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Only 7 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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Pre-Workout > Stimulant

Shock Therapy is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Universal. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

See all 241 products in:
Pre-Workout > Stimulant


Rep: +31
Trust: 39%
  November 19, 2013

I've always been a huge Universal fan whether it was their supplements or clothing. I feel they one of the more trust worthy companies and that's another reason I choose to use their products. I first saw Shock Therapy about a year ago but just got around to using it about two months ago.

Content: 7/10
It is marketed as a NO/pump product but I also believe it can give you a good boost of energy. This is one of the only pre workouts I've seen with full of a profile. NO volumizing complex, creatine complex, bcaa complex I could go on and on. That being said, they have them in the almighty proprietary blends.

Taste: 7.5/10
I had the Jersey Fresh Peach Tea and it was one of the better tasting pre workouts I've had. It was pretty close to a peach tea flavor and went down pretty easily. If you get this flavor however, make sure you use very cold water as this helps to make the flavor much better.

Dosing/Mixability: 7/10
The dosing is pretty standard of taking 1 scoop about 30 minutes before exercise. I did just that at first but then found my sweet spot at about 20 minutes because that's when I felt it starting to really kick in.
The mixability wasn't terrible but it also wasn't good. Once I'd get to the bottom of the shake it would get very grainy with some powder that just didn't want to mix. I'm not sure if that was the creatine or what it was but it wouldn't mix. Also, I had to wait a few minutes after shaking it because of the foam that sat on top.

Effectiveness: 7/10
The pumps from this product were awesome! I've never had pumps like this before while taking any other product. However, it was more of wet pump than a dry pump. My muscle just felt engorged with blood. The reason I gave this a 7 though is due to the energy end of this product. I know this isn't marketed for its energy but with the energy complex in it, I just expected a little more.

Value: 8/10
I bought this product from for 29.89. There are 42 servings so that equals out to $.71 a serving which is very good in my opinion for a pre workout.

Overall: 7.4/10
I didn't know what to expect from this product at first with the lengthy profile but after trying it I would say that it is one of the best NO/pump pre workouts on the market.
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Alot Of Servings
  • Crazy Pumps
    Rep: +5
    Trust: 0%
      August 14, 2013

    I did the rating based off of everything else, not including what I wrote in the title since the issue may be a personal one. Long story short, I had my mother (an RN) randomly test my fasting blood sugar (fasting meaning first thing in the A.M, no food, etc) strictly out of curiosity, and to our surprise, it recorded 186 (which is consistent with established diabetes). We did it again over the next few weeks, again always after fasting, and it was always ~160-200. I then had all the blood work, etc, and the doc said I definitely did not have diabetes. I then wondered if the PWO and the elevated sugar levels were connected, so I stopped taking the PWO, and what do you know, my levels were back to normal (<100), and have been ever since.

    Again, I have not had any PWO of any brand since, so I cannot validate that this is the only one that had this effect, but I am posting this as a warning to those who do consume it, check your blood sugar levels while on it, just to be safe! I have no beef with the company and I still do not, just a simple heads up.

    Effectiveness: 8/10 .. It did it's job in getting me amped to lift and staying in that zone.. Pump was solid, though I obtain a solid pump without supps.. Pump was not as good as Animal Pump though imho, however, which was my favorite PWO (over this, assault, 1mr, among others).

    Value: 8/10 .. I got it online for 30bucks.. I think everyone knows the major sites that are far cheaper than many big-name stores. It seemed to last for more servings than was advertised though!

    Taste: 10/10 .. I crave this stuff, still! I had the Grape Ape. I am generally a fan of grape whatever, but it was not overpowering or hard to down, actually very refreshing. Not as sweet as ON's grape Amino PWO, but also not as artificially tasting. To compare, I dreaded drinking assault (all flavors), thought 1mr was gross as well, though I didn't mind the fruit punch flavor from C4.

    This is a completely honest review! Again, just giving ya's a heads up!
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • Focus
    • Alot Of Servings
    • Blood Sugar Issues
    Rep: +15
    Trust: 2%
      March 8, 2011

    It has been a few months since I used this product, but I figured I'd give my fair opinion of it for others.

    Actually received this supplement in a birthday supplement box.

    Prior to using Shock Therapy, I took 3 full weeks off of the pre-workout supplement. Figured this gave my body a decent cleansing.

