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This product has been reported as discontinued.

OxyElite Pro (New Formula) Reviews

By: USPlabs

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OxyElite Pro (New Formula) is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by USPlabs. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 97 products in:
Weight Loss > Thermogenics


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +1,834
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 56

  October 27, 2013

I've used the old formula a few years ago, (and thanks to iSamurai/the SR crew) I got a bottle of the new OEP to try out.

I was unable to finish this bottle due to side effects I believe related to this product, but got about 4 weeks through; I have used a complete bottle of the old formula.

Intended reason for using this product: I had already been on a cut for a few weeks prior to using this bottle and lost >15 lbs, but wanted to get a bit more lean and see how much I could get off.

Dosing: I started with 1 cap first thing in the AM, 30 mins prior to breakfast. I would then take the 2nd pill 4-6 hours later, 30 minutes prior to lunch. I did increase to 2 tablets in the AM for the last week I used the product, after I felt my body was more tolerant of the product. Dosing is SUPER easy, as it is a small, easy to swallow pill with no aftertaste.

Effects: I felt 'hot' and sweated slightly more while on this product. The first few days I was more red in the face and it took about a week to get used to the warmth after the first tablet taken in mornings. Compared to the old formula, the new formula did not make me sweat as much. I felt a clean focus on the new formula that I do not recall on the old. This focus was great at work, and I never felt jittery. I did see an increase in my urination/drinking/dehydration. I had sleeping difficulty with the first week on the old formula, but only had difficulty sleeping on day 1 of using the new formula. There were no other sleep disturbances with this product, which was great!

Results: I managed to lose a few more pounds, of what I believe was partially fat and partially water weight. I looked leaner than I ever have while using this product. It does suppress the appetite too. This product works!

CONS: I was drinking upwards of 24-30 8oz. servings of water/day. Toward the last week I was noticing a flushed pattern on my face during workouts, even though I was working out several hours after the 2nd dosing of this product. I was severely dehydrated and would find that I would get headaches more frequently.

WARNING: DO NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL WHILE USING THIS PRODUCT. I drank lightly on 3 occasions while using this product. The label has warnings and they should be followed 100% of the time. I was very ill after alcohol consumption and do not recommend anyone doing so on OEP. Also, I had to be cautious not to drink anything with other stimulants/caffeine; I had to make sure coffee was always decaf and did find that I felt my heart rate increased if I ever slipped up on the caffeine.

This product works, and I would say it is worth every cent. If you are a serious athlete, or just looking to get leaner, this may be a good choice for you. Follow the label directions and drink plenty of water. I stopped usage due to the headaches and severe dehydration I felt was too much for my body; I did notice the side effects decline greatly within 48 hours of stopping the product.
The USP Labs reps on SR helped me with any questions/concerns I had while using this product and I highly recommend seeking further advice from them!
  • Mental Sharpness
  • Great Thermogenic
  • Clean Energy
  • Increased Energy
  • Aided With Fat Loss
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Increased Focus
  • Flushed Face During Workouts
  • Severe Dehydration
Rep: +462
Trust: 100%
  October 21, 2013

OxyELITE Pro Purple Top

This will be my second review on an OxyElite Pro product, the first being a couple years ago when I tried the original OxyElite Pro formula. I was ready to try a new thermal, and when it comes to these types of products OxyElite seems to one of the most popular in the industry. I have also been trying to get a more "cut" look on my body which means losing weight. That being said I also decided to try it because many of the women who visit the site seem to be more interested in weight loss products. I do think it is very important to mention I seem to have a high tolerance for stimulates, if you are sensitive to any of these ingredients please monitor your intake and possible side effects, now onto the review!

Ingredient List: Proprietary Blend Bauhinia Purpurea L. (Leaf and Pod) Extract, Aegeline, Norcoclaurine HCl, Hemerocallis Fulva (Flower) Heat Concentrated Extract, Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Johimbe) (Bark) Extract (AlphaShredâ„¢) 140 mg Caffeine 135 mg

I would recommend to anyone wanting to take this product to visit the USP Labs website and read more about these ingredients. They promise this product will deliver increased energy, focus, appetite suppression support and a "smooth thermo experience". I will address each of my experiences with these throughout the review. While on this product I stuck to my regular workout routine (give or take had a ton of business travel during this time) which included 20-30 minutes of cardio (usually HIIT or elliptical), light weights and some strength building exercises.

Dose (7/10): I started with 1 pill in the morning, 1 pill in the afternoon for the first two weeks before eating. I followed each dose with at least 16oz of water, a few mornings I didn't my stomach revolted. I cannot emphasis this enough, drink lots of water, even more than you think you need. In fact I noticed an increase in thirst on many days, which is good for your body and skin! After two weeks I went up to 2 pills in the afternoon, again I have a tolerance for stimulants and didn't really notice a huge difference.

