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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Pink Magic is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by USPlabs. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +39
Trust: 50%
  August 7, 2013

Many of you may be suprised seeing a review for this product, but in my country there is still in stock. More specifically the box writes that it is an extremely scarce limited edition!
I was reading many remarkable comments for this T-Booster such as immediately feeling of vascularity and hardening of the muscles when taking the pills before workout, alpha male attitude?#??? and e.t.c!
Well i always have in my mind that there are many "trolls" who will write anything to impress people, especcially when they know, that the free supps will keep coming from the companies! On the other hand to be honest i must say that it did help me, but it didn't justify it's reputation. I will explain everything right now.

Supps that i was using during this cycle:
Pink magic
ON's Gold standard 100% whey
Reflex's BCAA
Animal flex

Effectiveness: 7
I am 22 and i am about to finish Pink magic in 2-3 days. I have to say that my diet always has a very high amount of protein! The first change that i noticed was at the 2nd - 3rd day when suddenly during the days (especcially when i was trying to sleep the noons) i had insane increases of libido. Well i mean that it was something that i haven't seen before. I was unrestrained!!! This effect "cooled down" the next days but later in the cycle i did notice it again. The second change was my recovery and i was surprised about this. I noticed after the first week i think that i had better recovery between my sets. I was doing the sets of every excercise many times without thinking if i had rest enough, but also this effect started to cooling down a few days later. The hot point of this product is definetely for me the leaner effect. I didn't notice this immediately, maybe after 2nd week, but i think it was the most remarkable and long lasting effect while on this cycle. I was trying to understand if this product made me loose fat like many others were saying or if it was just an illusion because it dried my body out of water. I am pretty sure now that an overhyped naty T-Booster like this cant make you lose fat. I have done specialized diets and workouts for cut and i know that this is the only way to lose fat or if you take steroids. Anyway i liked this leaner look because it helped me with the definition of my muscles. Another hot point of this stuff is the definition which is associated with the leaner look. I saw a remarkable definition in my LEGS, shoulders, back and less to the arms, chest and abs. I really like this definition of my muscles especially at my muscles group that benefited the most of it!!! And yes my vains were more obvious! That was the positive part but on the other hand i didnt feel my muscles so much fuller like many of you were saying. I did not experience any outstanding hardness and vascularity in my muscles except when i was working out and pushing my body to it's limits which is the usual. Finally i din't experience any increase in strength!

Side Effects: 5
This product dried me out and i am going to the toilet very often. The most serious side effects are the acne that it brought me in different places, except face and the joints discomfort! Some noticeable side effects were also the oily skin and the intense Sweating!

Dosage: 8
I have no problem taking 6-8 pills but some time theese pills were stucking in my throat and i was having a strange aftertaste.

Value: 5
I purchased this for 54 euros here at my country and i am not going to buy it again, except if i stack it with prime for one time. I am not pleased with the value.

Overall: 6
I wanted to try this naty T-Booster as my 1st T-Booster to see my self what would happened. My opinion is that it is an overhyped product from USP LAbs and the most of you guys. It is an overhyped product like many others here and if anyone else finds it anywhere in a good price he can try it, taking his own risk.
  • Inceased Definition
  • Increase In Libido
  • Leaner Muscle
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Recovery
  • Cost!
  • 6-8 Pills A Day
  • Joint Discomfort
  • Acne In Different Places
  • Oily Skin
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  January 5, 2013

Im 44yr old male who loves to work out. What guy doesn't. The last several years I have been unable to do so. I have been searching for the reasons why and I found several. I know from what I have read on the internet how important testosterone is to the male body. It effects everything from energy to weight loss to sexual desire. With out enough of this in your system, you dont even feel like getting out of bed. It is a horrible situation to be in. I really became interested in USPlabs products and everything I read about them was positive with the exception of cost sometimes. Cost is cost, whatever, I was just desperately looking for products that work. I knew my test was in BAD shape so a few months ago I tried a product called ageless male. Took several bottles even tried to increase dosages and nothing happened. I bought a round of USP products including Pink Magic, anabolic pump, prime, and Jack3D. These products started to work. I took the Jack 30min before my workout. Crazy energy! Took the Prime and A-pump like directed along with the Pink Magic. Now im starting to get into my workout routine, feeling better, taking my stack like I should. Muscles are getting stronger, larger and feel and look more pumped. High protien diet (trying to loose fat)
Here is the disappointment. I still have no energy to get out of bed in the morning. I went to the doc and they did a complete blood/urine on me. On a testerone scale of 175 to 750 for males, mine was 112. My doc couldnt believe it since I am relatively young albeit out of shape but trying to return to health for the last 4 months. After 2 bottles of Pink Magic (and ageless male), I had the test of a 100yr old man. Disappointed in Pink. Maybe thats why they dont produce it anymore. So, its test shots at the doc every 2 wks for a while till I feel like a man again. I still believe USPlabs is a good company but PM is not the product for me. I may try the new powder tho and let you know.

