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L-Carnitine 1500 HEAT Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to VMI Sports® for sending it out!
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  November 14, 2018

  • Fat Reduction
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Raise Body Heat
  • Makes A Good Sweat
  • Open Label
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • No Measuring Instrument

Quick Summary

A good carnitine with a spicy kick.


Thanks again to the people at VMI. I wanted to try this for one main reasons (not just it had ingredients I was looking for) and that was because I read several good reviews on it. I have only tried a few carnitine supplements. I have had some good and some bad results. I have done several reviews on the VMI products and this is another effective one. VMI makes great products and sometimes I feel like a VMI rep but you can not deny that this company delivers.

Ingredient Profile

There are 3 types of Carntine which are L-Carnitine 500 mg, Acetyl L-Carnitine 500 mg, and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 500 mg. The other elements are Green Tea Leaf Extract 50 mg, Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Chloride 25mg, Grains of Paradise Seed 15 mg and BioPerine 2.5 mg. Several of the reviews break down each type of Carnitine, so I wanted to break down how the ingredients go together.

Carnitine is an amino acid that gives energy that can help with weight loss. Carnitine is found in almost all the cells in our body. The wonderful thing about this amino acid is it burns energy by using fatty acids for metabolism. Carnitine has also been used for people with kidney issues.

Green Tea is similar to caffeine and will help increase energy. Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Chloride or GBB-EEC is to help with energy similar to pre-workout supplements and will also work to increase Carntine. Grains of Paradise (not grains of paradise capsicum) is the Aframomum melegueta plant for medicine in Western Culture. Aframomum is for fat reduction. It has also been used for hormones, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Lean GBB is a precursor for Carnitine to increase the Carnitine to help with results. It can help with weight loss and athletic performance. BioPerine is basically black pepper. Black pepper is what we use on our foods, along with salt. Black powder also has many benefits which includes weight loss, digestive assistant, ulcers, and antioxidant to name a few. The purpose of the black pepper is that it helps the body to absorb the Carnitine.

All these elements work together, similar to why we use salt and pepper together. The carnitine and other supporting ingredients make this to be a fantastic Carnitine supplement, so I give this a good rating because all these ingredients work together to help Carnitine work better.


There are 4 options to choose from on the flavor and I received Patriot Pop. The flavor is hard to explain but I liken it to 5 hour energy (which I have stopped taking and would not recommend it) but not the same after-taste. Also, they call it heat because it is spicy. It does have a taste kick so do not be surprised. I do not mind a little spice and use Tabasco on almost everything, but this is a different spice. I liked this flavor but it is not for everyone.

The mixability does not apply as it comes already mixed together but I do recommend shaking it every time you use it. The product also says you need to fridge after opening it. The dosing was one table-spoon on an empty stomach or prior to a workout. I would use mine one hour before lunch.

The only problem I had with this product is who leaves home with a tablespoon. What I did to fix this was drop 1 tablespoon on my first serving into the cap that is on top of the tub to measure out how much a tablespoon would be and I marked that to use every time. This is one recommendation I would make to VMI to help those not carrying around a spoon. Other than that, no issues, so I give this a great rating.


The VMI 1500 Heat says it will boost metabolism and increase thermogenic and this is exactly what it did. I always need some stuff that is for energy and this is what it was. As far as it goes with energy, no problems. I did lose 4 pounds but I have increased cardio so it could have been both things with the weight loss. I always struggle to eat well during Thanksgiving and Christmas so it was nice to lose a little before the season. What this product did do was keep me from putting on weight. It did give me a little appetite fullness so my lunch would sometime be light. These ingredients did help curb appetite and I felt it would have helped with fat loss. Definitely, something I thought was working. It did deliver on metabolism boost and thermogenic, so I give this a high rating.


The normal price is $25 but it was also available for $20 for 31 servings which is $0.68 per serving. I give this a high rating because it was a supplement with a clean energy boost. A good value for the price.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, I did have a side effect. I had a brain hemorrhage exactly 4 years ago on Nov. 10, so I can get headaches easier. I did have some headaches along the way but it's hard for me to tell if it was due to 1500 Heat or not. I was able to finish the tub but did have about 7 hard days along the way. This may not be an issue for everyone, but I had to note it.


This is a great carnitine with multiple carnitine and supporting ingredients which is good. The taste was fine and unusual but not for the faint of heart. The mixability and dosing were fine. It was effective. If you can get it at $20, then I highly suggest getting one. The cost is still reasonable at $25 for 31 servings. I did have some side effects but it could be just me. This is a wonderful carnitine and I would recommend and try it again.
  • Patriot Pop: 7/10


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    November 14, 2018

    @Zsteinf We're glad you liked Carnitine Heat so much, but we're sorry to hear about your past hemorrhage. Glad you're healthy today, and we wish you the best.

  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,531
    November 15, 2018

    Paragraphs next time please

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