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Storm is a Creatine Chelate Product manufactured by Universal. It contains creatine chelate which is proposed to be a more absorbant and bloat free format of the traditional version. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

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Rep: +138
Trust: 80%
TROOPer Level: 5
  April 17, 2017


I've used tons of different creatine products--everything from Cellmass to straight CEE (blech). While Storm isn't the best of the best, it's a good and cost-efficient alternative.

Ingredient Profile

Storm uses two proprietary blends: 5g of creatines and 3.75g of N.O.boosters / insulin potentiators. The creatine blend is made up of 4 creatine types: monohydrate, magnesium chelate, dicreatine and tricreatine malate. That may be confusing at first (why all the creatines???) but all it is is creatine bonded differently for different uptake. My biggest issue here is you don't really know how much of each you're getting. So, it could be 4g of monohydrate and trace amounts of the other three. That leaves it to effectiveness (see later) to determine how great of a blend this is.

The N.O. / insulin blend is your pretty standard package of N.O. fun, like arginine, CM, taurine, etc,. The insulin potentiators are there to help spike insulin for the purpose of dilating the blood vessels for increased blood flow (and aid in the transportation of the creatine blend).


Grape is definitely the best tasting of the three available flavors (the others being the standard Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry). That being said, it's not an amazing taste and gets old after a while. Fortunately, there isn't really a retch-factor with this, MUCH unlike the pre-workout companion, Shock Therapy.

Storm mixes fairly well. There is clumping, but if you keep it in a shaker bottle you'll be fine.

A hang-up some may have with this is the dosing. Since it's hard to tell how much of each ingredient you're getting (speaking to the N.O. prop blend), it seems that two servings will be the norm. (Maybe even three: two before and one after). In a world of convenience, that can get frustrating, especially if you're a supplement junkie stacking multiple products. For myself, I'd either make Storm my stim-free (or add in caffeine caps) pre-wo and post recovery, or have it on hand for some added recovery to what I'm already using.


The big question: does it work? I believe it does. While I personally feel you can go overboard with how many different types of more-or-less the same ingredient you use, Storm is attempting to be efficient. By taking more than one route, I think it's a good idea. And I definitely saw pretty typical strength gains accompanied by a good recovery. I felt this product was the most effective (for me) when double-dosed pre-workout (with or without stims added). I saw a good pump and always felt like I could crush my next set. Especially if your water intake is up to par, I think you'll find yourself making some good strength gains with this. And even though this isn't a pre-workout, I got some nice vein eye-candy poppage.


Right now, you can find an 80 serving tub of Storm for about $30. That's a crazy good deal (~$0.40/serving). Even if you double up (which I do), that's still 40 servings. For more than a month's worth for a pretty decent profile, it's a steal. I added it as my creatine staple (that was about 6 years ago) and still will get at least two tubs a year.

Side Effects

If you haven't supplemented with creatine in a while, you'll definitely feel some bloating. Just increase your water intake and it should resolve itself. That's what I did and any bloating went away pretty quickly.


Storm has been around for a while, and doesn't get much attention anymore. But that doesn't keep it from being a solid creatine supplement. If I were to see any changes (dubious that would happen!), it would be to drop the creatine profile to two, bump up the N.O., and just sell it as a 40 serving product. Oh, and make the taste a smidge better.
  • Good Taste
  • Good Value
  • Increased Strength
  • Helps Build Muscle
  • No Side Effects
  • Increased Endurance
  • Extremely Clumpy
  • Proprietary Blend
  • Only One Good Flavor
  • Grape Splash: 8/10
  • Blue Raspberry: 6/10
  • Fruit Punch: 6/10
Rep: +25
Trust: 3%
  December 4, 2012

I'm going to give you my complete honest opinion on this. The only reason I purchased this product was because I was under the impression it would make for a nice bulking stack in which I only used Universal products (Real Gains, Animal Pump, Ultra Whey Pro, Casein Pro). Let me cut to the chase. This product claims to be a cell volumizing creatine meant to be taken before and after training (taking it after training proved to be extremely inconvenient).

Pricing 6/10
It's priced pretty cheap per amounts, but it's not worth a cent in my opinion. Still, if you're set on buying this, I'd say the pricing is fair.

Effectiveness 4/10
Storm helped me do absolutely nothing. Keep in mind I started taking this directly after a run with Animal Pump. The contrast between the two was tremendous. This product seemed to only work as a daily creatine (and a bad one at that), rather than a pre and post workout cell volumizer. So, the only reason I rated it a little higher than I might have is that it did its job as a cheap creatine. Unfortunately, it did absolutely nothing as a pre-workout. My workouts were boring, excruciating to get through, and my lifts actually ended up decreasing (good thing I got right back on the Animal Pump).

