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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Versa-1 is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by USPlabs. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 26 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Nutrient Repartitioners


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +111
Trust: 100%
  November 27, 2013

Hey guys, I have taken this on 3 separate occasions so I will do a quick write up on all three runs. I have taken this solo twice; once on a cut and once on a bulk, the third time was with Mass HGH on a bulk.

Dosing 10/10: Once before your working and once on rest days whenever you want; nothing complicated.

Effectiveness Overall 7/10:

Cut 8/10: Well I took this when it first came out while cutting and it was good for me. I was dropping weight while getting stronger but not consistently. The first two weeks was just great pumps and focus, then between week 3 and 5 my strength was shooting up but after that it slowed down. It really help me preserve muscle while loosing weight and body fat. Also it helped in recovery and endurance since I was on a calorie deficient diet

Bulk 6/10: Well the pump, strength, endurance, and focus was there but not as strongly as the first run. The focus was somewhat consistent for a week or two but It just went away even with pre workouts. The pumps were there but not really consistent. Strength came but it was not as good as the first run even though I was on a cut which is weird. I did gain weight but there was no difference when I added it in compared to when I did not use it.

Bulk w/ Mass HGH 7/10: This was the same as the other bulk but most of the time there was no focus after the first week. The pumps were extremely inconstant but that may have been because of all the caffeine I took pre workout. One good thing was the endurance but that came a little late this time.It really helped me get my strength back quicker then if I just workout without it but Versa's recovery was also assisted by Mass HGH.

Value 5/10: I got these for 40$ a bottle and I do not think it was worth it. I felt it only helped with holding my muscle on a cut and on a bulk it is nothing special. When it came to endurance, assisting in building muscle, and gaining strength creatine alone would be a cheaper and better supplement IMO.

Overall 6/10: Even though I had one good run and two OK runs, it not worth the price for me. I would think about running this for a 4th time since I feel every time I use it the effectiveness lowers.

*There was a large gap of time between each bottle.
  • Strength Increase
  • Increased Endurance
  • Excellent Recovery
  • Easy To Take
  • Some Focus
  • Over Hyped
  • Slightly Expensive
  • No Vascularity
Rep: +2,615
Trust: 100%
  July 28, 2013

I will keep this short and to the point. There has been plenty of good reviews for this supplements and even though the skeptecism of the efectiveness is product, I still think the only way for you to know if this product works is if you try it.

USP labs and its marketing campaign are excellent at luring people into their new supplements. However, it seems that a lot of their old customers and somewhat disappointed ones, are not responding to their sales' tactics anymore.

USP labs is revolutionary and they really try to bring new and different supplements into the industry plagued with the same *** under different brand names, but I think it is time for them to rethink the way the mentally amplify the effectiveness of their supplements with astute marketing gimmicks and a legion of nuthuggers in the interwebz.

Profile (N/A): A unknown herb with citocholine. I will not go into deep science on the effects of these products, but I did my research and the first ingredient N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl) ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide AKA Aegeline, a main alkaloid of Aegle Marmelos Correa leaves which has no studies, at least from what I could gather, on humans and from the little that I found on this; it had nothing to do with anabolic properties or effects.

The second ingredient is citocholine a neurostimulant/nootropic. Perhaps this is why they called a min/muscle breakthrough.

Effectiveness(8/10): I am not naive enough to fall for ridiculous claims of "breaking PR on every workout," that I see "muscle I did not have before" or "this is the best natural supplemet I have used" because this plain good ol' Let's be honest with ourselves, if you fall for this ***, you are just plain stupid and should try to learn how to discern reality from marketing, specially in the sports suppplement industry.

HOwever, despite of the BS they try to feed us with their bias logs and the nuthuggers in the USP labs forum, I stil think this is a great supplement. First of all, I did not build any muscle with Versa-1 and I was not expecting that, but Versa-1 gave me "You can fu.cking do it" mindset, tremendous endurance that I can only compare to Ostarine, a research chemical and nasty painful pumps, similar to when you are on-cycle.

