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After used what time needs sleep

March 17, 2017


Rep: +1,401
Posted March 17, 2017

Not understanding your question completely. This is a preworkout not a sleep aide. If you're asking how much time needs to pass before you're able to sleep after taking this that is completely user dependent on how you deal with stimulants and caffeine consumption. If you're looking for a sleep aide I can fully recommend Ronnie Colemans product Ressurect-PM.
Rep: +2,597
Posted March 17, 2017

I agree with trey, I personally cold take this and then go take a nap..... Some people could take this and not sleep for a while. My general rule is 8 hours before I sleep, so I wouldn't take this if I needed to sleep earlier.
Rep: +930
Posted March 17, 2017

To add onto what Wis3guy said, the half-life of caffeine (not a special form, just normal caffeine-which is in Shock Therapy) is about 5-6 hours so you probably want to take it no later than 5-6hrs before bed the first time if you're unsure. I'd recommend erring on the side of caution though - the 8hr suggestion is a good one!
Rep: +5,430
Posted March 17, 2017

If you do take this or any other type of Preworkout/caffeine/stimulants, and feel sleepy.. You might need a stimulant break! Honest situation, which I have personally been in before figurering out a good routine to cycle with.
Rep: +684
Posted March 17, 2017

Personally I don't do any caffeine or stims near bedtime.
Rep: +2,597
Posted March 18, 2017

I agree kalans, and appreciate the answer and concern. I do cycle, I just have interesting effects with caffeine. It doesn't make me sleepy, it just doesn't stop me from sleeping if that makes sense.
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