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K-XR Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to VMI Sports® for sending it out!
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  October 16, 2018

  • Increased Energy
  • Consistent Throughout Workout

    Quick Summary

    K-XR is a stim heavy pre-workout designed to get you moving. If you have the guts (and Tolerance) this will get you killing it in the gym.


    Hello all, I am back with another product from VMI. I had the pleasure of running a VMI stack and found that they worked well together and helped me push through some fun workouts. I am a 46 year old guy who isn't totally ready to admit to being older (if you know what I mean). I have 2 kids a puppy and a wife that take a lot of time. I am generally on a cut as I can gain fat pretty easy. I tend to use supplements to help me with these goals.
    I logged the products as well, so if your interested feel free to check it out. During the run I was doing stuff everyday. I was lifting 4 days a week (Marc Lobliner 12 week functional fitness), as well as some form of cardio and such on the off days.

    Ingredient Profile

    OK, my one knock.... Prop blends. I know, it shouldn't matter but it does. I am getting spoiled in my old age and I like knowing what I am putting in the old system. Anyway here we go, and remember you can always look up ingredients to see what they do and if you want to take them.

    Niacin 35mg: Can help with blood flow. At this dose it shouldn't be harmful and can possibly help so it can stay.
    Vitamin B12 @ 35mcg: Can increase energy, however the effective dosage is probably closer to 1mg, so in this case I would drop this. I do however have a daily vitamin that also has this so I am slightly jaded.

    Intense Pump Blend: 3.3g
    Carnosyn, Taurine, Theobromine

    So the issue would be dosing. Carnosyn (beta alanine) is normally dosed at 3.2 G's and can be dosed higher. Taurine 500mg to 2000mg. Theobromine 25mg to 1000mg. Let's assume 3.2g's of carnosyn, which helps with blood flow (gives the tingles). Then the dosage is good. Which leaves 100mg for the rest. I will say that it worked for me so even if the dosages are low they seem to work together. I don't think I noticed much pump from the Theobromine, however I think I am too fat for pumps. I noticed a fullness when I added Agmapure, but without that added ingredient I didn't notice anything. I would like to see this breakdown. 3.2g, 1g, 500mg. But hey that is just me.

    Maximum energy blend @ 637mg

    Here we do have a little better idea as they state on the bottle 400mg of caffeine. ( although it is between Caffeine citrate and caffeine anhydrous). Then Infinergy (Dicaffeine Malate), Hordenine HCL, Rawolfia vomitoria root extract.

    Once again this worked for me. I did not get the jitters nor did I crash. For me this "blend" seemed to work so I don't think that I would change it.

    Focal & Cognitive Enhancing Blend @ 503mg

    Consisting of Choline Bitartrate and Huperzia serrata club moss extract.
    This is to help your focus. Please read MarsheS review of this as my experience was different. I felt like I was "on" when I took this. My aside note is that I work out at home and don't have distractions. So for me I felt pretty focused as I went through my workout. At the end of the day I don't think I would change anything here either.


    I received the Cherry Lime Italian Ice and found it enjoyable. Kind of a tart sweet taste to me. Obviously depending on how much water you use makes the taste different.

    I had no issues mixing this in as little at 6 ounces of water in my shaker bottle. That being said I normally used 10 to 12 ounces of water. (I work out in the morning and feel I need to get liquids into my system).

    Dosing is as simple as it can be. 1 scoop 15 to 20 minutes before working out. To be fair, I used this everyday first thing in the morning (maybe a time or two later). I found that it normally started kicking in at the 20 minute mark for me. I also found that even if I waited longer it still helped my workouts. Other thing to note is that if you slam it and go I would feel the effects a little earlier.


    I know that this is the important part of the review. However it is also kind of short and long..... So here is for the short side for you, it works.... Now those of you who are still reading, a little longer version. Looking back at my log, I consistently increased either reps or weight during the whole run of this. I also had extra energy and added some stuff on various days. Considering that the plan I was using was 5 sets of 10 or more I think that is pretty good. I also note that I did cardio after lifting. So even though it is high stim I didn't feel my heart explode, and yes I have one.... Or at least I haven't been told I am heartless since high school (you do the math). I also liked that for me I didn't crash afterwards, just a nice slow mellowing if that makes sense. So for me this was very effective, lastly this was my only caffeine intake for the day so I was glad it lasted a while.


    As of 10/16/2018 VMI is running it for $34.99 a tub, 30 servings (unless you think you need 800mg's of stims...)

    Amazon 1 time purchase has it for $29.99.

    This is right in my friend zone. Basically a dollar a day, you can't go wrong with that. I think NutraBio has some that are a little more, however RCSS has YeahBuddy for basically the same. So I am content on paying for this, as it delivered the performance I want.

    Side Effects

    When stacking with Agmapure I had some pre workout runs to the bathroom. Without that I was way more normal but Caffeine can help loosen things up, at least for me. No emergency evacuation or accidents while working out though. Occasional tingles from the Carnosyn. I will also add that if you are stimulant sensitive to be aware this has a good kick....


    This is pretty simple. If you are stimulant sensitive, try a quarter or half scoop. If you like stims use this for 30 productive workouts. I know that there are some prop blends in this and I would like to see the transparency that NutraBio shows, however this seemed to work. More importantly there didn't seem to be any effects that would make me question what is in here. (if you know what I mean). VMI seems to have come out with products that work for me and therefore I will cut them some slack on the blends thing. I look forward to running some of the other flavors down the road and would tell you all that you should give this a go as well. As a final thought/ side note, I am a VERY STIM tolerant person. I know some of the reviewers had issues with this, but I honestly didn't. So, use your head, check your ego at the door and use this responsibly.....
    • Cherry Lime Italian Ice: 8/10

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