After evaluating the effects of Versa-1, I can honestly say that all its effects come from the mental effects it gives you. This supplement makes mind over matter a tangible reality, not just a concept. I loved taking Versa-1 every day for my workouts because of how it made me feel in the gym. Excellent focus and a significant improvement in my endurance that cimply comes from "being in the zone." I can honestly say that my enduranced improved because of the mindset, not from any effects on my muscles from Versa-1.

One thing I also liked about Versa-1 is that its foucs had a prolonged effects, for at least 3-4 hours after the gym, so in total a good 4-5 hours. I used to take Versa-1 with Noopept and some caffeine to help me study and it got the job done.

One thing I would like to add about Versa-1 is how this may be a supplement that could help people preparing for a contest because of how it improves focus, specially during the last weeks of contest prep. According to the majority of bodybuilders, the mental and physical stress during the last weeks can be overwhelming, but I think a supplement like Versa-1 can at least help them stay focus in the gym when is low-carb day.

Dosage (10/10): a simple 1 capsule 30 minutes before physical activity.

Sides(10/10): zero side effects, no digestion issues. I had no problems at all with Versa-1.

Value(7/10): It is expensive considering this is not a staple. At $39+ a bottle for 1 month supply, it is not terrible, but adding this to your montjly supplement bill it can really stretch your budget. However, I can see this supplement to be a great replacement for PWO, so if you want to replace a PWO this would be a good option that sits around the same price as most PWO.

Overall(8/10): Despite the annoying hype and all the ridiculous claims of PRs borken, new muscle gainz and all kindz of gainz, I still think Versa-1 is an excellent supplement. It is a mind/muscle supplement, not a muscle builder like they claim and I enjoyed my experience with it. I specially liked the focus in the gym and the ridicoulous endurance. Although, it is pricey compare to other supplements that we sometimes add to our monthly supp bill. Also, there is higher percentage of people that did no like it and they have their reasons. It is just common sense though, don't expect to pack on gainz with a natural supplement; it will not happen. In addition, the only way for you to know how this works is for you to try it becuase it has no comparison to anything on the market. If your expectations are modest, I think you will enjoy it.
  • Incredible Focus
  • Consisten Pumps
  • Vascularity
  • Increased Endurance
  • Destroyer Mindset
  • Over Hyped
  • Slightly Expensive
Rep: +577
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  July 27, 2013

I know I Know, I logged this 8 months ago or whatever but I wasnt sure on effectiveness so I really gave it some more time. You usplabs guys probably thought I would never write the review

I have used this product 3 times. Originally tested and logged on SR.

Also because of my log results took advantage of the IC deal along with several others and ended up with 8 bottles of this stuff or whatever. Never did quite get those results that I had from my original log. But I will touch on all that later.
Just wanted to say I gave this product ample time.
1 30 day cycle
2 8-12 week cycles that were 4+ weeks apart

Very Simple 1 cap 30 minutes preworkout

This is where it gets weird. During the original Patented Anabolic Log I had some extreme results. Think I had about 20 lbs added to most of my lifts, PRs popping out frequently, very good focus and solid pumps and good vasodilation.
But on my other runs I did not experience the same results. Dont get me wrong its not like it did nothing but I doubled the dosage and was taking 2 caps every day preworkout. I did this because I was hoping to get those original results back. And it worked that much better at 2 caps. I did not continue to gain strength like a madman but my strength was going up. Yet I was also taking other strength increasing supps like test boosters, etc. So it was not directly from the Versa. The focus also wasnt there all the time that was very inconsistent. Some times I was just in the zone to kill it and other times No difference. I did always notice an increase in vascularity. And it was like an all the time vascularity not only in gym. That is one thing I noticed faded right after finishing it.

Honestly if I gave it a review after the first bottle it would be like 8's or 9's across the board. but being How the other cycles were so inconsistent and not on par with first bottle I have to give it a 6.

Value gets a 5, 30-40 a month unless you get a BOGO like the IC deal which is the only reason I chose to up the dosage. But being that I had to double the dosage to see some good results puts a huge damper on the value.
  • Strength Increase
  • Vascularity
  • Increased Endurance
  • Easy To Take
  • Over Hyped
  • Slightly Expensive
Rep: +4,007
Trust: 100%

  July 17, 2013

This review is long overdue and I apologize. This product had tons of hype and tons of different results so I wanted to give it a true chance. I ran 1 bottle and decided I wasn't sure what it did. Typically, if you have to play the guessing game with a supplement's effectiveness, it's a bust. However, I decided to run two more bottles back to back and work with the dosing protocol.

