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Hi Protein Bar Reviews

By: Universal

Hi Protein Bar is a Protein Bar manufactured by Universal. It is a quick, conveinient source of protein and commonly used as a meal replacement. The additional protein can help increase muscle mass as well as promote fat loss.

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  October 28, 2012

  • Taste Great
  • Hi Protein
  • 7 Net Carbs
  • Very Pricey
I remember back when I was a teen and I saw the Met-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bars I read on the lable helps build muscle, and instead of getting my normal king size reese peanut butter cups I got the big colossal 100 bar. It was disgusting and from that point forward I said I would never try a protein bar again.

Being an avid believer in the Universal/Animal line I decided I would give Hi protein bars a go. Well needless to say these puppies changed my outlook on protein bars being nasty.The flavor I got was chocolate fudge brownie and man was that a party in my mouth. The texture of the bar isn't that gritty texture most protein bars have its similar to biting into a 3musketeers candy bar. The taste is very satisfying/delightful. I used these bars during my cut and every time I would eat one I would say to myself did I just cheat on my diet?

The main reason why I got the bars was to help me meet my protein needs and crush my junk food cravings. Each bar is 296 cals 54 cals from fat 33g of carbs but only 7 of those grams are net carbs 1 gram of sugar including 26grams of sugar alcohol and 33grams of protein. The bar is marketed as a hi protein low carb bar. At first I was confused because I seen 33 grams of carbs, but after doing my research I learned that the only carbs that spike blood sugar levels are net carbs. So by this bar only having 7 net carbs thats how Universal could claim it was a low carb bar.

Effectiveness 7/10
It is hard for me to rate this bars effectiveness because really I dont think eating a protein bar is gonna build muscles like the label claims. What I will say is this bar is definitely an effective convenient way to help you hit your macros, and once again the taste was out of this world.

Value 7/10
Lets face it gentleman protein bars are not cheap. And that remains to be the same for this bar. I bought a box of 16 from for $29.98 wich comes out to be $1.87 per bar. Hi protein bars are competitively priced with many other of the popular protein bars on average most protein bars run form $1.30 upwards to $2.00 per bar. In my opinion it would be much more simpler and cost effective to make your own protein bars and that's my future plans.

Overall 7/10
These are great delicious bars and I really cant say anything negative about them. My only quarrel is the price of protein bars in general. Yes indeed I would recommend these bars to any and every one. They would be perfect to carry with you on long road trips or taking these puppies with you when you know you wont have time to stop and get a quality meal. These bars are versatile they can be used on a bulk or even on a cut you pick your poison!


  • WarMachine
    Rep: +8,111
    October 28, 2012

    You hating on my favorite 3 musketeer's bar? Neg repped!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL
    Just kidding bro. I agree the Met-rx bars can taste like turds, by personal favorite is the supreme protein bars. Great review, maybe I'll give these a try, reading your review gave me one hell of a sweet tooth.

  • line6reed
    Rep: +3,154
    October 28, 2012

    Yea bro these bars are amazing i love 3musketteers myself

  • Jpotter21
    Rep: +1,624
    October 28, 2012

    I think you have a Universal Fetish... Haha.

  • line6reed
    Rep: +3,154
    October 28, 2012

    lmao j potter

  • Daloof911
    Rep: +630
    October 28, 2012

    Nice review. I've tried one of these. I think it was a smores flavor and it was pretty good. I think the fudge brownie sounds better though.

  • line6reed
    Rep: +3,154
    October 29, 2012

    Yea it taste amazing bid grab you one

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