Effectiveness (6/10):
1. Energy: I did notice an increase in energy, but not a huge one, for me it was really no more than any other product of this type. If you are one of those people who get hyped up on a cup of coffee, you will probably notice the effects. If not, it is probably not going to be strong enough for you, even with the increase in dosage.

2. Focus: One thing that I loved about this product is that it seemed to really enhance my mood. Not that I was ever really down, it just gives one an "elated" like feeling, that was a nice yet unexpected surprise.

3. Appetite Suppression: I think the appetite suppression part of this product worked the best for me. After taking I just wasn't hungry at all, even with a late lunch I noticed I wasn't finishing off my normal portions. So of course, what happens when you don't eat much of anything all day? You become a cranky, hungry beast by the evening. I was NOT A happy camper; the good mood was replaced with a ***y, hungry old lady. I did finally figure out a way around this, adding a good protein drink both in the morning and in the afternoon really seemed to help. I will give my review of the particular protein drink after I finish it off (look for a very positive review).

4. Thermo Experience: Call me a freak of nature, but I honestly did not notice much of a thermal effect. Not even a lady like shimmer of sweat, maybe my body is just more tolerable now, but I just didn't notice the effects like other reviewers which is part of the 6/10 score.

Weight Loss (6.5/10): Most of the experts on this site will tell you it gets down to one simple thing to lose weight, calories in versus calories out. If you consume fewer calories you will lose weight, I lost a total of 4lbs, which was great for me. My body also looks a little toner, however I do think the new protein drink is playing a role in that change.

Value: (7/10): I found a great deal on this product, it retails for $59.95, but was able to pick it up for $30.00 which was well worth it to me. I think there is a lot of JUNK out there which you can buy cheaper; however I do think buying from a reputable company that stands behind their product worth the investment.

Overall: (7/10): It is not a magic pill, but a good product for those needing looking for an appetite suppressant and increased energy/focus. I did not feel the thermo effects, which is part of the reason I am only giving it a 7 out of 10, which is still a positive review. There are some negative side effects, the possible stomach upset and the increased hunger in the evenings (which can be managed). I highly recommend adding in a solid protein drink to your diet if you are going to take this product (not slim fast ladies).
  • Increased Energy
  • Aided With Fat Loss
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Increased Focus
  • Slight Stomach Churning
  • No Thermal Effects
Rep: +577
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  October 17, 2013

Got the chance to use around 180 CT of purpletop oxyelite pro.

Lets see what we have here.
Of course its a blend
At least we know each capsule has 135mg of caffeine so thats nice.
140 mg blend consisting of

-Bauhinia Purpurea L. (Leaf and Pod) Extract
which apparently increases Thyroid activity resulting in higher metabolism, energy and mood.
Also found to have anti-ulcer activity in animals.

-Aegeline found in leaf of the bael fruit tree. Ebsco had an article on a academic journal posted saying they found it to inhibit histamine release in rats which would result in lower appetite.

-Norcoclaurine HCL also known as Higenamine. It is a stimulant, also a Beta 1, and beta 2 agonist and has some bronchodialator effects. Which would explain why I have seen it suggested for coughs or asthma. Also found to be helpful for erectile dysfunction? maybe thats from the Beta 1 agonist.

-Hemerocallis Fulva could not find as much on this but what I did find says itpromotes Lipolysis by increasing the mobility of fat out of the cell and into the bloodstream to be used as a source of energy. It works as both an antioxidant and "lipid peroxidator", meaning that it's going to attack lipids/fats by literally stealing electrons from your fats, effectively putting them on the move and lining them up for your destruction.

-Yohimbe helps increase lipolysis

Decent profile, everything belongs there wouldnt mind some sort of diuretic blend added in.

Dosing same as most fatburners, very easy small capsules. start at 1 and 1 work up to 2 and 1. Or if youre like me 2 and 2. Like most of my fatburners I like to take first dose after my morning lift session right before my cardio, and 2nd dose later in day.

Like my title says not like the original, granted Its been a long time since I used the original and my stim tolerance is higher but didnt notice as strong effects in terms of fat burning and appetite control and thermogenic effects. The purple top was super mild. I did continue to progress with loss of BF but I was doing cyclical ketosis dieting, eating at calorie deficit and training hard in the gym with cardio, so of course I am expected to lose BF with or without a fatburner.