    • Cost!
    • No Results For Me.
    Rep: +2,283
    Trust: 100%
      October 1, 2012

    R.I.P. to the product that was Pink Magic. As most of you know by now USPLabs discontinued this product and will focus on Test Powder as their main booster. I know this product has been out for a while and just like w/my Assault review, I thought if I reviewed this it really wouldn't matter as more boosters have come out over the years, but now that it has been discontinued I have been seeing more and more questions on this so I figured why not.


    Results are what matter the most w/supps, but unfortunately for some people this product did nothing for them as evidenced by the high "No Results"con section. For others it not only worked, it worked well as evidenced by the strong Pros section. The Hit or Miss label has been a trademark w USPLabs products over the years with users here as products like Prime, OEP & Jack3d were associated with that label. Fortunately for me these products have been at hit. I know I said Modern BCAA was my favorite USPLabs product, but PM would be a close 2nd

    Effectiveness 9.3

    If I recall this was the first T-booster I had ever taken and honestly I didn't expect much at my age. I thought this product was just going to be a bunch of hype (bcuz it sounded too good to be true) but Jack3d and Prime worked for me so I figured why not. What I got out of this was an immediate strength boost and increased endurance. I was able to lift heavier and rep in the 300's on bench more consistently. I had just gotten back into deadlifting and I was able to rep heavier weights "with good form" in that exercise as well.

    I honestly can't remember how much my Bench, Squat (and etc.) went up by on this product...Im sorry...but as I said the strength was AMAZING! Before C-Bol and my D-bol/Supersize combo this product was the 1st product to ever give me that vascularity/pump (combo) look. Be it a minor one in my shoulders it was still awesome.

    Ingredients N/A

    I'm not actually going to go over the ingredient profile. I'm not trying to misquote USPLabs but all I remember is the box and the website talking about these mysterious and rare herbs and ingredients being in this and they said stuff like"Get it before its gone." I thought it was all Marketing (good marketing actually)to get people to buy this. Unfortunately it is gone now, but it stuck around for a few years. Not sure if they dug themselves in a hole when they said that, (as I could see most people saying, so much for the whole get it before its gone thing) and this is a front to go along. Or maybe what they said was actually true and the ingredients were just too hard and expensive to find. But if they do decide to comeback w/this product I for one would be happy.

    Value 7.0/10

    I was not happy about the price. But this product worked damn good for me so that helped bring up the value a bit as I consider giving this a 6 - 6.5. I found this product around $50 consistently but sometimes you could luck up and find a special on the product. That's when I made my move on this.

    Overall 8.8/10

    Simply a good yet expensive product by USPLabs. Like I said I wouldn't mind if they came back out w/this product in a yr or two and didn't decrease the quality of the product as a whole. Adam said in a thread, sales were not decreasing for the product, they simply wanted to focus on Test Powder. But I could see stacking the two being a sick combo.

    Strength increase, vascularity, endurance and decent pump. This is what I got from PM. Pink Magic we had a good run lol
    • Increase In Libido
    • Increased Endurance
    • Brought Out Veins In Arms And Shoulders
    • Strength Increase
    • Cost!
    Rep: +19
    Trust: 0%
      September 18, 2012

    I heard some great things about Pink Magic and its natural testosterone boosting ability. I figured why not give it a try. I mean I'm always looking to pack on size, lean out, and gain strength.

    Pink Magic value is a tricky one. There are 180 capsules and it says 90 servings per bottle. The serving size is 2 capsules three times daily so that is 6 pills per day. So really there are 30 servings. That comes out to $1.80 a day which is pretty bad value.

    Let me come out there and say this product did minimal for me but really make me irritated and a bit hornier. I noticed an increase in muscle hardness and had minimal strength gains. I have more strength and mass gains on a creatine.

