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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Test Powder is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by USPlabs. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.


Welcome to

The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +103
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  June 4, 2014

Hey guys I'm back to drop another review quickly!

I had to give this a go, It was either gonna be a hit or miss product as the reviews suggested, I was hoping for a hit, since USP does produce some quality goods such as oep, mbcaa+ etc... So my expectations were high.

Have already been detailed by experts etc, i will not go through this one.

Dosing was straightforward, 2 scoops of T.P in a few oz of water after my morning meal. The only reason im dropping the score from perfect is that you preferably have to have t.p in the morning and the 6 days on 1 day off protocol didn't make much sense, i would have prefered dosing t.p anytime, not just mornings which is a problem for those who cant train in morning.

Blue Rasp.
The taste was something a bit unfamiliar, it was a mixture of sweet and sour... Tasted like blueberry to some extent, i didn't mind the wasnt as bad as i was fearing thats why i give it a not so bad 7.

Heres a big hiccup, the mixability was very poor, there was no successful smoothness no matter how many times i shaked it. There was always grit at the bottom, the relentless grit always seemed to doom any kind of shaker i had lol. So a 5 here... Theres plenty other test boosters that mix much easier than t.p.

Strength was at a all time high even though my calories were significantly lower
I still managed to maintain my strength, Which to me is a win. With my new training program reps were higher but I managed to set PRs with the amount of weight i was pushing for those reps. Basically tp worked wonders to maintain and even improve my strength!
Simply tp without any other n.o boosting supp or preworkout is pretty much ineffective when it comes to improved pumps, but when mixed together with a preworkout or n.o booster this stuff is crazy good! but by itself not so good...
After using tp along with a fatburner I was able to achieve a more sculpted look, I noticed leaning out in the midsection and my upper body, the combination between the two really lead to some lean gains which impressed me, using tp for recomp and dieting is a great choice
I was expecting big things from tp but here was the biggest downfall, i had no alpha feeling most of the time, i really didn't feel the full effects of tp, especially with no morning wood or sexual desire which come evident in a test booster. Dpol delivered a better end result LOL. It maybe the extended period of dieting or reduced cals but i just wasn't feeling it, mentally and physically.

tp really didn't do too much harm at all like i was expecting. The only noticeable difference was a few breakouts on my back and face, and also a very short temperament which is absent when i'm not on a test booster, i'm not an aggressive person but i found myself getting agitated at small things.

Yes i realise this does last an exact month but thats not what the bottle states when it says 48 full servings but it trickles down to 24... Frankly its false advertising... which i dont like. I got a tub for $60, but for a month and the exchange rate it ain't so bad. But yet again it would be a super saver if tp was just a one scooper!

TP really did surprise me in the strength and lean mass department, and the value and so bad! The real downfall for me was the alpha feel that was so heavily advertised and so too the lack of any hormonal surges(if you know what i mean lol). Simply tp has to be stacked with other products for it to harness its true potential. I was lucky i didnt experience any stomach issues as reported, I would give tp a try who knows it might be your kinda powder ;)
  • Increase In Strength
  • Gained Lean Muscle
  • Good Pumps
  • Only 24 Servings
  • Expensive If Not Purchased Through Inner Circle
Rep: +2,022
Trust: 100%
  September 18, 2013

Well thank you to USP Labs for sending me a tub of this in addition to the tub I bought on the IC release. After using two tubs and being able to compare it to other DAA products I feel as if I can give a solid review of this product.


Test Powder is a DAA based product with some extra goodies thrown into the mix. It's main purpose obviously being that it is a natural test booster. As I stated it does have more to it than running straight DAA so lets get to the meat of this product.

--Profile 8/10--

I'm giving some pretty decent marks to this product because of the fact that it does have the bulk of its ingredients in proven effective doses with full disclosure of the amounts on half of them which are as follows.

D-Aspartic Acid 3120mg
Agmatine Sulfate 1000mg
Mucuna Pruriens 200mg

So here we have three ingredients that I do enjoy seeing in a supplement. Especially the D-Aspartic Acid and Agmatine and again both are present in effective doses.

Unfortunately they went and threw a prop blend into the mix as well which any of you who read my reviews know is always going to lose you points with me. I just like knowing the amounts of everything. So here is the prop blend.

Modulate Proprietary Blend 4,005mg *

Trimethylglycine, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Aframomum Melegueta (Seed) Extract, Garcinia Mangostana (Standardized For Gamma-Mangostin) (Fruit Peel) Extract

Trimethylglycine or Betaine as it is commonly referred to and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate are common ingredients in PWO supplements. With Aframomum melegueta and Garcinia Mangostana filling in the always present lesser known ingredients that you find in most USP Labs supplements. But again being a prop blend who knows if they are present in an effective dose range.