Dosing: 10/10

Take one cap a day. Boom. I even tried taking twice a day on some occasions but the caps are easy to take and it's an easy protocol to follow. I am currently (and have been for 10 months now) on the Wendler 5/3/1 program and slowing increasing calories in a lean bulk fashion. I take occasional pre workout stims, multi, Beta-Alanine, and creatine.

Ingredients: ?/10

The ingredients- Aegeline and Citicolline.
Aegeline was originally used as an aphrodisiac but some research may point to higher doses showing an anabolic response. We are still waiting on more valid data on this one.

Citicolline's use is a little more studied as it has been used moderately for things such as Alzheimer's, ADHD, Parkinson's, and even brain trauma. It basically comes down to helping boost the brain's phosphatidylcholine levels which shows cognitive function benefits.

USP may be on to something but for the time being, we can't really say these ingredients yield significant benefits.

Effectiveness: 6/10

After running three bottles of Versa-1, I feel I can truly gauge the effectiveness. I do feel this helped me get in the groove a little better, specially on my days where I was fatigued. This wasn't significant enough to merit a high rating but I feel it did do a little something. I took it plenty of times with and without pre workout stims to be fair in it's rating and I still felt like I was a little more into it and focused during the non-stimmed days. Bottom line though, this stuff won't break PRs for you or do anything crazy. I didn't notice any increase in hardness, alpha male attitude, vascularity, etc like some explained. I track macro nutrients and training progress consistently so it is in my favor that I will yield more results than your typical gym-goer. I expected a little more but I'm not upset with USP Labs.

Value: 5/10

This product is typically around 35-40 dollars depending on where you buy. A little over a dollar a serving for something that is not heavily researched may not grab the consumer's eye. I didn't experience anabolic effects but I feel there were some cognitive benefits to the product. If you feel like you could use a mental boost in the gym, this may be worth a shot, specially if you don't like to take pre workout supplements containing stimulants.

Overall: 5/10

In conclusion, I say this is worth a shot but don't expect anything crazy. I wouldn't call this a staple but I may throw it back in my supplement regimen down the road sometime.
  • Easy To Take
  • Some Cognitive/focus Benefits
  • Helped Mind Muscle Connection Slightly
  • Ingredients Not Widely Familiar
  • Slightly Expensive
  • Nothing To Write Home About
Rep: +21
Trust: 8%
  June 21, 2013

Let me just start by saying that I love lifting and if it was up to me I'd work out every day but without crossing to the dark side that's just not possible especially considering my insane 6 day a week training regiment that is high volume, high intensity, high frequency with some strength training incorporated. My go to recovery supplement has always been simple Creatine mono. It allows me to work out 5-6 times a week (every now and then I had to take extra day off) for around 8 weeks before I have to do a full deload. On a side note I've tried BCAA and they don't do anything for me. So I was still looking for something to help me with recovery and I found it in Versa-1, even though I bought Versa for completely different reasons. In all I went through 4 bottles of the product doing one 7 week run and one 8 week run that I'm going to prolong to at least 10 weeks without deloading as I'm going on a cut and decreasing training volume.

Diet: Intermittent Fasting lean bulk.

Training: 6 times a week - high volume, high intensity, high frequency with some strength training incorporated.

Dosing: 1 pill 45 minutes before workout. On non workout days 1 pill about the same time in the day.

Side effects: None.


Effectiveness (9/10): It's really hard to rate Versa-1 because the manufacturer made so many claims about the product that if I was to take them all into account the rating would have to be very low and wouldn't reflect my experience with it. So I've decided not to do that and rate effectiveness of Versa-1 based on what I've got and not on what I was supposed to get from that supplement.