    Here is what is in Pink Magic:

    Proprietary blend of 1600 mg:

    Massularia Acuminate (stem): Natural testosterone booster, libido enhancer, and anabolic catalyst.

    Nelumbo Nucifera (seeds and leaves): Cures insomnia, increases relaxation, and recovery

    Rhamnus Nakaharai (stem): Boost metabolism and supports fat lose.

    I took my 6 pills a day for one month. The first week I noticed nothing. The second week I began to feel a bit more aggressive and irritated all day long. I never felt more relaxed. By the end of the month all that I had noticed was a slight increase in libido.

    I am really disappointed in USPlabs for this product.

    Also, I have been reading a lot about D-Aspartic Acid so over the past two days I have order Purus Labs D-Pol, USPlabs Test Powder, and NLA Performance T-BLAST. I will run all three back to back to back months to see whats up.

    -Quack Attack
    • Leaner Muscle
    • 6-8 Pills A Day
    • Pretty Expensive..
    • Not Effective
    Rep: +6
    Trust: 0%
      August 7, 2012

    I bought pink magic in the peak of the hype and price haha. I bought for like 90 bucks more than a year ago. I bought into the deep hype and I'm not denying that it worked, just not like I hoped too.

    I saw all of the ads for the "magical pink pill" that was discovered in a desk and it changed lives and bodies in the gym.

    I noticed a good libido and wellbeing boost but nothing besides that. I should have taken a few bottles back to back to really give this an appropriate rating becasue when the first bottle is complete, the testosterone is just beginning to rise.

    Overall 7/10
    It worked just didn't live up to the great hype that this product had.
    • Increase In Libido
    • Leaner Muscle
    • Increased Endurance
    • Brought Out Veins In Arms And Shoulders
    • 6-8 Pills A Day
    Rep: +19
    Trust: 36%
      July 19, 2012


    So I finished my third bottle of PM a couple weeks ago and finally got around to writing up a review about it. The difference between this time and the first two cycles is that in my latest cycle, I took it with Prime and Re-Built Mass.

    Effectiveness: 8/10

    I love PM. With each bottle I took I was never disappointed with my results. Instead I was more surprised that after taking two bottles I still had the gains I had after taking it the first time. I still got the hunger cravings which I really like since I am trying to put on a little mass. During the first two weeks you will notice slight acceleration in strength gains but nothing crazy. It is in the third week where you feel you want to bench, squat, deadlift, ect. every day of the week. My recovery between sets and between workouts were amazing. Each morning I woke up feeling fresh and motivated to hit the gym. The great thing about PM is that the strength gains didn't stop after a month, they kept coming though the entire bottle! I did get quite a bit of size gains which is due to the stack I was taking. The most noticeable aspect of my size gains were that they were more hard muscle gains rather than fatty mass gains. I still maintained my semi-cut look.

    Value: 9/10

    My bottle of PM lasted me around 1 1/4 months for $55. From looking at the price of other test boosters, PM is one of the most affordable on the market. You can buy two bottles of PM (Roughly 3 Month Supply) for one bottle of P6.

    Dosage/Taste: 7/10

    First off I would like to say I did not have any broken caps in all three bottles of PM. It might be because I bought it in store rather than ordering it online. The dosage for PM is 2 with each meal. After my second bottle I decided to try 3 in the morning and 3 at night. I honestly didn't see much of a difference when changing the dosage split so I stuck with it. In my opinion I rather take it twice a day than three times a day. The pills did smell and taste a little strange but nothing crazy. Don't ask my why I smelt them, its a habit.

    Sides: 10/10

    I guess the only side I had was the hunger but I liked it. I didn't get irritated as easily as when I took the Test 7 by Image Sports. My libido did shoot up quite a bit but that's not a bad thing to me. Other than that there is nothing.

