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Daily Formula Reviews

By: Universal


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Daily Formula is a Multi-Vitamin manufactured by Universal. It is designed to help provide the body with a wide array of micro nutrients that are vital for optimal health. It could be described as an 'insurance policy' to ensure that you're getting all of your vitamins and minerals but it is still crucial to eat a balanced diet.

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  June 4, 2013

  • Helps Overall Functions
  • Good Value
  • More Vitamin C Should Be Good
Thought I should add some vits to avoid any random illness and it's working. I'm taking it for around 8 months and didn't catch a cold or anything like that.

First reason to buy it: price. I was loking for a multivitamin to take on the long run and this one suited well. Was taking 1 pill a day. Now that the winter is coming here in the South Hemisphere and I'm lifting more weights I'm taking 2 pills (1 in the morning, 7am - with another vitamin C source and one around 5-6pm).

Price: 10. Get it for 5-6 bucks each. Taking one pill a day, the bottle runs for more than 3 months. 2 pills a day, almost 2 months. It's almost for free.

Pill size: 7. It's ok. It's a pill, come on.

Taste: 10. In the first 5 or 6 days I could feel some weird aftertaste. Now it's gone. I think the reason was the enzime complex hitting early in the morning. I don't know, but it's gone.

Effectiveness: 7. 7 means it's ok and is doing the job. I'm not peeing light green and I don't think that people who takes this Daily Formula will have the same effectiveness like Animal Pak or another "strong multivit". Honestly I think that this one is the multivit you should take in the long run, to cover your diet flaws and improve your overall health. Period.

Ingredient Profile: 7. Some other brands will have a bit more of this or that stuff, but also will have something less. It's a well rounded formula for me. So, it's ok.
My complain: should have more vitamin C. Not 500mg, but something more like 200-300mg. It's a personal opinion.

Overall: 8. Does the job, is cheap and lasts a lot.

Recommended to people who want the same thing I do: small improvement to cover diet flaws. I'm eating well (good amounts of fruits and veggies), so don't expect to take it and keep eating crappy food and feeling like a super hero.

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