Taste 7/10
The taste is nothing to write home about and got pretty annoying after a while, but it was by no means bad. The strange thing was that whenever I opened the container, the smell of grape was so powerful, it hurt to breathe so close, and you could see the fine powder float into the air a little bit. That's not a good sign at all and it tells me they most likely overdid it with dyes. I think the most annoying part of drinking it was downing it after my workouts so I could quickly refill my shaker with water and protein powder.

Mixability 10/10
It mixed pretty well. It's a pre-workout, what do you expect, right?

Side Effects 3/10
I experienced some bloating with this, as was to be expected, as it is creatine, but it was more bloating than I've had on any other creatine (though I haven't taken many).

Overall, I'd reccomend you not to purchase this product. If you're looking to pack on size, look elsewhere, because it does close to nothing.
    • Does Nothing
    • Annoying To Drink Before And After Training
    Rep: +34
    Trust: 6%
      September 5, 2012

    After reading many of reviews I had to come to the decision between storm, green magnitude, and muscle pharms creatine. I decided to go with this just because of the extra goodies it comes with. Although it has a lot of ingredients I feel they are somewhat under-dosed at 1 scoop a day, and green magnitude is a better overall product.


    Taste 7/10

    I don't really care about taste but I know some people do so I included it in my review. I ordered the grape splash flavor. It's nothing special but it is better than some other creatine products I've tried in the past. For all of the ingredients included in the product I feel universal did a par job at masking the flavor. It takes a while to get used to but its easy to go down. I'm trying to say it isn't neccesary to hold your nose while drinking!


    Effectiveness 8/10

    Ehh, it is creatine so it'd better do what creatine states it does. I noticed better explosive power on my main lifts so it did help with strength somewhat. I think the amount of carbs I'm consuming really helped bring out the effects in storm, as I feel all creatine products are better when consuming a lot of carbs. I noticed somewhat better endurance I guess but I didn't really notice what I normally do when taking a beta-alanine containing product. Like I said earlier, I think green magnitude stacked with some bulk beta alanine would be a much better product.


    Pump 6/10

    I included pump only because this product states it has N.O. maximizers in it. I guess I looked more full but that is probably the water retained in my cells.


    Value 10/10

    80 servings for I believe 23$ is about as cheap as you can get except for basic mono. Depending on if you dose 1-2 scoops a day it will last your 40-80 days so this lasts a while and deffintely doesn't break the wallet.

    -----------Cons of universal storm-----------
    The one downfall to this product was the actual powder. I opened this as soon as I got it and it made me say a dirty word! The powder was a solid chunk. Every time I used storm I would have to weigh it out which can be inaccurate with cheap weigh dishes. This is what will keep me from buying this product again.

    ----------------Would I recommend?-----------
    I think almost every product will work for someone so it is worth giving a shot especially at the price. It is a good creatine product but the clumpiness is a major drawback for me. I'd recommend green magnitude over this product and already have some ordered. Additionally green magnitude you only have to take 1 scoop daily and with this it says 2 scoops daily. I've found green magnitude for as low as 24$ for 80 servings on Go for storm if you want to try and pray to god yours didn't get mositure in it. This was caused by either poor distribution by universal or flawed storage by the distributor.
    • Good Value
    • Increased Strength
    • Increased Endurance
    • Extremely Clumpy
    Rep: +9
    Trust: 0%
      July 7, 2012

    hello guys,

    this is my first review. First i have to say that my english is not perfect because i´m from Germany. But i hope you can understand what i want to say.

    well, lets talk about the product...Storm - Universal Nutrition.

    Taste (7/10): the taste is nothing earth-shattering. But you can drink well. I prefer to drink cold, because then it refreshes a bit. All in all there are worse things and it does not taste real bad.

    Value (9/10): i paid 37,90€, which are about 47 dollars for 759 gram. I think that's a good price for German relationships.

    Effect (10/10): Universal's Storm is really one of the few products that strike at me. I've tried many NO booster. Nothing comes in at Storm. At best Gaspari's SizeOn Intra-Workout. Genuinely world class. Full point number here. The muscle hardness is enormous.

    Stacks: One week I'm combining it with Shock Therapy. It works great.

    Alternatives: The only product that I've reached such a strengh is Gaspari's SizeOn Intra-Workout.

    For me there were no side effects. Also in combination with Shock Therapy.

    I can highly recommend this product. Universal is a very dedicated manufacturer.
    • Good Value
    • Increased Strength
    • Helps Build Muscle
    • No Side Effects
      Rep: +835
      Trust: 10%
        December 22, 2010

      Universal Nutrition's Storm. Creatine Matrix and Cell Volumizer. Storm contains 4 different types of creatine for all you non-responders.

      -I'd like to start of by saying that I stacked this with Universal Nutritions Shock Therapy, CTL Purple Wraath, Pro Complex, MP Bullet Proof. I still had my staples like Animal Pak, and Fish Oils. The stack went real well together. I dno't recomend Bullet Proof though.

      -Taste (6.8/10)- The taste was Grape Splash. It did taste way better than the Shock Therapy's Grape Splash. Storm tasted kind of like Grape Koolaid Jammers, but like a very cheap off-brand.

