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This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with Modern BCAA+

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Expiration date

February 11, 2013

Does this have an expiration date? I've had It for a while it's been about 6 months. Is it still good? It's got black bits in it


Rep: +2,618
Trust: 100%
Posted February 11, 2013

Yea it should be still good. There is a date stamp somewhere on it that says when it expires. IDK about the black bits though....look for the exp. date.
Rep: +2,584
Trust: 100%
Posted February 11, 2013

Most likely just moisture. Most BCAA products have quite a shelf life.
Rep: +3,805
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TROOPer Level: 65
Posted February 11, 2013

I have this in grape and I have the little black bits in mine also. There is nothing wrong with it. Those black bits are just part of the ingredients.
Rep: +14
Trust: 16%
Posted February 12, 2013

Ok thanks guys I just didnt want to get poisoned. Last thing I need right now
Rep: +57
Trust: 77%
Posted January 30, 2014

But would this product still be effective? I have the chance to get a free bottle but i wana know if it is still effective a month after expiration?
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