--Dosing 6/10--

While the dosing protocol recommended on the tub is not by any means complicated I just simply don't understand why it is what they recommend. Their recommendation is that you take two scoops for six days on and one day off with your dose on training days 60 minutes before workout. Now why they are recommending a 6 on 1 off protocol for a DAA based supplement I have no idea. Every other DAA based test booster is run everyday to my knowledge. I also find it to be a little misleading that it advertises 48 scoops but it is only 24 servings since a serving is 2 scoops.

--Taste 6/10--

Test Powder was not the worst supplement I have ever tasted but it tended to be gritty and it kind of reminded me of Smarties. You know...those chalky tart candies that come in a little sleeve. I didn't have a problem getting it down but I didn't look forward to it either.

--Effectiveness 6/10--

This would have been rated much higher for me except for one little thing. Almost every time I took this stuff it gave me the squirts. Now I don't know about you but I find running to the bathroom three or more times during a workout is counterproductive to my gains. I would say that the proven effective ingredients are almost nullified by the negative impact it had on my workouts. But on the rare occasions when I didn't want to crap my pants after taking it I had some pretty good workouts. The presence of Agmatine is always nice for maximizing pumps and the DAA is dosed right for that extra boost in natural test production. But it was way too common that I had gut problems while taking this to give it high marks in the effectiveness column.

--Value 5/10--

Sorry guys but the value just isn't there for me at the price you will pay for a tub of this stuff. Pure DAA and Agmatine can be found for much cheaper than this and I don't get the gut problems I got while running Test Powder. I simply wouldn't buy it again...ever!!

--Final Thoughts--

I have enjoyed many of USP Labs products in the past but this one just missed the mark for me. I can't suggest that anyone shell out the dough for this stuff when there are cheaper alternatives with less chance for side effects.

  • Increase In Testosterone
  • Good Pumps
  • Expensive If Not Purchased Through Inner Circle
  • Crazy Dumps
  • Needs More Servings Per Container
  • Some Ingredients In Prop. Blend
  • Explosive Dumps
Rep: +3,805
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 65
  August 11, 2013

I haven been needing to do a review for this product for awhile now. I had gotten this on the inner circle deal usplabs did awhile back. I never really got around to doing a review for this because I was not sure how to do it since this was my first test booster I ever took. Since then I have learned a lot more about them and feel ready to give this a review now. I was pretty excited to try this when it first came out.

The ingredients in this are rather unique. This is one thing usplabs is known for putting really unique ingredients that are not very well known but are suppose to be really good.

Modulate Proprietary Blend: 4005 mg
Trimethylglycine, L-Carnitine Tartrate,
Aframomum Melegueta (Seed) Extract,
Garcinia Mangostana (Standardized for
Gamma-Mangostin) (Fruit Peel) Extract
D-Aspartic Acid 3120 mg
Agmatine Sulfate 1000 mg
Mucuna Pruriens (Seed) Extract 200 mg

Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Acesulfame-K, Sucralose

Ingredient breakdown:
I found this on and thought this was rather helpful in knowing what some of these ingredients are and what they do so I copied it to post on here.

This particular compound has been shown in several studies to possess exercise performance-enhancing effects1-4. For example, one study utilizing 12 young male subjects found that
trimethylglycine was able to increase force production and muscular endurance after 2 weeks of supplementation. In addition, area under the curve (AUC) levels for the anabolic hormones, Growth Hormone (GH) and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) were also increased from the 2 weeks of supplementation4. Furthermore, the area under the curve values for the catabolic hormone, cortisol, were decreased after supplementation with trimethylglycine in these subjects. In short, there are data demonstrating that this compound can improve exercise performance and in at least one study, was shown to alter anabolic and catabolic hormones in a fashion that is conducive of muscle growth.

Aframomum Melegueta Extract:
This particular plant extract has been traditionally used in western portions of Africa in order to support male function, as well as an aphrodisiac. Yet, only recently has various pharmacological investigations provided scientific evidence to support such a use. The first study in 2002, found that male rats given the plant extract displayed increased sexual arousal and activity5. More recently, in 2011, a study found that using an in vitro yeast cell-based bioassay, the extract from this plant possessed strong anti-estrogenic properties6. Finally and most recently, in 2012, a paper was published where the extract was again administered to rats and testosterone and body weight were recorded. It was shown that the extract increased body weight gain greater than that seen in the control group, while also increasing testosterone levels in serum by more than 300% compared to the control group7.