    Overall I love pink magic. I have to get it a 8.5 - 9 just because of the dosage. The gains were great and no sides. I like to stick to companies that are consistent with their products like USP Labs. I have tried 90% of their products and I was always greatly happy with my results. One of the most dependable all around companies in my opinion. Another great product.
    • Increase In Libido
    • Builds Muscle
    • Leaner Muscle
    • Did What It Said It Would Do - Dense. Hard. Vascular & Strong
    • Strength Increase
    • Increased Recovery
    • Good Value
    • 6-8 Pills A Day
    Rep: +577
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 5
      April 29, 2012

    As promised here comes a review for the chingon Pink Magic. Ok so here is the ingredient profile and dosing instructions

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 2 capsules
    Servings per Container: 90
    Ingredient Amount % Daily Value**
    Proprietary Blend 1600mg
    -Massularia Acuminate
    -Nelumbo Nucifera
    -Rhamnus Nakaharai

    Manufacturer's Directions
    As dietary supplement, take two capsules threee times a day with food. On workout days, take an additional 2 capsules 30 minutes before training. Maintain dosing in a 6 days on, 1 day off pattern.

    I took it 2 with each meal and would add extra dose preworkout. I was also taking this with Compound 20, Yok3d, Oxy Elite, and my own preworkout, and Modern BCAA's. So hard to gauge all of the effects in terms of during my workout and such.

    Effectiveness- 8 I thought it worked pretty good. I am 20 so I know I dont need a test booster but I was able to get my hands on a bottle of this for free so I tried it anyway. I did notice an increase in libido which is nice. and definitely noticed increased vascularity. Brought out a couple veins in my chest and shoulders that I never see. It was a fun product to run. I am interested to see how it would work 2 to 3 years later. I did enjoy the libido increase as all guys would. And besides from that and the vascularity it is hard for me to determine all of the effects. My workouts are long and strength is increasing Bf is lowering and I do see results I am just taking too much to say this definitively burns the fat and increases strength. Also being that my testosterone levels are high as a 20 year old I wont see much of an increase from any test booster but as for the other effects it Was a great product. I also did see some very few pimples in abnormal spots, like my neck and chest, Not many at all but I never get breakouts on my neck and chest.

    Value- 6 -Well on Allstar it is 47.89 for a months supply give or take depending on how you dose with preworkout. Which is not horrible. Would not be something to run month to month. I think every once in a while throw it in as a specialty supp as for the value is concerned would be fine.

    Overall -7- I would take this again. Maybe not so soon as I am still young and full of testosterone, and its a little too pricey for me to throw it in to my already pricey stack.
    • Increase In Libido
    • Increased Endurance
    • Brought Out Veins In Arms And Shoulders
    • Few Breakouts
    • Want More!
    Rep: +92
    Trust: 10%
      April 4, 2012

    Pink Magic is the natural testosterone boosting supplement produced by USP Labs, the same company who produced such great supplements as Jack3d. I hate to give this product the Devil's number (6, 6, 6) but it just did not do it for me.

    I purchased my Pink Magic, again, from for $47.89. Pink Magic is 180 capsules/bottle, 2 capsules per serving, so 90 servings per bottle.

    USP Labs claims Pink Magic will:
    -Increase Muscle Density and Hardness
    -Increase Strength
    -Increase Pumps
    -Increase Recovery
    -Increase Endurance
    -Increase Libido and Confidence
    -All with NO SIDE AFFECTS

    Pink Magic's propriety blend includes:
    -Massularia Acuminate: Increase Natural Testosterone production
    -Nelumbo Nucifera; Strengthen Liver, Burn Fat, Increase Metabolism
    -Rhamnus Nakaharai: no studies that proves this does anything but USP Labs says it boosts natural testosterone.

    While taking Pink Magic, I was deep into mixing heavy powerlifting and bodybuilding. Figure this would be the perfect mix of exercise to expose if Pink Magic really does give you more endurance, give you increases in strength, "blast plateus" as some people on said it does, and gives you that amazing 'pump.' SORRY PEOPLE THIS WAS JUST ANOTHER FLUFF MARKETED PRODUCT!

    -Strength Increase (5/10): Did not experience any 'significant gains' in strength. I experience being able to pump out one more rep of 225 lbs on bench (got up to 15 reps of 225 from 12 reps when I started).

    -Muscle Density and Hardness(2/10): Did not notice this at all.

    -Increase pumps (6/10): I'll give Pink Magic this much. I definitely felt a bit more vascular while I was on Pink Magic. I felt more pumped up throughout the day.

    -Increase Recovery (7/10): I did wake up each day 'feigning' to pump. I think this was because I felt overly aggressive while I was on this product. ONE OF THE PROS OF PINK MAGIC.

