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AgmaPure® Agmatine Sulfate Reviews

By: VMI Sports®

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to VMI Sports® for sending it out!
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  October 3, 2018

  • Reduction Of DOMS
  • Increased Energy
  • Purest Form Of Agmatine
  • Stomach Issues

Quick Summary

Plain old Agmapure to help pumps. I also think it can help recovery. We will see how it goes. For me it is an "extra" goodie to throw in every once in a while.


Hello guys, I am back with a single ingredient review. I am almost done running a stack of VMI products and this is the container I finished first. I work out 5 to 7 days a week. I am finally not concerned about my back. I have gained weight and am trying to drop it. I started a lifting program by Tiger Fitness's CEO. So I was lifting 4 days a week. I used this product in varying ways. 1, 2, and 3 scoops per day. If you choose you can check out my log on how things went. My weight stayed relatively the same however the last week it has been dropping. Lastly I want to thank the SRTrooper program and VMI for allowing me to give this product a shot.
Pages 81-84

Ingredient Profile

I love these 1 ingredient profiles it makes my job so much easier...

1 scoop = 500mg of Agmapure (augmatine sulfate)

This is pretty simple, and with this scoop size you have pretty good flexibility on how you choose to use it. I have no complaints on this one.


I added this to my pre-workout and my BCAA's and couldn't tell it was there. So for me no taste whatsoever. I also had no issues with mix-ability. It completely dissolved in everything I put it in. Dosing was pretty easy. I break down how I used it in the Effectiveness section. It sill is pretty simple, I think most people will use this post workout. Dosage ranges I found were anywhere from 145mg to 2670mg.


Ok so the important part. Did this work for me? I must say that I think it did it's job. I will talk a little bit on how I used it and why. I also posted 3 sites below that have more information and VMI's site as it talks about the product as well. I also want you to know that I don't really feel I get "Vein splitting pumps" I am too fat. In my opinion anyway, what I do get is a "Fullness" in the muscles worked. I also notice better recovery as I upped the dosage. This can also be used as a cognitive enhancer and also for pain relief. I think that is why I liked the bigger spread out dosing I ended up with.

1 scoop: Nothing big to notice here, I think it helped but didn't notice anything big. I used this with K-XR (VMI's pre workout) so I had good workouts and had some soreness. Side note I hadn't been pushing weights much at all this summer as I fixed my old body.

2 scoops: I noticed a much better feel of my muscles. Seemed to have more energy with this dosage as well.

3 scoops: taken separately due to side effects (will list below) This is where I liked the product the best. I used 1 scoop pre, 1 scoop post and one scoop with my BCAA's in the afternoon. This seemed to give me the muscle fullness I wanted. More importantly for me it seemed I recovered a lot better. I really wasn't sore even though I was doing more than I was before.


As of 10/3/2018 I found the following prices.

VMI has it for $24.99 which for me would be 20 servings (it is a 60 serving container), or a little over a dollar a day.

Good old Amazon has it for $14.99.

However the best is all star health at $11.11 which the best deal I found.

My opinion is that this is an extra type product, I think there are cheaper brands out there. For example Muscle feast has a 100g container for $18.99, but you have a 1500mg scoop. Which for me wouldn't work. So I think the VMI product is in the game, but could be cheaper.

Side Effects

So for me I had those, "I need to hit the bathroom and evacuate a section of my body". Interestingly I got used to single doses. However anytime I tried upping the single dose I needed to be near a bathroom. The problem with this is I can only assume it effects the absorption when this happens. Another reason why I liked the spread out dosing, as it didn't seem to have as big of an effect on me.


I am thinking you can pretty much guess my opinion on this one. I liked it and I think it helped. When I have some extra cash I will probably run it again as I do believe it helped Augment my training recovery. Some people will need the 3 scoops which makes this product a little pricey as it is an add on to your pre-workout (for most people anyway). I still think that it is worth looking at when you end up it a rut and want to "try" something different.

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