Garcinia Mangostana Fruit Peel Extract:
This particular herb features a compound called gamma-mangostin. This compound has demonstrated estrogen synthase inhibitor activity 8.

D-Aspartic Acid (3120 mg):
In a study consisting of 23 men being given 3.12 grams per day (20 men were given placebo) over a 12 day period, it was found that 87% of those taking the D-aspartic acid experienced an increase of LH and testosterone; the average increase in LH and testosterone was 33.3% and 42%, respectively, compared to baseline9. Prior studies in rats have also shown that d-aspartic acid can increase LH and testosterone levels. In addition, it has also been shown to increase GH levels in rats as well10. There is even some evidence that it may increase nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and thus increase NO production11.

Agmatine Sulfate (1000 mg:)
This particular compound has been shown in animals to potentially increase LH-RH and LH which in turn, could hypothetically increase testosterone levels12. In addition, it has also shown an ability to increase NOS activity in vitro and thus again, could hypothetically result in an increase in NO production13. Quality Agmatine Sulfate is very expensive and difficult to source...Test Powder contains 1000 mg of Agmatine Sulfate per serving, more than any other product on the market that we are aware of.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract:
Mucuna pruriens seed powder was administered to infertile but otherwise healthy men for a period of 3 months. It was shown that compared to baseline, the men taking the mucuna pruriens experienced a statistically significant increase in serum testosterone while also experiencing a concurrent decrease in prolactin14.

L-Carnitine Tartrate:
This particular compound has been shown to increase the expression of the androgen receptor (AR) in skeletal muscle15...
The more androgen receptors you have, the more testosterone that can bind to them on your muscle cells and that could potentially result in greater androgenic effects, especially as it relates to muscle gains and strength...
What's the point of having all that extra testosterone floating around if you don't have the androgen receptors around for it to dock to?

Think of it is this way. The androgen receptors are like the locks to a thousand mansions filled with whatever your heart desires. But, you still need the keys (testosterone) to get in. Without the lock (AR) and the key (testosterone), you're not getting anywhere...

Like I said above I got this in the inner circle deal so I could have given this a pretty high rating but I wont. I am going to rate it compared to the prices I have been seeing it for now on the internet. From what I have seen on a lot of sites this is give or take around $40. I don't like that this only has 24 servings in it. I think they need to up the servings a bit if they are going to sell this for the prices I have been seeing. For the amount of servings and what's in it I think it is priced a little high for me.

Fruit Punch was the first flavor they came out with. I thought the fruit punch was not to bad but nothing outstanding. It was a little on the tart side and had a little bit of a bitter taste also. Towards the end I did start to get kind of tired of drinking this but it was nothing unbearable I could not stand to drink anymore. I know now they have a blue raspberry flavor which I think sounds better.

No powder test boosters I have ever tried have mixed very well for me. There are always little pieces that float around on the bottom and along side my shaker cup when I shake it up. When I would finish drinking it I always had to add a little more water and shake it up a bit to get the pieces off the side of my shaker cut and bottom and then chug it before the pieces would settle to the bottom again. This is because some of the ingredients don't dissolve in water I have heard.

You take 2 scoops with your first meal of the day once a day. It says to take 6 days on and 1 day off. Why they say you need to take 1 day off I don't understand because I have heard you should keep taking them because the effects will only increase.

This was my first ever test booster I had ever taken and I was pretty excited to try this. I was not really sure what to expect since I had never done a test booster before. I thought this was an ok product but nothing real outstanding. How I reacted to this was nothing real great. I did get some increased energy and good pumps from this. My test levels I felt did go up some but nothing like I was hoping. Overall my strength gains were not that great from this. I was a bit disappoint in not gaining more strength from this since I have heard test booster really can help you increase your strength. It did give me some good lean muscle but to much. There were no real side effects I got from this which was good. I had no gut issues and no issues with having to use the bathroom like some people talked about in other reviews. That is one thing that really sucks is having to make sure your close to the bathroom every time you take a certain product. Also I did not break out to bad with acne when I was on this. Usually when I am on a test booster I breakout a bit more in acne which I really dislike. I feel this was a good test booster to start out with so I could get a better feel on how test booster work.