    Conclusion (6/10): Pink Magic is not a breakthrough natural testosterone boosting supplement. I know people say Tribulus has not been proven to boost natural testosterone but I wish Pink Magic has some Tribulus in it. I did feel overly aggressive which was a Pro and Con because I was able to lift with more intensity but was on edge throughout the day. I DID NOT GAIN ANY SIGNIFICANT STRENGTH OR BUILD LEAN, SHREDDED MUSCLE.

    All-in-all I'd say your better off hitting Animal M-Stak and/or Stak.

    Fair and Honest,
    • Increased Endurance
    • Good Pump
    • Cost!
    • Proprietary Blend Of Common Ingredients
    • Not Effective
    • Waste Of Time
    • Overly Aggressive
    Rep: +32
    Trust: 27%
      March 15, 2012

    Pink Magic Review;

    Taste) They are capsules... and as far as after taste I don't feel an after taste like Fish Oil and some others... so 9/10

    Side Effects) During the 4th week I actually did begin to feel some aches and sharp pains in my groin area... I read up alot on this before taking it and didn't notice too many people having it... and I can't blame PM alone, only because on my 2 month cycles I'm usually stacking products... but since I feel Pink Magic was the more potent of anything I was taking, I put some blame on PM for the pains. But on the plus side I also have to compliment PM because I did notice a strength increase, pump increase and overall fitness well being increase... I felt my endurance was better in weight training, crossfit and general cardio. I have gained about 9lbs. total over an 8 week cycle which isn't bad... I was hoping for more due purely to the amount of hype PM had... but I'm fine with my results- especially considering my diet could've been more properly prepared.
    Also another note on this product... I do feel like it dried my joints out a little, which I've been on several PH's and noticed some of them DO do this... so it was something expected, but I'm only noting this so whoever decides to try PM I would recommend a joint supp. such as Animal Flex (Universal) or Super Cissus (USP Labs)

    Other Supplements)

    1. USP Labs Pink Magic
    2. Muscle Pharm Glutamine 300
    3. Purus Labs D-Pol
    4. Purus Labs Organ Shield
    5. Driven Sports Craze (Weeks 5-8)
    6. E-Pharm Clear Shot (Weeks 5-8)
    7. Universal Animal Flex
    8. Controlled Labs Orange Triad (mainly used for digestive properties but is also joint, immune, general vitamin supp.)

    Exercise) I honestly don't have a routine as far as exercise goes... and due to a constantly changing world of fitness I'm always incorporating new exercises... but as far as the 'norm' Bench press, preacher curls, squats, dips, etc. I feel my strength was truly UP and overall performance was UP- my endurance was relentless... I would leave the gym feeling I wasn't finished yet couldn't do another lift- and I did notice a cleaner/leaner and somewhat dryer physique... I do give most of the credit to PM for these 8 weeks.
    Diet) I am on a 2600 cal. diet though it's been really rocky... I honestly haven't been strict on my protein and carb intake which I know are some of the keys to fitness and honestly obtaining the look I'm going for... but hopefully with some future changes (new job) I am now on a set schedule and will be on a strict diet and exercise plan...

    Others) Pink Magic has alot of Hype and isn't necessairly a new product... but after hearing about it and reading about it... I figured I'd try.
    Now some of the things I was looking to get out of Pink Magic were mainly; Strength Increase, Muscle Gain, Vascularity
    I did have an overall increase in strength and even increased endurance...
    I did gain around 9lbs over the course of an 8 week cycle so it wasn't anything extraordinary... but I know I wasn't buying juice either so I'm happy with the results there.
    Vascularity seemed normal which was a little dissapointing... I know the key to vascularity is over BF%... but the box caught my eye with the 'Vascular' word so I had my hopes up...

    Other than that it's a great product, there are so many out there that have promising words and no results... I have come to really like USP Labs products and trust them.
    I would recommend this to anyone looking to break a plateu or trying to gain some size- I'm sure the potential for size gains are there... like I said, I had a somewhat poor diet plan.
    • Amazing Pump
    • Builds Muscle
    • Leaner Muscle
    • Increased Endurance
    • Strength Increase
    • Blasted Plateus
      Rep: +610
      Trust: 100%
        March 10, 2012

      First of all I would like to thank everyone's favorite Anabolic one, our very own Adam, for allowing me to test and review Pink Magic. I would also like to thank USPLabs for their generosity in sending me a bottle of Pink Magic and other goodies. At first I was one of those haters on Pink Magic. All the ridiculous ads, claims and bogus reviews, had me rolling my eyes. In fact I remember giving Adam so much crap for it; I'm surprised he didn't slap me silly. So it was a surprise when he offered it to me, and I was even more surprised with what I experienced. So on to the review......

