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Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) has been reported as discontinued. See the replacement:

Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) Reviews

By: USPlabs

  June 3, 2013

  • Very Effective
  • Awesome Price
  • A Lot Better Focus
  • Quality/price Ratio
  • Clean Feeling Of Energy
  • Taste Wasnt To Bad
    I recently finished a tub of Jacked 3d, and I have to say that this stuff was truly a great product. I do not use a lot of USP Lab's products, due to their prices. Don't get me wrong, they are a great company, but need to lower the prices on their products. Now, back to reviewing Jacked 3D:

    Taste: (7)
    The taste was ok. I got the lemon lime flavored Jacked, and I can say that it is tolerable. The flavor was not too strong, and mixed very well. Usually, I would add my powdered DAA into it, which really helped me get a great workout.

    Price: (8)
    I know I said above that USP Labs overprices a lot of their products; however, this product is very reasonably priced. I paid somewhere near $25, which lasted me for about three months.

    Does this product work?
    Yes, however, I would need to take two scoops approximately an hour before my workouts. This product took a long time to give me its full effects. One thing that I really enjoyed about this product was that it contained DMAA. It makes me very sad to see this product leave our shelves, and I hope to see it back someday. The DMAA in this product really helped me stay alert, motivated, and pushed me hard throughout my workouts. This product did not give me the shakes, but really helped me have more of a clean feeling of energy. This product was very effective during crossfit workouts, and did not give me a rapid heartbeat. The supplement industry is taking a hit by this product being banned. I have not tried the new Jacked Micro yet, but hope it can hold its own. If you are into running, crossfit or just need a good PWO, I would tell you to stock up on Jacked 3D right away.

    Overall (8)
    The reason I give this product a (8), is because of the taste, and how long it took to get me going before my workouts. One thing that frustrated me about this product is when I would open the tub and find large clumps of product inside. I would need to shake it, and when I reopened it a cloud of dust would explode from the tub. I hope that one day this product will come back, but until then, I think I will stock up and portion my servings wisely.

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