    When I think of traditional pre-workout supplements and what I have experienced is energy, focus, and massive "pump." Correct me if i'm wrong. Honestly, I didn't hardly any of this while taking Shock Therapy. Pumps weren't any better compared to when I was off pre-workout supplements. It did give me some energy though, obviously. But the focus I feel from others just wasn't there in this supplement for me. I hate to give Universal a sub-par review, but this is just what I experienced while on it. They are a great company and stand behind their products. To be honest, I was disappointed. However, it does provide some pretty darn good value per scoop.

    I only tried one can of this stuff, and I'd be hard pressed to try it again simply because of the results I feel on other pre-workout supplements. But hey, we all are different and respond completely different to products. It just didn't do it for me.

    I love Universal though, and like I said, I hate giving them a sub-par review but it's just what I experienced.

    Hope this helped.
    • Good Value
      Rep: +835
      Trust: 10%
        December 4, 2010

      Universal Nutritions Shock Therapy. NO Volumizer! Specialized Pre-Workout Booster Extreme Pumps and Energy.

      -I bought Shock Therapy for the simple fact that I wanted increased vascularity with a little added energy and focus.

      -Taste (2/10)- I don't like to give a product a taste of a 2. The taste was Grape Splash and it taste nothing like the Storms Grape Splash. Even with grape juice it still just tasted horrible. I tried it with a variety of drinks and water levels. No way to mask the taste of the Grape Flavor.

      -Mixability(7/10) I usually would mix 1 scoop with 8 oz. of liquid and towards the end i mix 2 scoops with 12 oz. water. With either one there was still above the average amount of little grains left in it. With a spoon or with a shaker bottle, just still little powder grains left. Not unbearable though. I'd add a little more water and shake it around then get it all in a big swig.

      -Vascularity (6/10)- I was really hoping to get a great amount of vascularity from this product. I already am very vascular, but I would like to see more veins run through my traps, abs, and chest. I know this is hard to accomplish, but I want it bad. I didn't really notice any more veins poke up than usual, but I did notice the ones that already poke out got bigger.

      -Energy (7/10)- The energy was decent. I didn't expect it to be great since I had just came off of Assault. For the first 3 weeks just 1 scoop did seem to give me an alright amount of energy, but nothing great. Then for the next 2 weeks, I used 2 scoops and it felt the same as 1 scoop. It's probably because of my tolerance. I'm going to cycle off pre-workouts for a good 1/2-1 year.

      -Focus (9.5/10)- Focus was almost as good as SuperPump250, but not quite there. SP250 remains my favorite pre-workout so far. You really get that good mental intensity from Shock Therapy to make you wanna Drive harder.

      -Pump (4/10)- If your looking for a pump product you should probably go with something else. I didn't really notice any increased pump other than the usual pump I get from training.

      -Value (10/10)- 50 servings for 30$. Can't really beat that for a pre-workout. I know Jack3d is like 22-23$ but the serving size for it is 1-3 scoops. The serving size for Shock Therapy is 1 scoop. I think if I woulda cycled of pre-workouts for a little bit then I could used just 1 scoop throughout the entire cycle of Shock Therapy.

      -Physical Appearence/Internal Problems (Diharrea)- While on Shock Therapy I did notice a few increase pimples on my face, back, and chest. It wasn't nothing terrible but I did notice a little increase.
      -Diharrea for this was kinda bad. It was really wierd though. Like when I took this at school I wouldn't have to go, but at home I would explode the toilet a few times.

      Serving Size1Scoop(~21g)
      Servings Per Container50

      Amount Per Serving % DV

      Calories 36
      Total Carbohydrates 9g 3%*
      Dietary Fiber 2g 8%*
      Sugars 0g **
      Vitamin C(as Ascorbic Acid) 200mg 333%
      Niacin(as Niacinamide) 10mg 50%
      Vitamin B6(as Pyridoxine HCL) 10mg 500%
      Vitamin B12(as Cyanocobalamin) 100mcg 1,667%
      Selenium(as Sodium Selenate) 70mcg 100%
      Sodium(as Sodium Bicarbonate And Trisodium Phosphate) 120mg 5%*
      Potassium(as Potassium Phosphate) 58mg 2%

      Shock Therapyâ„¢ Proprietary Formula 20g

      NO Super Pump Complex

      Arginine AKG **
      Citrulline Malate **
      L-Carnosine **

      Muscle Volumizing Complex

      Tricreatine Matrix(TCM)(Creatine Gluconate, Creatine Orotate, Creatine AKG)
      Betaine Anhydrous **
      Beta Alanine **
      NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) **