Recovery: As I mentioned above Versa-1 is the best recovery supplement I have ever tried. Without it around the third week since starting my training cycle I had to take an extra day off and continue to do it every 1-2 weeks since then. After 7-8 weeks, right about the time when my strength on bench press picks up, I felt the need for a full deload. Versa-1 allows me to push through it. Right now I'm at 8th week and don't feel the least bit tired. Also during my 2 runs I never felt the need for a day off. I've finished my first run at 7 weeks because I had to go on a trip. I've known about that trip for a while so I've decided to "condense" my 8 week training program into 7 weeks. From week 4 I worked out every day for 24 straight days and felt like I could easily continue. Unfortunately Versa-1 didn't have any impact whatsoever on my sleep and for me thats a small minus as I've been trying for a long time to improve my hectic sleeping patterns and in my mind better recovery should equal better sleep. It means that I still have to look for something to help with my sleep.

Strength: I didn't make any extraordinary strength gains but looking at my workout journal they were more linear.

Vascularity: Due to my body fat % I don't have any "popping veins" but they are definitely more visible especially on my arms, shoulders and chest.


Value (6/10): The only way to gauge the value of a product is to compare what you've paid for with what you received so I cannot overlook manufacturers claims about the product that convinced me to buy it. From all the benefits i was supposed to receive like improved strength, increased bodyweight without increased food intake, enhanced LBM to fat ratio without
change in activity, pump, vascularity, muscle fullness, mind-muscle connection, focus and many more I received only a handful. On the other hand paying 30$ for the greatest recovery supplement ever is not that much.

To sum up Versa-1 have became one of my staple supplements. I've gone through 4 bottles already and have 2 more just waiting for another ridiculously intense training cycle.

On a final note I can't recommend Versa-1 for any other reason than the recovery aspect of that supplement so keep that in mind if you think of buying it.
  • Strength Increase
  • Vascularity
  • Excellent Recovery
  • Easy To Take
  • Some Focus
  • Over Hyped
Rep: +322
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  May 29, 2013

After reading all the logs and seeing the statements of new pr's being set every day and people crushing their lifts I was sold on versa-1. I purchased the IC release and was so excited to get on these pills. Thanks to Adam for sending me a 3rd bottle, and I ran all three of the bottles back to back to back. Based on the hype of this product, I was majorly let down as I will get into further later in the review.

Ingredients: 4
I am a little late on this review so the ingredients in Versa-1 have been gone over many time so I won't bore everyone. Simple with only two ingredients, yet I had never heard of either of them before. Due to the ineffectiveness I would say these weird ingredients were nothing special.

Dosing: 10
One pill pre-workout or with breakfast, doesn't get any easier than that.

Value: 3
The price range on this product seems to be around 30$. If I would have paid 90-100$ for my three bottles I would have been so disappointed in my money usage.

Overall: 3
Honestly I went into my run of Versa-1 with very high expectations. During these three months my diet was clean for the most part with high protein, good amount of complex carbs and healthy fats. I was training doing Crossfit and a normal routine in the gym. This product led me to believe that I would make pretty good strength gains but these were nothing spectacular in the time span. My strength went up but nothing more than comes from heavy lifting and a good amount of food.

Some other reviewers have mentioned a new motivation or mental factor but there was nothing different to note from my perspective. There was no change with my strength, mind or hunger while taking Versa-1. I do have to say that my veins were sticking out quite a bit more but this product didn't really seem to be intended for that. That was about the only thing I noticed. Nothing to note in my recovery either :/

I hate to knock USPLabs as their products are among the best around, but this product flat out seemed to do nothing. I would never buy this product in the future, as the results were a letdown. I do believe that the hype made many people try this product but in the end I feel it let most of them down.
  • Vascularity
  • Easy To Take
  • Over Hyped
  • Ingredients Not Widely Familiar
  • Slightly Expensive
  • Nothing To Write Home About
Rep: +522
Trust: 100%
  May 12, 2013

Intro/Background- I ran Versa-1 for an 8 week cycle, stacking the product with MBCAA, Jack3d Micro, and Prime/C20 for the last 4 weeks. While I did experience some PRs, that is something I have come to expect from my typical routine. I am a CrossFit athlete and I eat a very strict Paleo/Primal diet in Zone proportions. I am 6'3" and maintained 235lbs throughout my 8 week run. Now on to the details...

