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Gain Fast 3100 Reviews

By: Universal

Gain Fast 3100 is a Weight Gainer manufactured by Universal. It is a protein based supplement that has additional calories from carbohydrates and fats. It is meant to add additional calories for the body in order to assist with weight and muscle mass gain.

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  December 6, 2011

  • Good Value
    After starting a new exercise program along with a new nutrition program I found out that I need to add 1500 more calories to my daily total in order to get the results that I desired. Knowing how hard it can be to add an additional 1500 calories to my diet I decided to try using weight gainers to add extra calories without really having to increase the amount of food that ate. Even though I have been a personal trainer for a couple of years and have been using supplements for a long time I forgot how many different weight gainers were available therefore I started out by trying Gain Fast 3100 by Universal Nutrition. I choose to use Gain Fast 3100 first because I have used Animal Pak before and I have also used other Universal products before and have generally liked them.

    Taste/Texture 8.0/10.0

    I had the 2.55 Cookies and Cream container and I must say I liked that taste. I know what you are thinking most cookies and cream flavored products taste good that I should of tried chocolate or vanilla but truth be told my whey and myofusion are those flavors I wanted something different. The texture was really smooth also which definately a good thing.

    How well it mixes together 9.0/10.0

    I will admit I was shocked how well this mixed together in my blender bottle as well as my regular blender. To be fair I usually spilt up a serving half after I workout and then the rest in the afternoon about two hours before dinner which would make it easier to blend. I have used other weight gainers since then and to be honest I think this one mixed the best so far.

    Effectiveness 8.0/10.0

    I have gained some weight since I have used this product along with the new workout and nutrition program. I do think it was the extra calories that I need and because I wasn't just eating junk food I gained muscle instead of fat which I definately liked.

    Ingredients 7.5/10.0

    To be honest there isn't huge difference between Gain Fast 3100 and most weight gainers out there on the market. Even though they do not all use the same ingredients most of them are very similar which makes it hard to say one is much better than the other.

    Overall Value 8.0/10.0

    Overall I really do like this product a lot and will continue using it in the future. For the most part relatively clean as far as not having very many bad calories. I like the taste of it even though I will probably try a different flavor next time. The price of it is really reasonable depending on where you purchase it from is a great place to buy from.

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