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Major Mass™ Lean Protein Gainer Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

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  September 5, 2018

  • Good Meal Replacment
  • Builds Muscle
  • Keeps You Full
  • Amazing Taste
  • Prime Ingredients

    Quick Summary

    This is a awesome mass gainer/meal replacement, I loved using it and the company behind this seems to make really great products.


    So to be perfectly honest, I've never actually used a mass gainer before and I was a little hesitant to try it. What I was looking for in this product was that I had read reviews about it saying its acceptable to use it as a meal replacement and that's what I wanted out of it. I needed to replace meals because sometimes I don't have time to pick something up and eat and I'd usually either skip the meal and feel hungry all day or I'd get something really unhealthy for me. I wanted something that would make me feel full and would be a good source of protein and not too many carbs and something that wasn't super unhealthy for me. I'm getting older and I'm trying different things and I'm glad I tried this because I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful for what I needed it for. VMI seems to be a company putting out some really good products and I appreciate them letting me try them.

    Ingredient Profile

    Ok so the amount of ingredients you get is dependent on how many scoops you take but for 2 scoops you get:

    250 calories, 31 g of carbs, 5 g of fat, 10 g of sugar and 20 g of protein.

    This is almost exactly the ingredient profile I was looking for. When I asked a friend of mine about mass gainers, he told me to just eat real food they have too many carbs and are loaded with sugar. But I'm really satisfied with these ingredients, I believe this is a really good amount of carbs for a mass gainer and not too much sugar for me. The fat in here is also from healthy fat sources like MCT oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, and whole milk powder.

    The carbs come from Carb10 and Maltodextrin, Carb10 from what I researched helps prevent blood sugar levels from spiking, it says it's a source of clean and sustaining energy.

    This is a great ingredient blend for me, I really don't think I could of asked for anything better to suit my needs personally.


    The taste of the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor is really good, I loved it alot. It taste exactly like it's name and I actually feel like I'm eating a Ice Cream Sandwich. I don't think they could of nailed the flavor any better, it's very good.

    Ok so when it comes to mixability I tried a couple things, a blender and a shaker bottle. For some reason this tasted way better in my shaker bottle, I know its weird but it's how I felt. Also when mixing in a blender all the, i'm guessing it's chocolate, would wind up at the very bottom of the cup like all of it. But when mixing in a shaker bottle about a week or two out I found out that it mixes perfect. No chocolate left over in the bottom and it just so much better, but maybe it's just my cheap blender. I just thought I should mention it and incase you are wondering, I mixed it with milk.

    I only used two scoops at a time, because the ingredient profile at this dosage was perfect for me I didn't really ever go up any. Two scoops was great for me and you should use whatever you feel is right for you given the ingredients. I took this whenever I wanted to replace a meal, either I didn't have time or I just didn't feel like it.


    So as I said before I didn't use this as a mass gainer, I used it as a meal replacement and I'll give my review of the effectiveness based on that.

    As a meal replacement, what I look for is ingredients and the ability to make me feel full without eating unhealthy and this was perfect for me.
    It filled me up and I wouldn't feel hungry again for hours, I really enjoyed it. I've never tried a mass gainer but I've used meal replacements in the past and they usually don't make me feel full not in the way this one does. I did feel like I maybe put on a few pounds but I didn't feel fatter I just felt like I had put on more muscle I felt bigger at the end of this but more in a healthy way. I didn't expect to lose weight while taking a mass gainer, even as a meal replacement. I loved this product it did what it was supposed to do as a meal replacement for me and it tasted great while doing it.


    You can get this for $43 on amazon right now, that's about $1.43 per serving at 30 servings. I believe this is super good for me as a meal replacement, it's really cheap. And when you think about the quality of ingredients you are getting, it's a great deal. I'm thinking about buying it right now for that price with prime. For someone that uses 2 scoops like me, that's a great price, I understand it gets higher the more scoops you use but I'd imagine that's with every mass gainer.

    Side Effects

    No side effects for me, no feeling bloated or any digestion issues.


    This is a really great product, I loved using it as a meal replacement. It made feel full when I needed it and it kept me satisfied till the last scoop. VMI seems like a really good company and uses quality ingredients. I loved the Ice Cream Sandwich Flavor but when I buy it I'm probably gonna try a new flavor as I want to see if it matches up to this one. It's at a great price point and has the perfect ingredient profile I'm looking for, nothing more I can ask for.
    • Ice Cream Sandwich: 10/10

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