Taste/Convenience- 10/10 1 Pill a day is about as easy as it gets. I typically dosed mine 1 hour pre-workout upon waking. I always train in a fasted state, and this just works best for me. Also the pills don't taste like Anabolic Pump pills, so thats a sure plus!

Value- 6/10 A full months supply (@1 a day) will run you around $35. This is a little over a dollar a day, which isn't too bad, but considering the hype this product carried and under-delivered, I was left wanting more. More Bang! I have seen some other users going to 2 caps a day, but this would only further deflate the value, and I am not sure the reward would be any better.

Motivation- 10/10 this was Versa-1's bright spot. While it may have been hyped at the next greatest thing, while taking Versa-1 I did not want to take days off. It wasn't because I was less sore, or feeling fresh, I just refused to be out of the action. So while I was hoping for increases in other areas, I may not have noticed them, but my motivation remained consistently high throughout the 8 week cycle.

Results- 5/10- No noticeable increases in strength, endurance, vascularity, or any of the other things I was expecting. When paired with C20, I did appear leaner, but nothing during the first 4 weeks when I ran Versa-1 solo. As a CrossFit athlete, I was really looking forward to increased endurance and recovery. I was unable to notice any improvements in this area.

No change in weight despite eating a hint above maintenance. This could be seen as a good thing, but considering the amazing results I have seen from previous C20 use, I attribute that to C20, not Versa-1

Conclusion: I think Versa-1 might be a great product for some. While it did help me stay motivated throughout my run, I can't say it was my favorite product. I think in the future, it was going to run another cycle, I would use it as part of a cut stack. When cutting calories, it can be tough to stay focused on the prize. For me, Versa-1 helped in that area big time.

Versa-1 is touted as a non-hormonal muscle-building phenomenon. I don't see it that way. I see it as a way to keep grinding when trying to loose a few. Heck, stack Versa-1, C20, and OEP powder, and I might get to single-digit BF% (that sounds like a good idea actually)

So all in all, if you are looking for the next breakthrough supplement, wait for the Protein. If you are looking for a product to help you stay motivated day in and day out, Versa-1 might be your product.

I certainly can't write this review without thanking Adam and Casey for all the support and allowing me to test their products. It is an honor to be associated with USPlabs, and I am very grateful for this opportunity in particular. Thanks again guys!

Thanks for reading SR Family

  • Easy To Take
  • Excellent Motivation. Consistent Motivation
  • Over Hyped
  • Slightly Expensive
  • Nothing To Write Home About
Rep: +3,120
Trust: 100%
  May 11, 2013

First off, thank you to all the USP guys for the 30 day trial of this product. With all the talk about this product (good & bad), it was a product that I was very eager to try & see if it was hype or the real thing.

In reviewing USP products, like most other supplement companies, my experience has varied. Some products I didn't like such as Yok3d, while Modern BCAA & Super Cissus remain 2 of my favorites, so I have no preexisting bias good or bad against USP.

Let me first start off by saying that this has been by far the most difficult product I've ever had to review, partly because of the product, and also due to unforeseen circumstances.

Before I get to the review, I had some very extreme variables that no doubt affected my experience with this product, and it wouldn't be fair to do this review without mentioning them:

1. The first week of the cycle, I tore a calf muscle playing racquetball, the most pain I've been in for a long time. Because of this, I was unable to effectively track my leg exercises and my deadlifts. I did however do upper body throughout this whole cycle.

2. I ran this with D-Pol & Triazole. These are pretty much my 2 favorite test boosting products, and I didn't wanna waste 2 months in case this product didn't work. Because I've run probably around a dozen daa/triazole cycles, I am very comfortable with the results, and I still feel I am able to give this product a fair shake.

3. I had sinus surgery week 6, followed by a miserable recovery and lots of blood & swelling, so weeks 6-8, my abilities at the gym were limited, but I still worked out.

Now on to the review:

Dosage: 1/day. I got the trial size bottle (my only complaint was there was only 27 caps in it) but I won't complain too much since it was free. I took the advice of others who said it took awhile to kick in and bought a second bottle so the cycle would be 57 days.