This I would say is a hit or miss product. I know for some people this worked really great and for some people it was not that great. For me it was ok but could have been better. If you have never taken a test booster before and don't want something that is overpowering I would maybe give this a try. Since this has come out I feel there are better test booster out there that I would rather use. It was good to give this run at the price I was able to get it for on the inner circle deal. I am pretty sure I wont be using this again unless I find a really good deal on it or win a free container of it.
  • Increased Energy
  • Convienent Dosing
  • Good Pumps
  • Overall Better Mood
  • Increase In Testosterone
  • Gained Lean Muscle
  • Only 24 Servings
  • Expensive If Not Purchased Through Inner Circle
  • Needs More Servings Per Container
  • A Bit Expensive
  • Some Ingredients In Prop. Blend
Rep: +21
Trust: 8%
  June 19, 2013

Before I start the review I'm going to write a few words about me. I'm a 6'3" (1,91 m) 210 lbs (95 kg) male. I've been weight lifting for 5 years now. During the last 6 months I did three 8 week bulking cycles after a 3 month brake from training followed by 3 month of inconsistent training, binge drinking and overeating. Basically I was getting back on track. For the third bulking cycle I've decided to add a test booster to my supplement stack but a couldn't decide between UPS Labs Test Powder and Purus Labs D-Pol. I admit was leaning towards TP because I like Versa-1 so much. Finally after reading the reviews on SR I've chosen USP Labs Test Powder as it seemed to be a more "complete" product with added ingredients to help keep estrogen, prolactin and cortisol in check. It seemed really important as it was my first time using a test booster. I decided to run it for 8 weeks so I bought 2 tubs. During my TP run I was doing Intermittent Fasting and working out 6 times a week. My training regiment was high volume, high intensity, high frequency with some strength training incorporated.

Taste (6/10) - It's just one of these supplements that the taste is good enough that you don't mind drinking it. Even when I was mixing 4 scoops in 200 ml of water it was drinkable.

Mixability (7/10) - Even it the cold water it mixed fairly well living only a little bit at the bottom of the glass.

Side effects (10/10) - I didn't experience any of the negative other reviewers reported. No gut issues when taken on empty stomach. On a side note, no "positive" side effects than indicate elevated test levels ether.


Effectiveness (3/10)

Weeks 1-6:

Dosing: As per instructions 2 scoops 6 days a week all before workouts. The pump was best when taken 30-40 minutes before workout. On the 7th day I was taking 3g DAA.

Strength/Muscle: Nothing to report here out of the ordinary and that's the biggest disappointment.

Pump: Yes, the pump was better and thats really the only reason I've given this product 3/10 for effectiveness.

Week 7:

Dosing: By week 7 a was frustrated by overpaying for a pump supplement so I've decided to double dose it so I can finish the product faster, take some time off and use another supplement than can actually give me the edge I was looking for. For 2 days I took 4 scoops before workout, for 2 days 2 scoops before workout and 2 scoops before sleep and for 2 days 4 scoops before sleep.

Strength/Muscle: Same as above... nothing.

Pump: Dosing it at 4 scoop didn't make any difference.

Sleep/Recovery: From the first dose TP taken in the evening approx. 30 minutes before going to bed my sleep slightly improved. I was waking up earlier than usually and felt more rested.


Value (5/10): Only 24 servings per tube at 40$ is a lot and all these extra ingredients don't change that.

In short it didn't work and I won't be buying it again.
  • Good Pumps
  • Only 24 Servings
  • A Bit Expensive
Rep: +13
Trust: 0%
  February 12, 2013

I just finished 2 tubs of Test Powder and felt compelled to share. I ran this product every day for 8 weeks and my backside could not be happier that I'm done.

Price (7/10)- I bought 2 tubs for $80 on, pretty good price with the intention of running this every day because I felt the recommended dosing was to make sure 1 tub lasts a full month (would've been well worth the value if I felt it work, but I digress).

Dosing - I tried taking this stuff an hour before eating, an hour after eating, right away in the morning and not eating for 2 hours etc.. each time, my toilet, my office toilet, the golf course toilet, gym toilet and even the side of the road paid the price. I could not figure out when to take this product without exploding all of my stomach contents out of my backside.

Flavor (5/10) - at first I didn't mind the taste, but after a week I hated drinking this stuff (fruit punch). Also gives you bad breath, think morning breath + fruit punch kool aid (only doesn't taste very good).

I didn't "feel" any increase in testosterone boost over my 8 weeks of using this product, but I do know it was boosting it a little bit because I did get the marble size zits that don't pop in one shot (girlfriend loves those).