It didnt give me an extra kick really at all even with 2 capsules and the super duper norcoclaurine. I never noticed the stimulants in it. Not really a big deal thats not why I take it but I should feel something. Needs more caffeine. The norcoclaurine doesnt cut it. I think 160mg of caffeine per cap would be sufficient.

Thermogenic effects
Nothing special at all, no goosebumps, chills or sweats.

Appetite supression
Again didnt notice much here. I mean I wasnt hungry all the time but I didnt not feel hungry like some fatburners have made me feel.

Fat loss
like I said I experienced fat loss but I was dieting and busting my butt for shows. So I would have lost BF with or without it. I am sure it helped but not that much.

at 3 capsules a day you are looking at about 1.25 a day at most retailers. For the original I gladly paid that but being that this one was quite lacking I think that is a crappy value. Especially since I was taking 4 caps a day, costing me 1.5+ a day. Once again other fat burners cost less and work better.


So it did aid with fat loss, minimally, other fatburners have worked better. Didnt increase my energy much, no thermogenic effects, and no outstanding appetite supression. I did notice some drying of lips so there was that, maybe had a small diuretic effect but nothing major.

The apple fell far from the tree on this one USP
Rep: +3,260
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 52
  June 30, 2013

This will be my first review on a thermo. I've been cutting for the last month and a half(it was about time!), and chose OEP NF to be my stimulant based fat burner. I stacked this with Cellucor T7, so I can't give OEP NF all the credit, but after experimenting with different DOSAGE timing on both, I have a fair idea how I reacted to both.

USPLabs is most known for Jack3d and the original OEP, which both contained DMAA. I personally am hit or miss when I take DMAA, and I never had much of a reaction when I took the original, in fact one day I took it before work in the morning and passed out an hour later. I seem to be the only one who reacted that way however.

I still have one more day left on the combo, but since I'd rather get this review up while it's still fresh in my memory, I don't think 1 day off is going to make any difference. Anyways let's get this started.

Ingredient Profile:
The biggest change from the original profile seem to be the subraction of DMAA and the addition of the Aegeline. From what I have read, Aegeline is small amounts is supposed to have a thermogenic effect while higher dosages have a more anabolic effect. There is more caffeine in the new formula, prob. to make up for the lack of DMAA.

Depending on tolerance, 2 caps in the AM, and 1 5-6 hours later. Not much to complain about here. The pills are small enough for just about anyone to swallow.

I'm going to break this up into categories.

Appetite Suppression(8.2/10)
I didn't have my appetite crushed like when I took Synedrex, but my appetite was always under control. I made the mistake of trying to cut during the late playoffs and finals in the NBA/NHL. I was pretty much at Bufallo Wild Wings every weekend with friends and family(and even by myself sometimes) just to watch games. Eating there seemed like more of an option rather than that feeling of "needing" a cheat meal. Every normal day however I had no problem keeping my carbs/calories low. I have very few cravings to report, and if I remember correctly, I didn't have any at all. I kind of like this because it doesn't make eating suck, it makes walking by In'N'Out and smelling those burgers easier.

I have a pretty high stim tolerance, so it I only got a noticeable energy increase on the first week I took this. The energy is clean and puts you in a better mood. The thermo effect was much better imo. When taking OEP by itself(without T7 for me), I got a nice "hot" feeling around my body. Just a solid indicator of a thermo doing it's job. I noticed an increase in sweat just about everywhere I went. Lifting was somewhat stressful because I would leave a pool of sweat after every exercise. I didn't notice a diuretic effect, something others, at least in the old formula got.

Fat Loss/Results:(9.0/10)
At the beginning of my cut I was around 189-192, depending on what I ate the day before, today, my final weigh in, I am at 181.2. A good 8lbs lost. When I think about it, if I didn't have all those cheat meals and beer(I'm only human), I could have lost even more! I did not count calories or even macros really, I just made sure I got enough protein and that I didn't eat what I felt was too many carbs. I'm sure T7 helped here(I'll explain in that in another review) but I have to give more credit to OEP NF in this department because this is typical of what a good thermo does. Obviously there is no miracle pill, I kept my calories low and added in cardio, but this def. helped me shed off more than what I should have lost. Very happy with this.

This is slightly more expensive than the old OEP. I don't know why personally, but it's still fairly priced. You can find the 90 cap bottle for around $40 online. It is not the cheapest thermo out there, but since myself and other have had some good results using this, I have no problem telling anyone this is worth the money. I would give this a "10" in value if it were at $30.

