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Modern BCAA+ Reviews

By: USPlabs

  July 23, 2014

  • Builds Muscle
  • Great While Cutting
  • No Artificial Coloring
  • Great Taste
  • Helps Recovery
    About me:
    Training for men's physique. Weight train 7 days/week and cardio 2x/day (steady state & HIIT). Weight has only fluctuated about 3 pounds in the past several months with obvious signs of body fat loss. All natural competitor.

    Taste & mix:
    The taste isn't at all over powering and taste good, but nothing to brag about. The blue raspberry flavor is the only one I've tried. Unfortunately, this doesn't mix well at all. Usually you have to let it set for a bit to allow the white granular foam to dissolve. Not a good trait especially if you are trying to drink it immediately.

    Side Effects:

    Other Supplements:
    I usually buy this BCAA when my local store doesn't carry Nubreed Helix BCAA (ice tea). The helix definitely has a taste to brag about, but if you are looking for muscle maintenance then you are just as good with USPlabs.

    As mentioned above, this product is my second choice and it's usually bought when it's on sale.

    The main reason I like this product is because it's all natural. No artificial coloring or sweeteners. Just be sure you read the label and it says natural on it. They do make one with artificial coloring so just be aware.

    COMMENTS (3)

    • deumcole
      Rep: +4,742
      February 24, 2015

      More detail on effectiveness of the product needed.

    • Meuth
      Rep: +6,510
      February 24, 2015

      Not bad but it would still be a good idea to add how this helped you in stamina, recovery, growth, etc...

    • Brotein
      Rep: +1,467
      February 25, 2015

      I agree, more detail needed.

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