      Energy & Nootropic Complex

      L-Taurine **
      Choline Bitartrate **
      S-Methylxanthine Complexâ„¢ (Caffeine, Theobromine, Theophylline) **
      L-Tyrosine **
      Yerba Mate **
      Evodiamine **
      Vinpocetine **

      Antioxidant Complex

      Green Tea Extract (Standardized For 60% EGCG) **
      R-ALA (R-Alpha Lipoic Acid) **
      NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) **
      Grapeseed Extract (Standardized For 95% Polyphenols) **

      Electrolyte & PH Delivery Complex

      Inulin **
      Sodium Bicarbonate **
      Potassium Phosphate **
      Magnesium Phosphate **
      Trisodium Phosphate **

      -The ingredients are pretty impressive. If your going for a pre-workout with ALOT of extra goodies that are actually effective than Shock Therapy is for you!

      *Shock Therapy Grape Splash is horrible and I will never order that flavor again.
      *Not really an increased pump.
      *Value is amazing 30 bucks for 50 servings and serving size is 1 scoop not the 1-3.
      *Decent increase in energy an vascularity.
      *Focus was great, coming in right behind SP250.
      *Little Increase in acne.
      *Diharrea problems.

      -This is the last pre-workout I'm going to take for a while. Probably wont take pre's anymore for a good 1/2 - 1 year due to high tolerance. When I do start I'll probably switch between this, SP250 and N.O. Xplode. Yes, I actually did lyk N.O. Xplode a good bit. Great Job Universal. This should be the standard for a pre-workout.
      • Increased Energy
      • Good Value
      • Focus
      • Alot Of Servings
      • One Scoop
      • Bad Taste
      • Diharrea
      Rep: +59
      Trust: 87%
        November 29, 2010

      This was an mediocre product from Universal. I had very high hopes when I got this product, but it did not deliver. I had good focus and energy from Shock Therapy, but as the weeks went by it all went down hill.

      After 1-2 weeks no energy, no pump, no focus. The only thing that I did like was the number of servings that I got from the big tube. I really had no side effects from taking Shock Therapy, and also the taste was not horrible but after a little while you get a chalky flavor from the powder. I even took a break from this item for a week, went back and no better results!

      While taking this I was taking Animal Stak(highly recommend!), ON's Whey Protein, Kre-Alkyln, ZMA(when I remembered to take it)

      • Increased Energy
      • Good Value
      • Fruit Punch
      • Alot Of Servings
      • Not Effective
      • Bad Taste
      Rep: +39
      Trust: 59%
        November 29, 2010

      Overall this was a decent pre workout supplement i tried the blue raspberry flavor which was just ok. the energy i got while taking this was about a 7/10 not near as much as Noxipro. The best part about this product was that the tube had 50 servings I only needed to take 1 scoop but towards the end increased to two scoops. Overall i would recommend this product to a beginner looking to try a pre workout supplement for the first time.
      • Good Value
      • You Get What You Pay For
      • Alot Of Servings
      • One Scoop
      • Bad Taste
      Rep: +332
      Trust: 100%
        July 17, 2010

      okay i would just like to say this would have to be one of the best supplements iv tried so far, it lasts for ages i never saw a crash and u get an awesum amount of servings for ur buck!!! the taste well i bort blue raspberry and its kind of a mixture of NO-Xplode and MuscleTechs nano vapour so it isnt the greatest but what preworkout does really taste that nice anyways? and its effectiveness outweighs the taste for cirtain!!!! i would however mention i have recieved better pumps from other products but its still up there with the best and anyways there isnt a real way of knowing which sup has the best pump cuz it kind of depends on my condition, sleep , food, weather etc. One thing however that makes this product stand above the rest is the fact that it also has antioxidents in it which is a huge bonus!!! Nitric Oxide products tend to leave toxins in your body i'm pretty sure and this antioxidents are just good for your well being to help keep the balance of health we all need!

      last but not least if you have a high tolerence to pre workouts this is definatley worth giving a shot!! and because of the high amount of servings u culd go with 2 scoops at a time (which is wat i do cuz i have a huge tolerence to stims )

      so overall i found this a very clean, good valued purchase and id recommend it to anyone who wants something different from the old noxplode superpump and NO Shotgun!!

      oh last but not least!

      NEVER BUY MuscleTech!!!! haha peace!
      • Increased Energy
      • Good Value
      • Increased Strength
      • Focus
      • Well Being
      • You Get What You Pay For

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