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Arima-XD Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to VMI Sports® for sending it out!
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  November 9, 2018

  • Good Value
  • Improved Vascularity
  • Leaning Effect
  • Muscle Hardness
  • Temporary Libido Increase
  • Hormone Regulator
  • Minor Dry Joints

Quick Summary

An Aromataste Inhibitor that does a nice job. This will get you that muscle hardness feeling rather quickly, may increase you libido, increase your vascularity, and you may experience some leaning out. Pretty cheap price for some quality stuff.


39 years old and I lift 5 days a week, currently doing GZCL UHF 9 week. If you did not know Terima Kasih translates to Thank You in Indonesian. I thought it rhymed with Arima-XD, anyways. I, like many others, loved Arimistaine from VMI last year, and when they did away with the ingredient I was pretty sad. Then I saw some rave reviews on Arima-XD as the predecessor to Arimistaine, so I had to give it a shot the next chance I had. I recently tested low for testosterone about two months ago, so now it makes more sense to me why AIs work well for me. Big thank you to SR and VMI for allowing me the opportunity to try and review this for your reading pleasure.

Ingredient Profile

Fully disclosed profile which is appreciated, especially for an AI. Each dosing size is 2 capsules and that gives you 30IU of Vitamin E, and lets briefly talk the rest:

Estrogen & Cortisol Domination
Calcium-D-Glucarate (350mg): I will not elaborate here too much as it is fairly confusing to me. The best response is from Tom Reilly (President of VMI Sports) in reply to @Cray review in the comments section. In a nutshell at high doses this can have some anti-cancer properties and may reduce all steroid toxins (Test, Estrogen, DHEA, Etc..) for a short time. So I assume this is put here to get rid of that nasty Estrogen.

Diindolymethane (DIM) (150mg): This was my first time trying out DIM. It is found in broccoli, kale, and cauliflower and can inhibit the aromatase enzyme (and prevent conversion of testosterone into estrogen) and i can act on more potent forms of estrogen and convert them into less potent forms. This conversion can reduce the overall effects of estrogen in the body. So, some pretty good stuff. Too much DIM at once can actually have the opposite effect, so be cautious. 100mg has been said to provide results, so I think the dosing here is safe and good.

Indole-3-Carbinol (150mg): Precursor to DIM, and is here to balance out your hormone levels in the body. Unsure of recommended dosing here.

5,7-Dihydroxyflavone (as Chrysin) (150mg): Chrysin may possibly increase testosterone in the body. However, no research in humans ha found any effect on this according to WebMD. No known dosages.

Panax Notoginseng & Astragulus Membraneceous (as Astragin) (15mg): My favorite absorbing agent. This is here to get all of those things above absorbed into your body. 15mg seems fine here.

Some pretty unique ingredients here that all seem to have their purpose. So the profile and dosing is fine by me.


Taste/Mixability: Nothing to report here as this is in pill form. No real smell or taste to the pills.

Dosing: 2 Pills upon wake up. Directions state 2 pills a day on an empty stomach prior to a meal. First thing in the morning was the easiest way for me.


Okay, so things I look for in an AI are Muscle Hardness, Vascularity, and a slight leaning out effect. Some bonus features can be increased aggression (in the gym). So I will discuss this in those three categories:

Muscle Hardness: In the past this has taken anywhere from 10-14 days for me to experience this on other AIs. Around day 7 I felt my muscles tightening up and getting that hardness effect. I was surprised at how quickly this worked, and this lasted throughout the duration of the bottle. This was the strongest effect for me compared to the other categories. On par with other AIs for sure.

Vascularity: This took around two weeks to really notice. I had some nice increased vascularity in my shoulders area and slightly in the forearm area. This did its job, but I have had better vascularity from things like Arimistaine in the past. Still good here though.

Lean-Out Effect: When taking Arimistaine in the past, my gym buddies have always told me I was looking leaner. No one said that to me on this 30 day run, however, I did notice I was losing some body. This can mainly be attributed to diet, and my two week run of L-Carnitine while on this, but this did help out as the fat stayed off since stopping L-Carnitine. I do believe this had some minor effects.

As I stated in my intro, I do suffer from Low Testosterone at my age, so I can usually feel a better balance in my body when taking an AI. I really did not feel much more of an energy boost, which leads me to believe this was not necessarily producing too much more testosterone, but with the effects I experienced I do think this did regulate the Estrogen and balance my hormones out. I have no labs or anything to prove that, but that is my perception. So overall a pretty good product. This does not live up to the old Arimistaine standard, but it was close. The nice part here is I did experience some slight joint pain on this, but nothing even close to what Arimistaine used to do, so no real side effects to worry about. I stayed on my standard dose of 2,000mg Fish Oil a day and had no joint issues, just some nagging aches.

During the second week I did notice an increase in my libido. That last about a week and then went away. I really do not have issues in that department, but thought it was interesting how it came and then went. I never did experience any increase in aggression either as I have with some other AIs. Good thing is after being off this for a couple days, my body is not shutting down and I do not feel lethargic, as I have in the past coming off AIs, so I do think this is a good product for keeping your hormone levels regulated versus an increase.


The cheapest I could find this was at DPS Nutrition. A 30 day supply (60 pills) will run you $23.99 using the code DPS10. So that is around 80 cents a day, which I think is a pretty great deal for this product.

Side Effects

Very minor joint pain, which can be curbed with Fish Oil or a Joint supplement.


While this was not as potent as Arimistaine, this did a nice job as a follow-up. The price point is nice, and the effectiveness is there. If you are in the market for an AI and want to try something different, then I recommend you give Arima-XD a shot.

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