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Pure Vitargo Reviews


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Pure Vitargo is a Carbohydrate Product manufactured by USN. It is designed to provide the body with the vital macronutrient carbohydrates which is used as fuel to help performance as well as improve muscle recovery.
(Out of 10, after 1 review)


  December 25, 2016

  • Versatile
  • Pumps
  • Fullness
  • Improved Recovery
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Can Be Pricey
  • Needs A Bigger Container


Hi guys, Just before everyone jumps to conclusions I am in no way over scoring supplements. Basically with all the years of using various supplements one gets to know what works and what doesn't. This was a very calculated decision, and one that pays off daily. I truly do think vitargo is a very underrated yet amazing supplement, one of the best supplements ever!!!

Ingredient Profile

10/10- first ingredient paints a positive picture!

each scoop(28g) contains : 439kj ; 25,6g carbs; 0g sodium; 0g dietary fibre and 4mgTE vit. E.

ingredients: Vitargo,citric acid,flavorings,non nutritive sweetners and ,alic acid.

unflavored N/A (Unflavored but completely versatile and it literally doesn't effect the taste of any supplement.)
Mango-peach 8/10 - The taste was very good, but it didn't quite taste like mango peach rather a fruit punch blend. But once added to a fruit isolate, it really was a joy to consume especially after a long intense session.

For the most part this mixed well, just make sure you put sufficient water inside your shake or you will be left with a few pieces of sludge. But even so the pieces of sludge taste really good, only reason I cannot give it a 10 because this stuff is really sticky! And once there's residue at the bottom of your shaker and it gets stuck... good luck cleaning it... its a mess! I recommend using a blender!


1-2 scoops before, during, after or whenever you want the ultimate carb source!!! Really this stuff is amazing, but due to my current diet I only consume 1 scoop post workout, and heck its been amazing.


Now before the eyebrows get raised once again please bear in mind I'm assessing 1 scoop yet again. Now as I have mentioned stomach issues are pretty common with me I even had a year where I only ate gluten free ish, but that was somehow only just a stage in my life?(mid life crisis? LOL) but with vitargo I had no stomach issues whatsoever. Because of its low osmolality structure which refers to the amount of water it draws in. This allows for easier transportation of energy while minimizing the risk of cramping... Let me add, the pumps and fullness I also received after I finished hitting up the iron were immense! Again due to my diet I do allow carbs after my session and only turn to this, because of its far superior molecular level than any other carb source - hbcd has nothing on this! Even though it's old school its still legendary and science backed, I mean its even recommend to use after operations, pregnancies(not planning on that one LOL), sports, even as a energy drink for the average joe... Due to this stuff rapidly digesting it restores your lost glycogen levels after intense training sessions meaning your refueling for the next one ahead. My recovery has improved with the use of vitargo, and no bloating whatsoever. Perfect on a cut or not, very versatile, very AMAZING!


A tub costs me $21,5 for 27 servings, but saying its great for only me doesn't really cut it. I do know using vitargo more often than once a session is gonna be costly! I would like to try a double serving of vitargo but if it ain't broke? Simply for me at one scoop, does the job carbs and I don't play nice! Its all about trail and error. I do know this, it's worth every cent.

Side Effects



Price and servings aside, Vitargo is a product very underrated and deserves alot more consideration. Its been the king and remains the king quite simply! Its been an effective tool for me to aid me in my recovery and helping me add on lean mass too (and those muscle pumps!), because of the kind of regime I follow it really compliments my results. Once any product is used the way its supposed to, it will yield fantastic results most of the time depending on quality and research. Simply all I'm saying is that vitargo is scientifically the best ever carbohydrate out there and the results do not lie (for me)! If 1 scoop doesn't work and you have the funds to play with go wild... it ain't cheap but it's so worth it!
  • Peach mango: 8/10

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