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Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) has been reported as discontinued. See the replacement:

Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) Reviews

By: USPlabs

  December 4, 2013

  • Very Effective
  • Unreal Energy
  • Big Pumps
  • Awesome Price
  • A Lot Better Focus
  • Quality/price Ratio
  • Clean Feeling Of Energy
  • Taste Wasnt To Bad
  • Stim Dick
First review on SR and thought it should be a great one. The best supplement I have ever used is standing right here, Jack3d. I started taking this supplement after noticing my friends getting a ton of energy, hitting new PR's and growing faster than they did before. I picked up a tub online and knowing me I opted to read the label before using the product. I did the regular 1 scoop to access my tolerance and then from there I progressively went up to 3 and boy did I notice the gains from Jack3d since day one. From this day I always use it as my go to pre-workout.

Strength: After day one of taking this product I already felt the strength gains from it, what I lifted before felt like a feather no seriously a feather. Jack3d hit me harder than a train and it felt amazing, rushing through my veins and giving my heart a loud thump every beat. My PR's automatically went up and the weight I was lifting was weight I would have never been able to lift at that time without taking this pre-workout.

Pump: The pump was mostly in my head, my arms didn't grow huge and get a full look until near the end of my workouts however they were bigger than if I didn't take a pre workout. Lots of products main goal is the pump, this product didn't have that in their top priority. However it was more than decent and it gave me the same amount of pump any other pre workout has given me by the end of my workout.

Focus: The focus I had on this pre workout was crazy, no I didn't get tunnel vision I got better. Nothing was on my mind except lifting weights and squeezing my muscles. After each set I would rest and think about lifting more and lifting heavier on the next set. My mind turned into a weight lifting machine and only thought about how much more or how much better I could perform on my next set. Focus was definitely there and no doubt its the best focus I've had yet.

Energy: The energy was amazing, reps on reps on more reps and then more reps on top of that. Double my reps per set and made me lift a crazy amount of weight more than I ever could without this product. I know I sound like I am exaggerating but at 3 scoops this pre workout does a whole lot of damage in the gym, my CNS was in shock from the stims and I loved every second of it. I couldn't put the weights down and when I did it wasn't because I was tired it was because my body simply couldn't lift another lbs during that exercise.

All in all I used this product for about a month, going from 1 scoop to 3 scoops back down to 1 scoop. The taste was amazing I had fruit punch and was not a hard task to drink at all, infact it was a treat. The amount of muscle I gained using this product was 3lbs of lean mass in a month and the strength I gained is just unexplainable. I have tried a ton of pre workouts and non of them hit me as hard or as good as jack3d did. I had no side effects except for a stim-dick side effect which i'll be honest about, however I do get this with any stim based pre-workout. I had no jitters no beta alanine tingles or anything, my body just reacts well with pre-workouts and I am blessed for that. Even two years after using this product I am still ORDERING it, the original one yes it still is a craving for me when I bulk and when I need that extra boost of energy, using it for two years I could not see my progression being where it is without it. I recommend this to be everyones pre workout supplement unless you don't react well with it due to side effects, i.e.. stim sensitive, betaalanine sensitive, etc.

Other than that I see no reason why not to buy this pre workout, it is cheap, the best, but hard to get. This is by far the BEST of the BEST when it comes to pre workouts.


  • irondude
    Rep: +1,197
    December 4, 2013

    Nice first review, but...I dont know theres something fishy about your name and the review!!!

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