Value: 8/10

Not much to say here, it was $40 in the beginning, but I noticed Nutraplanet has it down to $30, which I think is pretty reasonable

Effectiveness: 9/10 overall
Effectiveness 1st 30 days: 5/10
Effectiveness last 30 days: 9.5/10

Before I get to the meat of it, I'd like to start with the sides. You can usually tell if a test booster is working just by watching for sides. I noticed almost from day one, that my forehead was poring oil, especially up by the hairline along with an increase in acne which is a good sign. The most noticeable side effect was the monstrous increase in appetite. The only product I've ever tried that increased my appetite the was this did was L-Dopa. Despite being on Adderall which suppresses your appetite, I sometimes felt like my appetite was completely out of control. I would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning absolutely starved! Surprisingly I didn't gain that much, as my clothes fit the same at cycles end.

As far as results, I'm really glad I bought that second bottle. In my journal, I looked back and found the real kick in day was day 32. That day, I literally added on 4 reps to a weight I did a week before, which pretty much never happens. My bench has always been week, and despite best efforts is extremely stagnant. This was the first time in 6 months I've seen any weight added to it. Since it was the only exercise I could accurately track, I added 10% from beginning of cycle to end and hit a new pr which is especially amazing considering the circumstances.

Also noticeable, was my energy in the gym after the kick in was noticeably up. I was stronger especially in the second half of workouts where I normally fade. In addition, the one day I'm typically sore-leg day, I noticed very little soreness, so this leads me to believe this product gives off better recovery as well.


That's my experience, I would definately like to give this another run with normal circumstances. I would like to alter the dosage to 2/day to see if this makes a difference. I would also like to go 90 days on this to see if the gains continue. Upon my second run, I will update this review under the reply part. Most importantly, do make sure to buy at least 2 bottles and give this product a solid 30 days to kick in.
  • Strength Increase
  • Increased Endurance
  • Excellent Recovery
    Rep: +1,465
    Trust: 100%
      May 11, 2013

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank iSam, Cryo, Anabolic Adam, and everyone over at USP Labs for unexpectedly hooking me up with Versa-1 when I was part of the ER Program. My application to beta test this didn't make it through, but the boys hooked me up with a bottle anyways. Big shout out to everyone involved in making that happen!

    Now for my first non-expert review in over a year. Even though I am now a representative for Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, I am still going to provide honest, objective reviews for any supplement I review on this site. Derek and the guys back at headquarters have actually encouraged me to continue to take other supplements and to review them; they are not blind to the fact that other companies produce kick-ass supplements and there is a lot to be learned from competitor's products.

    That said, unfortunately USP Labs Versa-1 wasn't as kick-ass as I expected. Despite the incredible hype for this (as with most every USP product), it appears it has been very average for most users and the same goes for me.

    Considering I got this about a week or two after beta testing started, I had no idea what to expect from the product. The bottle I got had no label on it, so I was pretty much flying blind. I assumed it would be up to par with other natty test-boosters I've taken in the past based on how it was marketed as a patented anabolic.

    Lots of hype and lots of questions always make for a fun experience.

    Profile: 6

    1 Capsule: 400 mg
    N-(2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl) ethyl-3-phenyl-2-propenamide
    Cytidine 5-diphoscholine

    Come again? Honestly, if my bottle would've had these ingredients on it to begin with, I'd still consider myself to be flying blind. I've never heard of either of these ingredients before. I know USP Labs likes to take a novel approach with most of their ingredients, but I haven't had the best experience with their supps based around compounds I have no clue about (Compound 20, Anabolic Pump, etc.).

    After a little digging on the interwebz, and through other informative reviews like the ones from WarMachine and Ron, this is what I gathered about the profile:

    N-(2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl) ethyl-3-phenyl-2-propenamide:

    This is the long winded version of saying "Aegeline", which is a compound extracted from Aegle marmelos Correa.

    There is a surprising lack of literature on this compound. From what I could find, doses comparable to 800 mg + in humans can reduce blood sugar levels, and doses closer to 400 mg have been shown to reduce triglycerides and improve cholesterol ratios. It appears these affects stem from Aegeline's ability to be a beta(3)-AR-agonist. I've heard of beta-2 agonists before, but never beta-3.