USPLabs formulated a thermo worthy of comparing to their famous OG OEP. The new OEP delivers in just about every aspect, at least for me. I recommend giving this a go if you are looking for a thermo that doesn't absolutely crush your appetite, but gives you just enough control over it.
  • Great Thermogenic
  • Clean Energy
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Increased Focus
  • Too Much Sweating
Rep: +175
Trust: 100%
  May 29, 2013

So finally i got the chance to try out the new version of OEP, getting ready for nice cut for summer.
You want be dissapointed, this stuff is strong as hell :)

First of all some quick info about me and training regime to fully understand my opinion about OEP :
during the month of OEP i wanted reduce my bodyfat as much as i can, but maintaning most of my lean mass and strenght.
Training kept still heavy weight (to keep my max strenght), medium low rep. 4 days a week 20 minute HIIT cardio (running).
Beside that i am a professional freestyle skateboarder, this means at least at weekends 4 hours under the burning sun.

Diet :
wont go too much in detail :
8 meals a day, every 2,5 hours 20-40 gr of protein. Carbs only with low glycemic index.
Avoided much as possible any simple carbs /sugars.

Why i bought it ? i had great success with the original OEP , and i was quite happy the new one has no geranium in it.

Ingredients 9/10 :
they have been posted several times, so want annoy you again. Proven and effective ingredients that boost thermogenesis , appetite suppression, focus/energy and fat burn.

Dosing/value 10/10 :
Following the label you can go up to 3 caps a day.
i used ONLY 1 cap , since the effect on my body was very strong. usally dosed after my launch 1 pm, so i can still feel it kick in hard at my workout at 6 pm.
I kept the dose low cause the strong appetite suppresion i felt from it and extreme sweating.
So how you see 1 little container last me for 3 months with this dosing protocol. Cant beat the value.

Results 9/10 :
Right after taking OEP , i can feel it in matter of minutes in my head.
Strong focus and warm inner feeling.
The hunger suppression was very pronounced.
During my workout first thing i've noticed is that you become like tha flame guy from the fantastic four ! Sweating much more as usual and you feel a strong heat inside your body.
Doing intense cardio you risk to catch fire, and sweat gallons !
Pleasant that i could sleep like usual, even the stimulant effect was strong.
I 1 month i managed to drop 3% of BF, that equals almost 3 Kg!
And this with little modification of my diet and increase little bit my cardio intensity.

Sideffects 7/10 : (higher is worse)
ATTENTION the rating is related to my personal training method i use.
So i told you a lot of great thing about it, you wonder why such bad rating here ?
As mentioned before, the sweating aspect was really extreme and sometime i felt almost overheated.
This paired with heavy weight training leads to quick exhaustion of my energy.
I felt exhausted more quickly and could not keep my max weight and usualy training style.
High rep / low weight training is advised.
Also endurance was decreased a lot... doing HIIT running for 20 minutes i really felt going to my extreme limit, where normally i can handle it with ease.
PLEASE do not use it if you do any areobic activity under the sun. I took 1 pill before intense outdoor skate session... total overkill, you wont last 5 minutes before you need sit down and catch air.
The hunger suppression was rather unpleasant for my personal preference. when i cut i still love to eat, i just eat much more cleaner foods.
With OEP i had hard time even throw down my little protein snacks.

Final personal score and summary 8,5/10
This is by far the strongest fat burner i've tried, with great value and quick results.
With the right training and for cutting only purposse absolutely great.

it got "only " 8.5 from me, for the sideffects listed above.
  • Mental Sharpness
  • Great Thermogenic
  • Increased Energy
  • Aided With Fat Loss
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Too Much Sweating
  • Decrease Endurance
  • Too Strong Appetite Suppression
Rep: +2
Trust: 0%
  May 4, 2013

How did you discover SR?
I asked the girl at my local vitamin store which diet product was the best and she recommended this one. Initially she recommended the original formula until she found out I am sensitive to stimulants.

What prompted you to write this review?

Really enjoying this product.

What other similar products have you used and how do they compare?

I used to use take ephedra based diet pills but they typically gave me the jitters.

How long have you taken this product?

A few weeks now.

What was your diet/exercise routine like before/after/during your use of the product?

Treadmil a few times a week.

Were the results what you had expected?

Better. I have no jitters and my appetite is greatly reduced. I actually have to force myself to eat.

How many pounds of muscle/fat did you gain/lose?

I do not weigh myself but judge by clothes size. My clothes are feeling looser and my body seems to be more toned although I have not changed my diet routine.

Were there any negative side-effects?

I tried taking two one day and had too much energy, not jitters, just energy. I could not sleep that night so I cut back to one and am fine.

How could this product be improved?
Would love to find a product that just targeted the stomache and thighs.

