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Arima-XD Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

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  September 10, 2018

  • Quality Brand
  • Not Effective
  • VMI Has Better AIs

Quick Summary

The weakest of VMI's three AI products I've run.


I gave VMI's original Arimistane high marks - a 7.7 overall - and I had an even more positive experience with their reformulated Arimidrol, to which I gave an 8.6 overall score. So of course, when I had the opportunity to run yet another AI/estrogen blocker by VMI, I absolutely went for it. I don't play around much anymore with hormonal supplements but I've become a big fan of AIs and have responded well to most products in this category.

Ingredient Profile

Arima-XD's profile is more complex than its brothers and contains a suite of four core ingredients with purported properties related to estrogen inhibition, hormonal balance, and increased testosterone production. The struggle I have with evaluating these ingredients and their dosages is the lack of reliable research. Also, some of the ingredients didn't make sense to me as to why they were included in this type of product.

Let me elaborate. Calcium-D-Glucarate works by assisting the kidneys in facilitating the removal of glucuronidated toxins and hormones from the body. ALL steroid hormones, including estrogen, DHEA, and testosterone, are glucuronidated, meaning Calcium-D-Glucarate shouldn't have a net positive effect with respect to aromatase inhibition. Hoping someone smarter than me can clarify how this ingredient is supposed to function in this supplement.

As for the rest of the profile, the inclusion of I-3-C and DIM make sense. These compounds are related to the Brassica family of vegetables which are touted for their anti-estrogen properties. Chrysin however, was another head-scratching ingredient for me. While Chrysin is known for being a test-boosting plant compound, its bioavailability is extremely poor, with dosages of up to 3,000mg having been proven as being ineffective. Seemed like a waste to include it in Arima-XD.


I took my two pills in the AM roughly 30 minutes pre-workout on lifting days. Even on non-workout days, I still dosed the caps in the AM in order to maintain a consistent dose routine. Very easy to swallow caps with no aftertaste, indigestion, or other side effects.


If you read my Arimidrol review, you'll note I raved about the product's libido boosting and cortisol control properties, thus I had the bar set pretty high for Arima-XD. Unfortunately that mark was missed completely. I experienced none of the same improvements to sexual performance, libido, drive, etc. Nor did I get any of the drying out/leanness or weight loss effects. I actually gained a few pounds while running Arima-XD, and am now coming in around 210 lbs. whereas before I was consistently at 205 lbs.

I am not blaming Arima-XD here or saying it caused negative effects, only that I really didn't experience anything at all, and certainly nothing near what I experienced while on Arimidrol. This basically sums up my experience with this product - I didn't feel like I was running any sort of AI supplement throughout the entire bottle.


A 30 day bottle of Arimidrol can be purchased for between $25 and $30 depending on the seller. Arima-XD is in the same ballpark with the cheapest I could find being $24 on AllStarHealth. Hard to gauge this price against competitor products considering ingredient profiles are rather unique and really no two of this category of supplement is identical. From past research I've done I can tell you it's fairly standard to find good AI's at a price point of roughly $1 a day.

Side Effects

I had no joint dryness while on this product.


I was rather disappointed with my run of Arima-XD, especially considering my track record with other VMI AI supplements. This was far and away the worst of their trio of AI's that I tried, however I am keeping in mind my past experiences, as well as the fact that no two people respond in identical fashions to the same product. I know for a fact that VMI puts out quality estrogen blockers and, though I would be quick to refer people to Arimidrol over Arima-XD, it's clear my experiences are in the minority based on other reviews. VMI remains my go-to for a quality AI, thus I would say Arima-XD is worth considering (but seriously just go get Arimidrol).


  • September 10, 2018

    Hi Clay,
    Thank you for being a reviewer and for your honest feedback!
    I am one of the owners of VMI Sports.
    I am sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Arima-XD as much as you did our other AIs, but I wanted to share some information since you seemed to be asking for some further insight into the product formula, in your review here. You are right, not everyone responds the same to products/ingredients, but this formula has some solid foundation from my point of view (granted I am biased :-)
    Let's start with Chrysin. No, this is not really a testosterone booster. The science shows it is actually an anti-aromatase. Ref: (see lines 4-5)
    Or, even better, feel free to read this in full:
    The fact that people have given it the term "testosterone booster" is simply a misnomer, and really based on the fact that much like many AIs, it in theory can result in a better Test/Estro. ratio.
    As for Calcium D-Glucarate. While there is not a lot of data here, there is research that infers that it can have anti estrogenic properties, albeit potentially related to its role as a inhibitor of beta-glucuronidase (via its metabolite D-glucaro-1,4-lactone).
    To my knowledge there is no data that Calcium-D Glucarate has the same effect on any other hormones in this way. To dive deeper, research has noted that higher levels of beta-glucuronidase can directly impact estrogen.
    And I quote:
    "The conjugated estrogens excreted in the bile can be deconjugated by bacterial species in the gut with beta-glucuronidase activity (constituents of the 'estrobolome'), subsequently leading to estrogen reabsorption into the circulation."
    Thus one can theorize that inhibition of beta-glucuronidase would be helpful in ensuring less Estrogen is reabsorbed into the bloodstream.
    Let's connect personally to discuss if you have any other questions, suggestions or feedback.. we really appreciate the insight and review!
    Thanks for trying out our products, and hopefully speak soon,
    Best Regards,
    Tom Reilly
    President, VMI Sports

  • workoutguru
    Rep: +5,729
    September 10, 2018

    I though this was a fairly decent product but had to quit talking it when I got a ltitle over half way through the bottle because my joints started to hurt real badly. Now I have some tendinitis I am dealing with in my right elbow that I can feel going down my forearm into my hand. I believe it is from this product because when I was using this my elbow started to bother me. This stuff i feel really dried my joints out a lot because I was looking leaner and had that dryer look to my skin. I think it sucked out a lot of that water in me which gave me that leaner more dryer look.

  • Cray
    Rep: +4,181
    September 11, 2018

    Appreciate all the info and research Tom. I will certainly look further into those studies.

  • Cray
    Rep: +4,181
    September 11, 2018

    And it does seem like I'm in the minority with respect to response to this product. Could be my love affair with Arimidrol is too strong. Might have to try this again at some point.

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