I don't recommend this product, but what doesn't work for me, may work for someone else. You've been warned about the crazy dumps and explosive dumps though!
  • Good Value
  • Increase In Testosterone
  • Colon Cleanse
  • Crazy Dream
  • Only 24 Servings
  • Crazy Dumps
  • Needs More Servings Per Container
  • Angus Feels Peppered
  • Bacne
Rep: +2,615
Trust: 100%
  January 27, 2013

"THOU SHALL NOT HATE USPlabs" seems to be one of the commandments of USPlabs nuthuggers. I, fortunately, do not have a bias for or against them. I either like their products or don't, and this one is simply horrible. Not entirely, however, because it does have properly dosed proven ingredients, but it seems that this formula does not work well to achieve the effects of test boosting and it kills your angus.

Profile(8/10): Modulate Proprietary Blend
4005mg *
(Trimethylglycine, L-Carnitine Tartrate,
Aframomum Melegueta (Seed) Extract,
Garcinia Mangostana (Standardized
For Gamma-Mangostin) (Fruit Peel) Extract)

D-Aspartic Acid 3120mg
Agmatine Sulfate 1000mg
Mucuna Pruriens (Seed) Extract 200mg

Well it has a typical blend of fluffy stuff with its chemical fancy names. Trimethylglycine is apparently a compound that is also called Betaine when it was first discovered because of its high concentrations in sugar beets.
According to

TMG supplementation may cause diarrhea, stomach upset, or nausea. Which could be the reason why some people developed the gut issues with this supplement. I personally do not "attribute" the gut issues to this entirely because I have used some PWO with Betaine in it, although I do get nauseous from them, they don't give me the runs. It also has L-Carn. Tartrate.

Afromamum Melegueta, a member of the ginger family, which has been used by humans for digestive issues (in this case, it didn't help). Nonetheless, I found a study made on rats on the effects of aqueous extract of aqueous extracts of Aframomum melegueta and another herb and apparently it makes those little ***ers horny; they smelled each others butt more frequently, humped each other and ejaculated more frequently. So if based on this study, there is a possibility to help with sex drive; I didn't get any though.

The last one of the exotic herbs Garcinia Mangostana AKA Mangosteen is a herb commonly used for its health promoting properties. According to another study in ncbi in which they were investigating its medicinal properties "Experimental studies have demonstrated that extracts of GML have antioxidant, antitumoral, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral activities." It could have benefits for the bodybuilders since it has antioxidant and reparative properties plus it may keep you "healthy."

The rest of the ingredients DAA, Agmatine and Mucuna pruriens are common in a lot of supplements and most os us know its benefits. One good thing to point out about this is that DAA is properly dosed at its clinical trial dosage, agmatine comes in a decent dose; it apparently causes gut issues to a lot of people. At last, mucuna, well it provides L-dopa to keep dat dere prolactin down, which apparently can increase with DAA, but it does not specify the percentage of L-dopa.

Overall it is a great profile, but that does not matter if it doesn't work as expected.

Effectiveness (7/10): I have used DAA based T-boosters before and I have loved all of them because it works for me. However, this one seems to not give me the same effect that I had with Pure Test by finaflex, LGI DAA and the almighty D-pol. Although, I did get some test boosting effects from this; back acne, improved sex drive among others. The sides were extremely annoying. As a T-booster, it does work, but if your gut can handle it.

Dosing (N/A): 2 scoops for 6 days on and 1 day off. I would like a real explanation on the reasoning for this type of dosing regimen. DAA was used on 12 days straight, which is supposed to be the Test booster in Test Powder, so I just don't get it.

I tried the combo Jack3d micro / Test powder and I had the best colon cleansing effects in years, similar to glycobol, but without the extreme gut pain. I felt that that TP was killing the effects of my dear Jack3d micro. That combo as no good to my angus.

Taste(5/10):(fruit punch) taste is not horrible, not disgusting to drink, but it does get you tired of it quick. It is extremely tart and it has a lot of residue left over that leaves a nasty after taste in your mouth.

Mixability (6/10): it simply does not mix well; I understand that DAA does not mix for ***, so I will not count this in the overall score. I still think users need be aware that this is not powdered sugar mix, it is not clumpy, but "sandy."

Sides(3/10): the lower the score, the worst it gets. I had really bad gut issues with this. In addition to the bad after taste, it made me nauseous, I had to take a dump about 30 minutes after drinking it. Sometimes I would be interrupted in the middle of a set and that was the killer for me. It kind of reminds me of the old N.O. Xplode your anus. The problems did not stop at the gym for me, they continued most of the night and in the morning I will rush to the bathroom to release it; Pretty bad stuff in regards to digestion issues. I am not entirely sure what cause those issues. Some people blame the agmatine; I don't have issues with agmatine. Jack3d Micro has it, and it does give me problems. It could be the Betaine or simply the entire combination of the ingredients.

