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BCAA Stack AAC Reviews

By: Universal


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BCAA Stack AAC is a BCAA/Intra-Workout manufactured by Universal. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.

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  June 4, 2013

  • Good Taste
  • Good Value
  • Mixes Well
  • Contains Glutamine And Bcaas
  • Good Recovery
    Ran 2 bottles, the small one (250g) and the big one (1000g), both grape.

    This BCAA have a good profile and good amount of Glutamine. The price is fair. I used it 1st time during a cut, to keep my calories intake as low as possible and using it to recover. The second time I stacked with whey protein.
    When using it solo, I used 2 scoops (1 scoop intra-workout and 1 right after). When stacking with whey I used the BCAA 1 scoop intra-workout and the whey post-workout.

    Taste: 7. It's OK. And I don't care about it, after all it's a supplement and not a dessert.

    Profile/Dosing: 9/9. 5g of BCAA and 2.75g of Glutamine out of 10 grams scoop (2.25g of "fillers", flavor and all other stuff).

    Mixability: 9. We all need to know BCAAs sold this way will not dissolve 100%. This one had a great mixability. Few particles were floating after shaking it for 30 seconds or something like that.

    Effectiveness: 8. I can make 2 comparisions here: with BCAA+G (from MRM) and when I take 2 scoops of whey (1 pre and 1 post). The best results for me is taking 2 scoops of whey (the amount of BCAAs and glutamine are nearly the same, but I think that the other aminos that whey give me are more effective). But during my crazy cutting this BCAA (2 scoops due my weight) allowed me to train for 90-100 minutes 6 days a week with lots of cardio. And I could feel the difference on the days I was off BCAA and the days I was on (I tested it to check if it was just a placebo effect or it was really helping me).

    Price: 8. Got it for 18 bucks (250g) and 50 bucks (1000g) on What kills me is the price I pay to bring that to Brazil (shippment and customs). But It's cheaper than buying it here. 250g is like 25 servings, so it lasted a month when I used only 1 serving a day.

    Would I take it again? Maybe. I had better results with 2 scoops of whey (30g pre and 30g post). If I need to make a crazy cut maybe I would buy it again.
    I also think to smaller guys who needs a good recovery (if 1 scoop is enough to you) it can be a good staple. If you need 2 scoops to feel something like me, I think there might be better options out there.

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