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Aminogex Ultra Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
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  August 1, 2018

  • Improved Hydration
  • Improved Recovery
  • Fully Disclosed
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Great Taste
  • Competitive Price

    Quick Summary

    A quality BCAA with a robust support profile at an excellent price point. Can't go wrong this option.


    As I've written in other reviews, I'm a fan of consistently supplementing BCAAs for overall health and recovery. I try to ensure I'm ingesting 5-10g of BCAAs every morning during my fasted window, regardless of whether I work out or not. I also tend to prefer simpler BCAA products that don't contain prop-blend complexes but do include hydration support. Aminogex checked all those boxes for me so I snapped it up.

    Side note - I did stack a second BCAA product, EVLution's Recover Mode, on top of Aminogex for roughly the first two weeks of the tub.

    Ingredient Profile

    For most of my BCAA supplements, I am primarily concerned with the actual dosing of BCAAs. 5g of essential BCAAs per serving has been clinically proven to be the minimum effective dose for an average-sized human. Aminogex comes in with a solid 7g dose of instantized BCAAs at does meet this mark at a 2:1:1 ratio. I personally don't have a preference when it comes to BCAA ratio, so long as the profile includes at least 1g each of isoleucine and valine.

    Aminogex also sports a robust profile of hydration-focused minerals e.g. potassium and magnesium which I very much appreciated. I wouldn't mind higher doses here - I like to see 150mg+ of each of these individual supplements in an intra-workout. That said, these specific ingredients are TRAACS; a specific brand that touts its manufacturing process and the purity and effectiveness of its products.


    I requested and received the Orange Ice Pop flavor, which I very much enjoyed. It was a nice subtle orange flavor without any aftertaste or medicinal tinge. Honestly, if anything, it wasn't strong enough. The faint taste was so good it left me wanting to add more than one scoop to my bottle in order to get more flavor.

    I generally dosed one scoop per day in 32 oz. ice water and sipped either preworkout or throughout the morning. Mixability was not a problem. No clumping or foaming at all.


    I personally can't tell the difference between most BCAA products. I do notice a difference in my general recovery time and the amount of DOMS I experience when I'm taking a BCAA versus when I'm not, but not usually between individual supplements. When running solo, Aminogex was right on par with most other intraworkout products I've reviewed recently: solid recovery, good intra-workout support, and decreased DOMS.

    Yes, while running Recover Mode alongside Aminogex I did experience more pronounced recovery benefits. I was getting 7g BCAA intra-workout and another 5g from Recover Mode post-workout, and I definitely felt like my DOMS was as light as it can get. I was dealing with minimal soreness most days and felt refreshed and energized post-workout. RecoverMode is also loaded with electrolytes and minerals, so the combination of those two products was really fantastic.


    Most solid BCAA supplements will cost you around .80c per serving. Some of the flashier products with broader ingredient profiles will run you closer to $1.00 per scoop.

    AminoAide can be bought on Amazon at $23 for 30 scoops or .76c per serving. I think this is an excellent price point given the 7g of BCAA per scoop (most products are 4-5g), and the solid profile of other vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. While not as loaded as some products, Intra Blast for example, Aminogex is still pretty stacked. I'd put it on the upper end in terms of overall profile. For under .80c per scoop - this is a great deal.

    Side Effects



    For the most part I've been impressed with VMI as a brand. In particular I LOVE their AI products - check those out for sure if you've not already done so. Aminogex is another winner in my eyes. This is absolutely worth a look if you're shopping for a new intra-workout product.
    • Orange Ice Pop: 8/10

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