Will you use it again? Why/why not?
definitely. It works and I feel great.
  • Great Thermogenic
  • Taking Two Kept Me Awake.
Rep: +20
Trust: 33%
  March 28, 2013

Hello fellow supplement review members! It is time to post my review on USP labs oxyelite pro NEW formula.

First of all, I have read countless reviews in the past on the old formula of OEP, which spurred me on to try the new one. As we all know, our old friend 'DMAA' is well out of the picture... but that isnt exactly a bad thing as I found out, so lets review the ingredients profile.

Unfortunately, we have another blend on our hands but to my surprise I found they all worked a treat in my 8 week plan.
We have:
140 mg proprietary blend
Bauhinia Purpurea L (leaf and pod) extract,
Aegeline, Norcoclaurine HCL, Hemerocallis Fulva (flower) Heat concentrated extract, Yohimbe (pausinystalia johimbe) (bark) Extract (Alphashred TM), and 135 mg of caffeine

Bauhinia Purpurea L increases T3 to T4 ratios and is said to increase fat burn, energy and a good mood.
Aegeline helps with weight loss. It is said to target the empty stomach and suppresses the appetite by stopping gastric acid secretion. USP labs also say that it has an anabolic effect by acting as a Beta 3 (AR) agonist.
Norcoclaurine HCL also helps with potential fat loss and is said to boost the heart rate and to induce lipolysis. I think this is where USP labs have added this ingredient to make up for the loss of DMAA.
Hemerocallis Fulva strengthens the effect of ordinary caffeine and is a great reason why the NEW formula bottle states that it should NOT be used in combination with caffeine. It is also said to make our fat cells release their contents into the bloodstream.
Yohimbe is used as a herbal aphrodisiac and helps us 'keep our wood' for longer. It is a popular ingredient used in supplements today

The cheapest price I found these for was $28.60. That's not bad going for 90 capsules. The capsules had no taste and were easy to swallow.
I stacked this with D-Pol, Scivation Xtend and Gluta-lyn 500 and Kre alkyn.

In the first week, I followed the recommended dosage of taking 1 pill on an empty stomach in the morning and one 5-6 hours later. I was also on a cut at the time (strength training 3 times a week, and 25 mins of cross trainer straight after each workout), which is why I had a cup of green tea an hour later (obviously a small amount of caffeine in). This made my stomach churn moderately but it was nothing I couldn't handle. Its what I expected with the green tea. I experienced an uplifted mood in this first week, which could be a placebo effect but I wasn't complaining. I would get home from work an hour before I would train and felt positive throughout each workout in the first week. There were no other improvements here though.

In the second week, I decided I would up the dosage to 2 pills in the morning. Again, I had a positive mood and noticed a particular leaner effect. It turns out that since weighing myself at the beginning, I had lost 8 pounds at the end of the second week which I think is brilliant. I was feeling more confident about myself and this gave me a better mental focus when performing cardio.

In third week, I fell ill which is disappointing really because I was eager to cut up some more. I just stuck to 6 small meals a day consisting of a 2:1 ratio of protein to carbs. I should have mentioned earlier that I tried my hardest to carry out this style of dieting for the full course of the 8 weeks.

With the fourth week, I was back on my feet and I decided to introduce a 30 minute jog on my rest days. I weighed myself again at the end of this week and had lost a further 5 pounds.

Week 5/6 I was eating more carbs than normal because the only thing available in my house were foods such as wholegrain pasta and wholegrain bread. Protein was scarce lol. I guess that is the negative thing about living with your parents :/ . I still carried out my jogging on rest days but I weighed the same as I did the week before. At this stage of the 8 week cycle, I definitely noticed a decrease in fat in my abdomen, side of my hips and at the side of my pectorals.

Week 7/8 is where I finally got my protein stores back (woo!) and carried out my 2:1 protein to carb diet again. I was burning 400 calories in 30 minutes (25 + 5 mins cooldown) on the cross trainer and my heart rate stayed roughly at 129 bpm throughout the 30 minutes. I cannot remember what these figures were at the beginning of the 8 weeks but I remember burning less than I was at this stage. I lost 3 pounds here.

Overall, I can definitely say that this product worked without a doubt, in conjunction with a clean diet and a good deal of cardio. I didn't really notice an aphrodisiac effect for me as I am 21 lol, I have no problem in that area haha.

I could not possibly think of any negatives except for the stomach churning in the first week so be careful with that. AVOID caffeine and drink PLENTY of water with it!

Will definitely use this again :D

Here are the list of references to the websites I used for the information on the ingredients.

Happy reading!

  • Mental Sharpness
  • Great Thermogenic
  • Clean Energy
  • Aided With Fat Loss
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Slight Stomach Churning

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