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OxyElite Pro has been reported as discontinued.

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OxyElite Pro Reviews

By: USPlabs

  June 8, 2013

  • Fat Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Focus And Concentration
  • Diminished Appetite
  • Euphoric Feeling - Felt Very Happy
  • Be Careful - Extremely Potent
  • Pricey..but Worth It.
Ok, it's been a while since I took this one... January 2012. Made a full bottle cycle (1st and 2nd days: 2 pills - 1 morning, 1 afternoon. 3rd and beyond: 3 pills a day). Took it every day, strict diet.
Workout routine: 90 minutes 5 times a week (20 minutes warmup and cardio, 40 minutes lifting, 30 minutes cardio), weekends 60 minutes jogging/HIIT.

I was more experient during that time, had 1 year of work outs, built some muscle, and decided it was time to make a cut. My workout routine was just to try keep the muscle I built, my main goal was lose weight from body fat.

Pill size: 10. Small pills, no aftertaste at all.

Value: 8. Since 7 is my "OK", 8 means it's a fair price.

Hunger Suppressant: 9. Controlled almost all my cravings during the days I took it. Had it without any cheat days. I record I had like 4 or 5 cheat meals during the cycle.

Energy: 7. I think that energy was not the main aspect of OEP. It gave me some energy during my daily activities and during my workout routine, but nothing shocking. Can say it was a clean energy.

Effectiveness: 9. Got rid of 11 pounds. I can't measure with numbers how much fat I lost, but all my clothes got loosen. I got rid of some weight during this 1st year at the gym, but during the cycle I got lean. Had to buy new clothes!
I gave me a reeeeeally good mood during the cycle. I wasn't shocked like when I took Lipo-6 Black, but I felt happier than normal. Motivated is a good word to describe!
Sweating was very intense during workouts, but not during the day. I think it's a very positive thing! I could feel myself warmer, but I wasn't dropping sweat around like Lipo-6 Black.

Side effects: 2 (lower the better). Lost some muscle during this cut, but it was expected. Had some minor crashings before lunch when I worked out in the morning.

Recommended? Yes! Another great thing for me: I could keep my weight low, it wasn't only water weight. Dropped some body fat and it was a new motivation to keep working out!

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