better than my Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey, it sure does take a lot less effort that the Gold standard, which to me is another great sign of just how good this is put together.

    Dosing is what I would categorize as customizable. For me I chose the long road and only did one serving which is 2 scoops. You can do that, 4 scoops or the full mass effect of 8 scoops. Since I am not really looking to gain mass, I chose to do 2 scoops as a post workout recovery drink which would allow me to get some protein and a good amount of carbs for muscle repair. Since this product has this option, I feel as if it can cover more consumers instead of other products where it seems to be an all or none style of gainer.


    To continue with the theme of this review, effectiveness was fantastic. I would kill myself in the gym, and drink this for recovery and be ready to go for the next day's workout. Did this eliminate all DOM's? No, however you will be challenged to find a product that can do this. Did this leave me full and feeling recovered after just 2 scoops? You bet your lucky charms it did. In fact with this, it delivered just the right amount of sweetness to where I did not crave sugary junk later in the day. I can only imagine what this would do if I threw in all 8 scoops. Since I went with 2 scoops it gained me 250 cal 31g of carbs and 20g of protein. The remarkable part is the lack of stomach bloat that I got with this. Usually if I take protein powders that are heavy with concentrate and milk protein I will get some bloat and gas with it. The digestive enzymes that they have included eliminated ALL of that. It was all reward and no loss with this product.


    So you can find a tub of Major mass at campus protein for $39 which breaks down to $1.30 for 30 servings, $2.60 for 15 servings, and 5.20 for 8 servings. If you opt for the 8 servings, then yeah this product is going to be expensive but at the same time most mass gainers will set you back this much money or more. The fact that you can choose your serving helps make this competitive against competitors. Plus, where else will you find a product that delivers in the flavor category like this one?

    Side Effects

    Amazingly enough, none to report.


    So as my title states, I am sad to write this. I am sad because since I am writing this review, my time with this product has come to an end and the tub has gone empty. There is a giant void in my post workout life right now until I can get another container. Seriously folks, its that good. I hated mass gainers and never thought they had a place in my life since, I am a mass monster anyways, but this changed everything. I was finally able to apply a full protein shake product to my diet and it was wonderful. This is a very versatile product and can be used as post workout, gaining mass, or just filling in the macro holes for the day. Regardless you need to give this a try and see for yourself!
    • Marshmallow charms: 10/10

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