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Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) has been reported as discontinued. See the replacement:

Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) Reviews

By: USPlabs

  January 29, 2014

  • Very Effective
  • Unreal Energy
  • Big Pumps
  • A Lot Better Focus
  • Taste Wasnt To Bad
  • Crashed Bad!!!
  • Addicting?
  • Assess Your Tolerance
  • Be Careful
  • Loses Effect
Ok, this review is less of a necessary one since it's been done plenty. Its more an excercise for me to cut my teeth on the process, and hopefully get some more done. In 3 years I've got 2.5 tubs of OG Jack3d under my belt. A coworker gave me the first scoop when I got held for a double shift, no problem. Then he gave me the half tub to workout with, it opened my eyes (figuratively AND literally) to preworkouts! Other pre's I've used are micro, advanced, D-Stunner, AdreN.O.lyn (just one scoop but strongest I've had), C-4, Hemo-Rage to name a few! I work graveyards so I am a stim junkie. My last can was almost a year ago, so I could be a little rusty on the details and numbers. Well let's get to it!

PROFILE -8 it's got caffeine, pump stuff, maybe creatine and DMAA aka GERANIUM extract aka 1,3 Dimethyl!!!! Seriously, I'm sure the profiles been covered plenty, but I do miss that DMAA. It tasted fine (lime, tropical punch, and green apple) and mixed fine, no complaints there.

EFFECTIVENESS -9 my first time I took 1 scoop as I was getting ready to head to the gym. About 10 minutes later my face and head was under attack by invisible hornets! I found myself pacing around the house, tieing and re-tieing my shoes, and flashbacks of my younger days of controlled substances. Realizing what was going on, I headed to the gym and killed the iron and cardio and abs and anything else I felt needed punishment for almost 2 hours. My muscles were numb to lactic acid pain. My mind became zombie-like, transfixed on the next set and only the next set. There was no thought process. This effect happened for each can I used, for about 3 weeks of usage. Now around the 3-4 week mark, I didn't get that rush. Bump up to 2 scoops all is good. Next week same thing! At 4-5 weeks, or 3 scoop mark, the can would be empty and I'd take a break for few weeks. This is where Jack3d would lose it's magic for me. Not a true deal-breaker but it was something to be considered. Pump was surprisingly nice, considering this isn't known as a pump product.

SIDE EFFECTS -6 it's almost habit forming, I'd want it before working out. Stim-dick happened once in a while, but never to the point where I'd call it a night! Just some more pregameing and back in business. After the aforementioned epic workouts I would go home and complete any and every chore that needed finishing. Then I'd fall into a coma around 5 hours after dosage. Half hour nap and I'd be ok, but a problem if I hit the gym before going to work. With the numb muscles during workout (beta alanine) later I would discover I had pushed harder then I realized, when a body part would fail (legs for instance, or arms when trying to get out of bed).

VALUE-6 I would rate it higher if it was still available for the mid-20$ range, but now it's in short supply. For 45$. I'm probably still going to buy some before it gone, but there are some good deals on the "new school" pre's that I'm interested in.

OVERALL - 8. It got the job done, made me an animal in the gym, and never let me down. Ever since my first experience I've been "chasing the dragon", trying new products looking for that rush and focus. I've only had 1 scoop of the AdreN.O.lyn bulk, and it was stronger but I can't really compare if I don't have an empty tub. And that was 2 years ago, and my buddy paid $50 for that! Stimul8 and Gameday have my attention, and maybe the next big thing, but for me at this point Jack3d is my benchmark. Whew, first review done, and I will NEVER do it on my iPhone again!


    Rep: 0
    April 10, 2018

    OMG..that was hilarious..."invisible hornets"?..I almost fell out of my chair. I tried the OMG Jacked when it first appeared around a decade ago. It scared the crap out of my buddy after it "almost made his heart burst out of his chest". I tried it and pretty much felt the same...It was strong as shite and it felt illegal so I put it down and went back to my "Xplode" like a sissy boy. I wish now that I gave it more of a try and became the addict that I've always been on the inside..Oh well. Enjoyed your review Brah..the memories!....Peace!

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