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Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) has been reported as discontinued. See the replacement:

Jack3d (Original DMAA Formula) Questions

By: USPlabs

Rep: +394

How did they change the formula for Jack3d?

February 20, 2011

Guy at a supplement store near me told me they just changed the formula? can anyone shed some light on this? I was just about to try it and he told me not to.


Rep: +75
Posted February 20, 2011

They did change the formula but only slightly. It went from a 225 to a 250 gram serving and I think it got rid of the beta carotene ingredient which is an antioxidant.
Rep: +75
Posted February 21, 2011

Its still just as good man if not better. tropical fruit punch is awesome and is a lot more powdery and mixes better than the previous version
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