    I did all the searching I could about Aegeline's impact on bodybuilding-related goals, and the only concrete thing I could come up with is that beta-3 antagonism isn't nearly as effective for lypolysis (fat loss) as beta-2 antagonism. After that, all I have to go off is USP's claims based on their "emerging animal research".

    At lower doses, Aegeline has been shown to have a thermogenic effect and can also positively affect mood and well being. At higher doses as found in Versa-1, it has a profound anabolic affect which leads to increases in vascularity, hardness, and lean mass without a change in food intake.

    Aegeline also has the ability to target a novel receptor cite called Trace Amine Associated Receptors. TAAR agonists have been shown to promote vigilance, wakefulness, improve cognition, and improve fat loss without the classic CNS stimulant feel.

    Sounds great on paper, but didn't perform that way in real life. More on that later.

    Cytidine 5-diphoscholine

    This support ingredient is known as CitiCholine. It allegedly supports healthy acetylcholine levels, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for allowing muscle contractions. Hypothetically, more acetylcholine = stronger contractions, and therefore a better mind/muscle connection.

    CitiCholine may also benefit memory function and attention.

    I always commend USP Labs for taking the road less traveled with their ingredients. There's always the outside shot they strike gold with one of their extracts and change the supplement game as we know it. But with so little actually known about these compounds, I can't justify anything higher than a 6. Maybe more concrete research and a tweak in the amount (400 mg seems a bit low based on the research that exists) may change the score for profile.

    Dosing: 10

    Much easier to understand than the ingredients! I always took this 30-60 minutes before a workout or on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I would also always take it with some form of caffeine (coffee, pre workout, fat burner, etc.) because I was told stimulants can catalyze the effects of Versa-1.

    Taste/Mixability: N/A

    No funky smell or burps, can't ask for much more from a pill.

    Effectiveness: 6

    Days 1-3

    The first couple of times I used this, I thought I was in for a month of epic proportions. I stacked this with PES Enhanced on Day 1 and 3, and I have never had better focus in my entire life. My mood was clearly enhanced, my vascularity was up all day, and my focus was razor sharp.

    When I talked to people between sets, I felt like the background became blurry and the person I was focusing on was my total center of attention. It was actually a really cool feeling. I was also really in tune with my breathing, and I was really getting into my music. I thought there might be some merit to the mind/muscle connection improvement too because I set a few PRs in those workouts and I felt like I had some great contractions throughout.

    On the second day in between the workouts, I did fasted cardio while on Versa-1. Boy was that a treat! I had the time of my life on that treadmill for about 30 minutes. The Sportscenter I was watching was more entertaining than normal, and during commercials I was singing along with my music. I'm sure I got a few stares from the people in the gym with me. No shame.

    Days 4-30

    Similarly to the original Oxy Elite Pro, the effects completely fell off at a certain point. Not sure if I became immune that quickly or what, but even when I did stack this with Enhanced the focus was only slightly above average, and mood was affected all that much. Vascularity was very hit and miss, mostly miss.

    As opposed to the first 3 days, I could barely tell I was taking anything for the next 3+ weeks.

    If you looked at my log and pointed out that I went from 176 lbs to 170 lbs over the life of the bottle, you'd be absolutely correct. But I credit next to none of that weight loss to the Versa-1.

    At the beginning of the bottle, I was coming off of a spring break chock full of binge eating, so my starting weight was unreasonably inflated by water weight and bloat.

    While taking Versa-1, I switched my diet first to Intermittent Fasting, and then Carb Backloading. I credit the changes in diet with the majority of my weight loss because I didn't start losing weight until I made those changes. I also started running PES Alphamine near the end of my bottle of Versa-1, which surely aided in fat loss.

    Strength gains were nothing out of the ordinary until I switched to Carb Backloading near the end of the bottle. Again, I credit diet way more than Versa-1. I can't justify anything higher than a 6 given those reasons.

    Value: 8

    At one pill a day, a bottle will last you a month. The suggested retail on USP's site is $60, meaning $2 a day. To once again quote Supa Hot, "SIKE, THAT'S THE WRONG NUMBA!"