Value (5/10): Pretty damn expensive for a test booster to be honest. We can find much better ones, without the gut problems for less than half that price. Yes, it may contain a lot more other ingredients, but to be honest DAA by itself works damn good and in Test Powder, I was not able to enjoy its effects. So no, it is not worth it. There is true to the fact that there is more expensive stuff out there, but Test Powder is not economical. It also contains just 24 servings; again, the stupid tactic of telling it contain 48 loaded scoops, tricking customers into believe this is the actual serving and justifying the high price. God I hate that BS tacttic; I expect that from Muscle Tech, BSN and some other hyped up companies, but it seems USP labs is going in that direction with their hype.

Overall(5.60/10): I have nothing against USP labs, I have really liked some of their products, but I don't get on the hype train like the rest of the nuthuggers that claim outstanding results from this supplement or the rest of their line. I am not throwing an indirect assault on anyone, I am reffering mostly to the dickriders of the USP labs forum. The product contains good and proven ingredients, but it seems that the formula itself, as a whole, causes the undesired gut problems. If you are not sensitive from your stomach, go ahead and try it; I am sure you will see results based on the ingredients, which I somewhat did, but the intestinal problems were a big nuisance. Also, the dosing is damn stupid; I hate doing the whole skipping a day and going back on it because I just don't have the time to remember that about a supplement. I rather just drink it every day. It is pricey for a DAA based T-booster and it tastes funny. I personally do not recommend this and if you wanna try it PEPPER YOUR ANGUS!!
  • Increase In Testosterone
  • Only 24 Servings
  • Expensive If Not Purchased Through Inner Circle
  • Crazy Dumps
  • Needs More Servings Per Container
  • Rather Take Pills
  • Explosive Dumps
  • Angus Feels Peppered
  • No Disclosure Of Amount Of L-dopa In Mucuna
Rep: +7
Trust: 0%
  January 20, 2013

Hi Guys, first post here on SR and I thought I'd share some insights on Test Powder.

I've just finished my 4 week cycle of it.

OVERALL (8/10): I was quite impressed by this product, and this actually prompted me to write this review. Energy, libido and recovery were great.

EFFECTIVENESS (8/10): The first week was strange. I really didn't experience any noticeable differences. I was starting to feel a little disappointed. By the end of week 2, I really started to notice the impact of Test Powder. Good strength increase on my power lifts. Libido was firing too.

TASTE (7/10): I had the watermelon flavor. Good taste, but a little grainy. USP Labs has this problem with all their supps though

VALUE (7/10): It is pretty pricey. I bought mine for $70
  • Increase In Strength
  • Increase In Testosterone
  • Overall Better Mood
  • Expensive If Not Purchased Through Inner Circle
Rep: +5,359
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 53

  December 20, 2012

In the advertising for Test Powder I did not see promises of increased testosterone, but that is exactly what I received and I can prove it!!! Personal blood test before Test Powder 316ng/mL. Blood test after 4 weeks of Test Powder 350ng/mL. That is a full 11% increase and at 44 years old, nothing to shake a stick at.

Did Test Powder magically make me feel 20 years younger? No
Did Test Powder increase my libido and aggressive alpha-male attitude? Not that I noticed.

So what was this 11% increase in testosterone good for?

In the strength department, while I added weight and reps to most of my lifts, my most note-worthy gains were as follows:

Bent over rows –
increased from (225x6)(225x6)(185x10) to (275x6)(275x6)(225x10)

Deadlifts –
increased from (265x8)(265x7)(225x10) to (315x6)(315x6)(275x10)

Using a Tanita Body Composition Analyzer immediately after starting and ending my Test Powder cycle I came up with the following data:

Starting data Ending data
Weight: 207.0 Lbs. 209.4 Lbs.
Fat %: 14.9% 14.7%
Fat Mass: 30.8 Lbs. 30.8 Lbs.
Fat Free Mass: 176.2 Lbs. 178.6 Lbs.
Total Body Water: 129.0 Lbs. 130.8 Lbs.

So after 4 weeks on Test Powder I gained a total of 2.4 lbs. of which 1.8 lbs. was measured water weight with the remaining 0.6 lbs. being muscle. Obviously these are not earth shattering results, but they are encouragingly measureable results none-the-less and move this reviewer towards a positive proeduct experience which speaks volumes about the quality of this Test Powder on its own merit.

Taste: The only flavor available when I ran Test Powder was Fruit Punch and let me tell you, that is some tart stuff!!! While it is good, you don't want to skimp on the water. I recall someone else saying "This stuff tastes like crushed up Smarties candy." and that is an excellent description of the taste.

