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Halo-V Reviews

By: Vital Labs

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Halo-V is a Prohormone manufactured by Vital Labs. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

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  June 17, 2013

    • Inconsistant Potency
    Started my cycle at 50mg per day for the first week and upped to 75mg per day for week 2 and week 3.

    Had to cut my cycle short early due to too many sides.

    Week 1:
    Start of my bulk - coming out of my cut and went from 4% body fat to 8% body fat; from 1K calories per day to 3K calories per day; from 150 pounds to 170 pound. These gains equate to about half muscle and half fat (2-4lbs of muscle gained, 2-4 pounds of fat gained, and 5-8 pounds of water gained)
    no increase in strength

    Week 2:
    Sides started appearing including back pumps, mild anxiety, headaches, bloody noses, and swollen looking feet. Began to take taurine for back pumps.
    weight gained stalled at around 170-172 lbs.
    no increase in strength

    Week 3:
    Sides really picked up and had to stop the cycle early.
    Anxiety started getting very bad, back pumps worsened, new rash appeared on the back of my left arm covering the entire tricep, mild migrates and blurred vision at night time, acne is noticeable by family, increased aggression/irritability, abdominal pain, diminished sense of smell and touch.
    no increase in strength - but a large increase in muscle size (more of a blocky look than aesthetic though)
    weight gained stalled - still fluctuated around 170-172 pounds

      September 9, 2012

    • Good Value
    • Inconsistant Potency
    This review represents my first PH cycle. I decided to go with Hdrol as my first cycle due to all the recommendations that I heard. I was intending on running it as a cut (which I heard it was able to do). My macros were roughly 1700-2000 per day (I know this was a sharp deficit, but you will probably understand better as I describe what happened).

    Just for a little background, I had recently finished up a 8 week cycle of DPol, Erase, and Compound 20. With hindsight being 20/20, I think I would have tried to wait about a month to allow my joints to fully recover from the Erase drying process (more to follow on this later).

    I ran two bottles over a 6 week cycle, here was the layout:

    day 1 – 50mg/days 2-7 75/100/100/100/100/100.

    I preloaded milk thistle and hawthorn berry 2 weeks prior to starting the cycle.
    My on-cycle supps were CEL Cycle Assist, GNC Multi, fish oil, CLA, Glucosamine Chondroitin, Liver juice, Modern BCAA, (Taurine –interesting story behind this one). My PCT consisted of Nolva, DPol, CEL P.C.T. Assist, Liver Juice, Green Mag (Creatine), Animal Stak (the last 2 weeks of PCT), fish/flax seed oil, CLA, and Lean Xtreme.

    My stats on the first day of the cycle was:

    Weight - 192.2lb
    BF% - 17.8%

    My lifting routine was a 5 day split (Mon-Chest & Abs/Tues-Back/Weds-Legs/Thurs-Bis,Tris, and Abs/Fri-Shoulders). I would do cardio (usually 30min of HIIT) on the weekend (and at least 2 days during the week).

    Pretty much the first 3 weeks were nothing major to speak about. My weight made some immediate jumps (which isn't hard for me to do, since I'm an endomorph by nature), but I was keeping a tight eye on the BF% as it did it. The weight that I was picking up (according to the scale) was mostly fat (at first). This was the time that I decided to dial my macro down to the levels I mentioned in the beginning of this review. There were times where I honestly wondered if I real HDrol or not.

    I made some slight gains in my lifts (but I mostly attribute those to being ready to move up in weight in certain exercises prior to the cycle). At this point, I was taking all my cycle supports except for the taurine.
    Once I finished my first bottle, and shifted to my second, it was like a night and day difference. I got back pumps that damn near had me at a snail's pace in the gym (especially on back and leg days). After battling with it (yes, I was hard headed) I finally brought the taurine off the Unfortunately, trying to get it to kick in after the back pumps had been in place that long was a big challenge (so note to self, just take the taurine from the start, whether you feel anything or not). By this point, the sore joints that I mentioned earlier (from my DPol/Erase/Compound 20 cycle) coupled with the back pumps really made things interesting.

    I will admit I was glad to finally get off cycle. The next observation that I made is if you plan on taking Halo, you may want to ensure its during a time of year that you can easily stay on your clean diet (with the 4th of July and my Birthday occurring during my cycle didn't make life easy).

    Final stats on Day 42
    Weight - 197.8lb
    BF% - 18.9%

    So end of the day results, roughly a 5.5lb increase, with about half of that being muscle. Strength went up roughly 20lbs on all upper body lifts, and my leg press went up 180lb. Overall, I would say that Halo-V was decent for a lean bulk (not much on a cut). But after the night and day differences that I saw between the two bottles of Halo, I'm not likely to want to try it again.

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