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Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) has been reported as discontinued. See the replacement:

Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) Reviews

By: USPlabs

  February 26, 2013

  • Very Effective
  • Unreal Energy
  • Big Pumps
  • A Lot Better Focus
  • Quality/price Ratio
  • Addicting?
This is my first review so please bare with me. I must first start by saying there is a reason why this product is as popular as it is. IT WORKS!!

Energy: A- Jack3d was my first pre workout suppliment. Obviously I knew I was gong to notice a differance in my workouts but I just wasn't sure to what extent. 10min after taking this product for the first time it hit me. 30 min after and I was binging off the walls. You could feel the adrenline and that stim just flowing. The sensation was like anothing I have ever felt. I was ready to through down. This feeling kept up through my workout and it lasted through my tub. I did not build up a tolerance to the stim and I stayed with the reccomended 1 scoop, 5 days a week.

Pump: B+ By nature I have been blessed with a very vascular physique but on Jack3d it enhanced this hardcore. My veins were just crazy and it felt good. Probably only lasted about 15 min after my workout but damn it sure as heck looks great in the mirror.

Strength: B I have to say that it defiinitely enhanced my workouts when it comes to weight and reps. You truly feel like a crazed animal on this. You literally feel Jacked. I was able to put that extra weight and just scream through the extra rep or two. It makes you feel like the baddest guy in the gym.

Focus: A+ This is where you really feel it. I gives you that insane tunnel vision. I feel like Im on a mission everytime I take this and believe me the 2 times a week that I dont take it, there is a hug let down in focus. I feel this where Jack3d really takes the cake. You are so focused you even lose track of time in the gym. My workout playlist lets me know where I'm at when it comes to time because I am so juiced and focus on this I am literally in my own world.

Endurance: A To coincide with the Focus your endurance is through the roof. You notice this when you are going like a champ 1 and half into your workout. Its almost like this stuff gets more potent the longer you go. I cant explain it. I take it it as directed about 40 min before my workout on an empty stomach and it just seems to last forever and gives you amazing stamina. You will literally have to force yourself to stop, because you are so jacked that it almost feels like you can still keep going despite already killing yourself.

Overall: A This does exatcley as advertised and the numbers of users doesn't lie. The product is popular because the product works. For me I like the fact that there is creatine mono in it. I take Monster Milk post workout shake which also has creatine mono in it and the combo seems to work perfectly for me. I love Jack3d and reccomend it to everyone. The results do not lie and man this stuff has changed my life in the gym.

Sidenote: I have also noticed that when I take this I almost feel a euphoric feeling after my workouts. I feel so good physically and mentally. I feel like talking to anyone and everyone when Im on this stuff. If there is a negative I will say that I might almost addicted to it if thats even possible. I hate working out without.

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