      -Value (10/10)- I paid $27 on for 80 servings. You can find it on massnutrition for even cheaper. It lasted me about 65 days. Since I stacked with Shock Therapy I only did 1 serving while I has Shock Therapy. When I ran out of Shock Therapy I doubled up on the serving. 1 Pre and 1 Post.

      -Strength(8/10)- I did get a good bit stronger while on this, but I don't give full credit to it. I think this mainly helped with endurance. For example I could rep 225 more times then before Storm, but my max didn't go up very much. Make sense? I don't give full credit to Storm because I had a very strict diet as well as training routine.

      -Effectivness(7/10)- I gained 3 lbs. while on that stack. I don't think I gained much water weight, maybe .5 lb. at the most. I never felt bloated while on Storm. Storm didn't help me get any more vascular, but that's expected b/c I'm already super vascular. I can tell a difference in muscle endurance since I've gone off of it. I have notice also, that my shoulders and lats are bigger than before.

      How I took?
      -I took Storm pre-workout with my Shock Therapy when I still had it. I would shake them up in 15 oz. of water. As soon as I chugged that down, i'd drink an additionaly 16 oz. of water. I felt that it helped me get a better pump throughout my workout.
      -When i was out of Shock Therapy. I'd still take this pre-workout, but with 8 oz. of water and still consume 16. oz aftwerwrds. I also tooked it post with my protein (Not Mixed Together). i didn't really notice any difference in recovery when taking it post.

      80 Servings Grape Splash
      Supplement Facts
      Serving Size1Scoop(10.5g)
      Servings Per Container80

      Amount Per Serving % DV

      Calories 0
      Carbohydrates <1g 0%
      Sugar 0g **
      Magnesium 5mg <2%

      Hypervol Complexâ„¢ 5000mg **
      Tricreatine Matrix(TCM)(Creatine Gluconate, Creatine Orotate, Creatine AKG) **
      Di-Creatine Malate **
      Creatine Monohydrate **
      Magnesium Creatine Chelate **
      INOXsulin-7â„¢ 3750mg **
      L-Taurine **
      Betaine Anhydrous **
      Citrulline Malate **
      L-Arginine AKG **
      Beta Alanine **
      Alpha-Lipoic Acid **
      4-Hydroxyisoleucine (20%) **

      * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
      "  Daily Value not established

      Other Ingredients
      Natural Grape Flavor, Grape Skin Extract, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Acesulfame-K, Fenugreek Extract, Silicon Dioxide

      -Overall I'd say this is a pretty good product. The Storm/shock therapy stack is very similar to Animal Pump. I think that I liked Animal Pump a little more though. I will recomend this to anyone. It's comparable to CellMass except you get to keep your gains. Don't bash me b/c i like cell mass..LMAO..

      Key Pros/Cons of Storm
      *Increased Endurance.
      *Works well with Shock Therapy.
      *80 Servings for 27$.
      *Top Notch Ingredient Profile.
      *No Cons.
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Value
      • Increased Strength
      • Helps Build Muscle
        Rep: +1,032
        Trust: 100%
          July 9, 2010

        I have always liked Universal Nutrition's supplements because they work, plain and simple, and they dont hype up their supplements like MuscleTech, and other companies. Storm is a creatine blend with added goodies like arginine, taurine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate and others to help with the absorption of creatine. The directions said to take 1 scoop pre, and 1 scoop post workout but instead i took 2 scoops and sipped it during my workout. The taste isnt great but its not the worst blue Rasberry flavor i have tried. As far as results go, my strength went up a decent amount, my muscles were fuller and harder, but my muscle size didnt increase a lot, which isnt a big deal to me since i bought this product for the strength aspect. And the price is amazing its around 25$ for 80 servings on which is like 40 days worth. Im not sure how this product afffected my pump in the gym because i was taking HemaNOvol at the same time. Overall, if someone doesnt have much money to spend on supplements and wants an effective creatine, this is the way to go.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Good Value
        • Bad Taste
        Rep: +1
        Trust: 0%
          April 2, 2010

        I believe Storm was worth the money. It made me feel stronger, gave me more strength endurance and i improved on all my lifts. I noticed and increased pump while on Storm vs not.

        Its a creatine based cell volumizing supplement that claims to have 6 different form of creatine but only 4 are listed on the label (the amounts of which are not listed), time released nitric oxide boosters and "iNOXaulin-7" (which is suppose to speed up absorption). The label lists 0 sugars and 0 calories per serving. There does not appear to be any stimulants or caffeine listed on the label (unless it is coded under some other name i don't recognize) I used the blue raspberry flavor which kind of reminded me of a blue sweet tart. It recommends taking 1 scoop 30min before and after your workout. So 80 serving gets you through 40 workouts. No side effects noted. It seems to be a very similar to Animal Pump.
        • Good Taste
        • Increased Energy
        • Builds Muscle
        • Good Value

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