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Zero Carb IsoPro Reviews



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Zero Carb IsoPro is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by USN. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.
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  December 8, 2017

  • Recovery
  • 90% Protein
  • No Bloating
  • No Indigestion
  • Mixes Well
  • Fantastic Texture
  • Great Taste
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Carb And Fat Free
  • Not Widely Available
  • Tub Sizes Are Country Specific It Seems
  • Too Expensive


Who in their right mind doesn't love a pure Whey Isolate? Where its more than marketing mumbo jumbo but an actual fact?
Hey guys, well now that I have your attention I am pleased to bring you this review on a product that has definitely impressed me more than any zero carber protein out there, by a long shot (And no I do not plan on winning the olympia next year due to rating effectiveness 10, LOL (well not next year atleast hahaha))

Ingredient Profile

Flawless in more than one way (zero fat and carbs) I couldn't ask a company for any more. Sweeteners do phase me in a way but sometimes it is unavoidable especially keeping a product carb and fat free - but is also needed in the make or break taste category. Just Whey isolate in the front thats the way I like it.


Apple pie A very very pleasing and near perfect apple pie taste, it was more tart than sweet which was obviously a surprise as purer whey protein seem to taste either too sweet or just bland AF, Its like they spent extra time in perfecting this flavor which must have been tricky, it is definitely worth a try and my favorite tasting one (haven't tried Chocolate yet)
Berry blast Sorbet Very sweet but at the same time rather enjoyable, it tasted alot like strawberry yogurt in some ways but I would have preferred something a bit more tart tasting, but nonetheless very impressive and still amazed this is carb and fat free, it definitely tastes alot better than some of the other carbalicious whey protein blends out there. Let me not forgot it really has a decent texture not watery like other zero carb proteins or isolates I have used which is hard to believe.


A very mixble isolate, to my surprise comparing it to the likes of Ultimate Nutritions IsoCool which was a nightmare to mix and always clumpy. It does foam alot so extra vigorous shakes or needed (sometimes violent lol). Overall it mixed really easy just use a larger shaker if your using 2 scoops or its pretty rough when foamy.


IsoPro first thing in the AM after cardio or directly after my workout where to me it was most beneficial. I normally single scooped it because its not cheap.


Now I know giving anything a 10/10 is bonkers in alot of ways but hear me out.
Its hard to assess any protein powder as its not something one can gauge like a preworkout, but luckily I took up jogging around the town and I need to say without isoPro as my post KNOW I would have been alot sorer- it definitely was a factor in improved recovery and lean muscle mass(as my wife did point out). I don't generally run so to be stiff the next day and not unable to walk was a clear give away that it is actually helping. Throw in no digestion issues and you have a winner. Generally I find some whey proteins to cause some kind of stomach issues - whether its gas or aches. But I can assure you on IsoPro there was no issue at all, and I was able to eat my meal a jiffy 20/30 mins later and not feel like a stuffed pig. This stuff is rather rapid and this show as I was not bloated, its pure and I found this to be the most comprehensive and effective Zero Carb Protein I have ever used and it can be versatile too - depending on your goals which I loved because I used it in conjunction with a post carb/creatine blend and it kept me where I wanted to be.


Now here is it's Achilles heel, although its perfect in almost every way its very very costly. For a local product in essence its still heavily priced at around $50 for a 750g (25 serv tub) which equates to a ridiculous cost per scoop. ($2 a scoop) Now another very annoying and frustrating issue is that here it was only available in a 750g tub yet on its available in a 60 serv 1.5kg tub for only $70 which is annoying and more annoying is that its not available on the local USN site anymore for some reason. All in all it is worth it yes, but make sure you utilize it for a purpose with cutting down or lean bulking, I would simply skip to their blue lab whey as a cheaper less pure daily.

Side Effects



If USN can just sort out these issues where sizes and prices seem to be odd and insensitive to some degree then this would be so much more attractive to anyone in that respect. It did help me with building lean muscle mass, improved recovery and digested like a mofo, but is it worth losing $50 over a small 750g tub? Probably not unless your prepping for a show or photoshoot, to use it daily offseason or for fun is ludicrous. But lets say money wasn't an issue this would be the one product I would without a doubt permanently use. I would like to see more flavors and larger/smaller sizes available to all local and abroad (share the love/gainz).The excellent taste and zero bloating/stomach issues makes me still consider it, it is definitely worth a go when you got that extra dough!

  • Apple pie: 9/10
  • Berry blast sorbet: 8/10

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