      What is it? Pink Magic is touted as a natural testosterone booster, nutrient partitioner and anti-catabolic compound all in one. I did some research on the ingredients, but didn't really come up with much, other than some of the herbs have been used in herbal medications as sexual boosters, and what not.

      Dosing: I took 6 caps on off days, split into 2 caps with 3 meals. On workout days I took 8 caps, 2 coming preworkout and the rest split into 2 cap servings with meals. Initially I wasn't taking a dose preworkout, because I train first thing in the morning on empty, but once I got the A-ok I began taking a dose with my preworkout. I am currently in my 5th of PM having just completed a bottle last week.
      Additional Supplements: I was using a generic fish oil, NOW ADAM multi, AllMax Nutrition ISOFlex, ModernBCAA, bulk beta alanine, DS Craze and sometimes bulk agmatine and sometimes Yok3d.

      Effectiveness: I don't have very much experience with test boosters. I have used bulk DAA from Primaforce, and didn't experience much except for stomach issues and the runs. I used Divison 1 from Athletix as well as FormulaX and saw minimal results. That's the extent of my natty T-booster experience.

      I began taking PM as described above and didn't feel much until about 5 days later. I specifically remember texting AA and asking him about my feelings. It felt like my skin was getting tighter, and I felt fuller and denser. I felt like I weighed more, it was weird, hard to explain which is what I told him. I also felt my junk bigger and fuller, they felt swollen and I felt like I had to walk with my legs open. I know others describe this feeling when taking other T-boosters, so I felt like this was it, its on and poppin'.

      I noticed that when I took my PWO dose, everything seemed to work better. Craze was even more effective, which is pretty intense for those who have used it. My pumps were explosive and hard and full. But the thing that really caught my attention was my increase in endurance. I felt like I could lift all day and never get tired. My rest periods were getting shorter and shorter and my strength was slowly increasing. I didn't really experience any dramatic increases in strength, but everything just feels easier. My mind muscle connection has been absurd and my workouts have been incredible.

      PM really helps with an all day fullness, and vascularity. I am not a very vascular person at all, but I have seen veins on my upper chest and delts, which have never been there before. I have become leaner, but have held onto my weight of 180 which is down from 188 after my bulk. I am using PM on my cut right now, and I really feel like it has helped me to retain my muscle. I track all my macros and keep my diet on point, so that obviously helps. I have become significantly leaner as I transitioned from my bulk. Again I keep my diet on point, but I feel like PM has helped lean me out as well. In a seperate review I mentioned some excess water weight that gave me a puffy look, but PM has helped knock that out and I dont look puffy anymore. I love how it keeps me pumped for hours after my workout. Most of the time my pump fades by the time I get home, but with PM and my postworkout shake, I stay full all day, it's amazing. I can only imagine how much better PM is when taken on a bulk with more food!

      Side Effects: I didnt ecperience any unwanted sides. No increase in aggression, no flying off the handle, none of that. If anything I would say a slight increase in euphoria. Also I did notice a couple of breakouts on my back, and my face was more oily. I never get pimples on my face, but I had a couple pop up here and there. My back is the only place I get acne, and I definitely noticed an increase there. Other than that, nothing else.

      Value: This is the only downfall for me. I workout 4 days a week, so I can have a bottle last me a month. But for others it would end up being less. The cheapest I have seen a bottle of PM is $45, which is rather expensive.

      Overall I can say that I was pleasantly surprised with Pink Magic. I bashed it hard, but it delivered for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed these past few weeks, and look forward to the remainder of my second bottle. If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot. I can say I ate my words, and I am glad I did.
      Again I would like to thank Adam and USPLabs for this opportunity, and I look forward to more future success with Pink Magic.
      • Amazing Pump
      • All Day Fullness
      • Strength Increase
      • Brought Out Veins In Arms And Shoulders
      • Did What It Said It Would Do - Dense. Hard. Vascular & Strong
      • Increased Endurance
      • Leaner Muscle
      • Builds Muscle
      • Increase In Libido
      • Extreme Horniness
      • Few Breakouts
      • Cost!
      • Pretty Expensive..

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