Side Effects: On more than one occasion I found myself moving very quickly to the bathroom as mother nature was not merely calling, but SCREAMING at me to MOVE IT!!! or else I was gonna be tossing a pair of underwear into the trash can. I should also mention that while on this product, I had the worst gas I think I've ever had in my life. Your loved ones should be warned.....

Other Stuff:
I highly recommend adding USPlabs Jack3d Micro to your Test Powder cycle as a pre-workout drink. Aside from both products being fruit punch flavored, I found that these two mixed very well together to create a very pleasant energy, focus and pump.

I would also like to add that through personal blood testing I know for a fact that I do not respond at all to straight DAA product and require an AI (aramatase inhibitor – estrogen controller) and a prolactin regulator such as PowerFULL to see any increase in testosterone.
Fortunately Test Powder contains the AI portion of that equation, but unfortunately for my personal needs, misses the prolactin regulation.

Effectiveness: 9/10
The product is named Test Powder. It is a powder used to increase your testosterone naturally. It is effective at doing exactly as it is named. The only downfall for me is that I require an additional prolactin regulating product to accomplish the boost in test. This does not mean you will and I will not grade the product lower because simply because it does work.

Value: 9/10
At the time of this writing you could obtain a 4 week supply of Test Powder on for $39.99. Honestly this seems a little high on price, but once you consider that you don't have to purchase an additional AI product with it, the price seems very justifiable.

Overall: 9/10
Fair price for a fairly effective product deserves a fair grade in my book.

Test Powder consists of:
4g of a proprietary blend of Trimethyglycine, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Aframomum Melegueta
Extract and Garcinia Mangostana Extract
3g of DAA (D-Aspartic Acid)
1g of Agmatine Sulfate
0.2g of Mucuna Pruriens Extract

I wont go into any detail on these ingredients, but if you care, I highly recommend reading SR's expert reviewer Virtus's TP review as he explains them quite nicely.
  • Good Value
  • Increase In Strength
  • Increase In Testosterone
  • Great Results
  • Crazy Dumps
Rep: +36
Trust: 32%
  December 10, 2012

hey guys, used a full tub of Test Powder and wanted to give my feedback.

I started my cut and carbs have been moderated so I wanted to keep my energy, recovery up with a boost of test levels.

TASTE: 6/10
Blueberry, mmm was a bit weird tasting. I put that down to the DAA, i have always thought it was bad. In saying that taste hasnt been a factor in many of my pre workouts/test boosters etc.

DOSE: 1 scoop
TIMING: 60 min prior to workout
I was a bit sceptical with the pre workout test booster concept but it worked fine, gave me a boost with the agmatine sulfate in it.
6 days on 1 day off. Would of thought taking it every day was necessary but I followed instructions.

It didnt give me a big pump during workout during first week or so, but at about 10-14 days I did start to get good results in my lifts, better recovery and good sleeping. It actually was helping with energy levels at the mid point section which I was lacking due to carb levels being low on my cut. Started to feel a good pump during sessions/good lift/good recovery.

DAA tick, Agmatine tick, L-Carnitine Tartate tick... the rest I was not too sure about. These key ingredients worked well together.

All up I wish I took two tubs in a row but the 1 tub worked great for extra energy, better recovery and sleep was nice. It was used during my cut so energy was needed from other sources due to my carb levels being low.

Would use again: Yes, two tubs
  • Increased Energy
  • Increase In Strength
  • Increase In Testosterone
  • Overall Better Mood
  • Good Pumps
  • Great Results
  • Only 24 Servings
  • Needs More Servings Per Container
  • A Bit Expensive
Rep: +8
Trust: 0%
  December 7, 2012

Greetings again fellow SR's! Just finished up my first bottle of Test Powder by USP Labs. I had read up on the benefits of supplementing D-Aspartic Acid for its natural testosterone boosting agents, and gotta say that Test Powder does a pretty good job at doing so. I have become a strong fan and constant buyer of USP Labs' products, so I had to get my hands on a bottle of this stuff. Now to the review. Cheers! I'll start with mixibility and taste.

Mixibility/Taste (8.5/10): Since this is my first time trying a D-Aspartic Acid based product, I really have no other product to compare it to with regards to mixibility and taste. However, TP (we'll abbreviate Test Powder like this from now on) does a great job in mixing. The only "knock" I really have with regards to mixing is that when I finished drinking it from a water bottle, there was always some specks of residue on the sides; but nothing some added water couldn't fix. Taste wise, in my opinion, TP is pretty decent. Nothing awesome, but then again what can one expect from a powdered testosterone enhancer. Kind of a chemical tasting fruit punch flavor, but never found myself NOT wanting to drink it.