    Luckily, the market value for Versa-1 is much more reasonable. The lowest I've seen it is at for $35, meaning it would set you back $1.17 a day before tax and shipping. Not bad considering this is a specialty supplement, not a staple, and considering that most other USP products are priced higher.

    The value is the saving grace for this product. At only $35, you can afford to take a flyer on this and see if you're a responder if you have a little extra dough.

    Overall: 6

    So much hype, not so much follow through. USP does a fantastic job of drumming up excitement for their product releases, and this one looked very promising from the jump.

    I'm disappointed this didn't do much for me outside of the first 3 days. I was really hoping this would be the first USP product with a special, novel extract/ingredient that would actually work for me. Again, no dice.

    I likely won't be trying Versa-1 again unless it's reformulated, and I can't recommend picking this up over any other proven test booster like DAA that's currently on the market.

    If you have had a good history with USP products, it's affordable enough to take a stab at this and see what happens. Otherwise, look elsewhere.
    • Good Value
    • Easy To Take
    • Some Focus
    • Over Hyped
    • Ingredients Not Widely Familiar
    • Nothing To Write Home About
    Rep: +254
    Trust: 100%
      May 3, 2013

    With all the hype surrounding Versa-1, I decided to give it a shot. Although I wasn't completely sure of what I was putting in my body, there were no reported side effects from any users. I can tell you that I am a big fan of stacking supplements in order to get the most out of my routine, so I can't 100% attribute all gains/losses to any one product, although each one plays a role in my overall success or failure each month. I cycled the Versa-1 from April 1st through April 30th. I used the following supplements in addition to Versa-1 during the month of April:

    MHP Battlefuel XT (for T support)
    MHP Bulletproof (for sleep)
    Now Sports IGF-1 (Joint support)
    Omega 3 Fatty Acids (1200mg fish oil, 600mg EPA and DHA, overall health)

    My goal for the month of April was to get leaner while maintaining mass and strength- a sometimes very difficult task to do, naturally. I began the month at 201lbs @ 14%bf (173lbs lean mass.) My diet was kept very light. I averaged from 1600-1800 calories per day- which is about 1000 under my maintenance level. I ate approximately 180 grams of protein per day, 75 grams of fat and 100 grams of carbs. I used an intermittent diet 7 days per week with most of my fasting periods ranging from 16-18 hours.

    I worked out 6 days per week during the month and threw in about 45 minutes (total) of cardio each week. I exercised each muscle group 2 times per week and concentrated on compound exercises and strength training (which is something I usually don't do while cutting.)

    Not too much information on the prop blend here except for trials performed on animal subjects.

    Taste/dosing 8
    One pill a day 30 minutes prior to exercise. Fairly simple. One time I did swallow the pill, then indigestion 5 minutes later pushed a partially digested pill back into my throat and it had the absolute worst taste I could imagine. Make sure you drink enough water to keep these pills down.

    Effectiveness: 8

    Once again, I won't attribute all my gains to Versa-1, but I feel confident that it played an important role in my stack. One thing I can say for sure is that my vascularity increased significantly while working out. I had veins popping out of my forearms and shoulder that I have never seen before. I ended the month weighing 192lbs @ 10%bf for lean body mass of 173lbs-exactly where I started- considering I was on a 1000k deficit- that is pretty significant. When I get lean, I tend to lose size on my biceps- it has generally been a muscle that I have measured throughout the years when gaining/cutting to judge my success. Generally, when I cut, my biceps shrink. I started the month with 17 ¼ arms and ended the month with 17 ¼ arms- but my definition increased significantly. My strength levels for the month either stayed the same or increased in some areas- like a nerd, I use an excel spread sheet to monitor all my gains and losses for each month, which allowed me to see my strength levels remain high.


    $35 from A little more than $1 per pill, but gets you through a full 30 days.

    Overall: 8

    I would definitely recommend Versa-1 as a compliment to a test stack or as a part of a cutting cycle. I was happy with the results and would use it again. At some point I will use it again during a bulking cycle, should be interesting to see how that goes. I'll make sure to comment on my post- but it'll probably be after the summer time.
    • Strength Increase
    • Vascularity
    • Builds Muscle
    • Easy To Take
    • Ingredients Not Widely Familiar

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