Ingredients/Profile(9.5/10): Here's a breakdown of the ingredients:
Modulate Proprietary Blend 4005mg:
Trimethylglycine, L-Carnitine Tartrate,
Aframomum Melegueta (Seed) Extract,
Garcinia Mangostana (Standardized
For Gamma-Mangostin) (Fruit Peel) Extract

D-Aspartic Acid 3120mg *
Agmatine Sulfate 1000mg *
Mucuna Pruriens (Seed) Extract 200mg *

For time sake, I'd rather not go thru each and every individual ingredient and its effects/benefits, but I will go over some of the ingredients I found interesting. I did like the added L-Carnitine Tartrate as I have found this to be awesome for metabolizing fat and actually saw a decrease of fat in the abdominal area when taking TP. Additionally, the added Garcinia Mangostana (usually sold in products as "CitriMax") is supposedely great for a natural fat burner as well. Trimethylglycine, after doing a little bit of research, I found out to be a great nutrient absorber. People with Homocystinuria have reportedly had low levels of TMG, which have common symptoms of excessive tiredness and abnormal bone development. However, for TP the benefit I suppose would be with all the nutrient absorption found in the product. D-Aspartic Acid, the main ingredient, has been clinically shown to boost natural levels of testosterone, but is still a little "iffy" when it comes down to each individual. Agmatine Sulfate, found in Micro, is also great for added pumps and I find is pretty good for a nice, dry pump. Finally, Mucuna Pruriens (seed) extract is a natural booster of L-Dopa in humans. Gives you a hightened mood, and mixed with the added testosterone benefits of DAA, gave me a bit of the Alpha Male feeling. Overall, I enjoyed the ingredients and total profile of TP and found it to be beneficial to my overall physique, muscle tone, and Alpha Male feeling. Good looks, USP Labs!

Effectiveness (9/10): For a total breakdown of the supplements I ran while on TP, just check out my profile as I list all the supplements I take right on there. As far as USP Labs products go, I stacked this with Jack3d Micro and on upper body days and occasional leg days, I also stacked it with Yok3d. It took about a week and a half for me to start really feeling the effects of TP, but gotta say that once I did, I could tell a good amount of difference in energy levels and overall strength and aggresiveness during my workouts. Saw size increases in my shoulders, biceps, triceps, and some definite gains in my hamstrings and, dare I say, buttocks region. I knew this because whereas I was not filling out completely my jeans in the butt region, I now am. So that was pretty cool. Now, being that I am 21 and have pretty high levels of T already, TP definitely boosted those already high levels, which was awesome. I saw steady increases of about 5-10 pounds of my compound lifts (bench, squat, deadlift) and found myself entering the gym ever so motivated while on TP. As for dosing, I ran it as recommended on the bottle: two scoops in the morning with breakfast, 6 days on 1 day off (on your rest day, for example). However, on days that I knew I'd be working out later than normal due to school and whatnot, I would take one scoop in the morning with breakfast and then one scoop with a pre-workout meal. I will say that when I drank it with a pre-workout meal though, I felt a bit of a difference in my workout, almost a better workout compared to the recommended dosing. It all comes down to you really. Play with the dosing if you want, just don't over do the two scoops in one day.

Side Effects (8/10): Ten being the best in this rating. Make sure you take this with a meal! I tried once without a meal, I found myself hitting the bathroom pretty aggresively about 25 minutes afterwards. Even with meals, for about the first week I was noticing my bowel movements were more dramatic after drinking TP in the morning with breakfast. However, after about a week and a half, I found this side effect to subside and my stomach got used to it. Other than that, I really saw no sides from TP. No added aggresiveness either, unless it was in the gym, but I figure that's a good thing.

Value (8/0): At roughly $40 for a 4 week cycle of TP, it can get a little pricey. However, compared to other DAA products, it tends to be around the same price. Really not that bad though, because it does last about a full month if you follow the directions and dosing.

Overall, I gotta say I did very much enjoy my run of TP and will definitely be purchasing another bottle in 4 weeks. I'm thinking I might even run the full Asteroid Stack 2.0, if anyone reading this has tried that please let me know what you thought of it! I saw increases in my strength, energy levels, and my overall mood. Thanks again SR's, and let me know what you thought of TP and please critique if I forgot anything you might add. PEACE!
  • Increased Energy
  • Increase In Strength
  • Gained Lean Muscle
  • Overall Better Mood
  • Good Pumps
  • Great Results
  • Crazy Dumps
  • A Bit Expensive

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