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In: Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

Animal Stak is a natural testosterone booster supplement by Universal Nutrition. It contains a long list of ingredients in a proprietary blend which claim to increase testosterone and support growth hormone naturally, including Tribulus Terrestris, Longjack, Feungreek and more, however some believe Animal Stak is under-dosed.


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  November 23, 2015


What's up SR. Onder18 here with another review. This time I'll be reviewing a pretty popular natural test booster from a pretty well known company, Universals Animal Stak. If you've read my reviews you'll notice I review pretty much only creatine, pre-workouts, and test boosters. The reason for that is because that is pretty much all I will use other than my usual staples of vitamins, fish oil, and joint products.
So before I get to my review let me refresh some of you about myself. Slim little guy hardgainer that likes to workout. At 37 years old I'm about 5'10" and about 157-158 lbs. I consider myself a late bloomer and I'm in better shape now than when I was in my twenties(mainly because i wasn't sh** in my earlier years, didn't know what it mean't to work hard).
I stopped all that trying to get big and all a while back and now I just want to keep getting stronger, stay in shape, slowly build muscle and mold my physique, and look good with my shirt off. So enough about me, on to the review.

Ingredient Profile

So those of you that are wondering, this is the newer version of Animal Stak, not the one that most of the earlier reviews of this product are about. I learned about this product from the reviews here and realized by looking at the ingredient profile that this was the newer version so at first I was a little hesitant. The ingredients for both versions seemed similar so I decided to go ahead and try it. As far as the ingredient profile goes it's pretty much 5 prop blends. I have to admit that the ingredients do look impressive but the amounts look like they can be under dosed. I'm guessing that they were counting on a synergy with the ingredients. Some of the highlights of the ingredient profile are Alpha GPC, Longjack, ZMA, and Tribulus. There's also Maca, which I really like and a couple different forms of carnitine which I also like.
There are other ingredients but those are what I would consider the highlights. Like I said, I like the ingredients and feel like they were going for a synergistic effect with the dosages and the combinations. This product pretty much claims free testosterone increase, strength and lean mass.


No taste, just pills. A pack of 8 pills if I recall correctly. Not too much of a hassle if you are used to taking pills. I dosed this pre workout and when I got up in the afternoon on my off days(I work nights). I ran 2 containers of this. I ran 1 container then waited one week and ran the other container. So I pretty much followed the dosing instructions.


So I ran this with Kre alkalyn and extra Maca. I run Maca quite often so I know the effects of that and can easily differentiate the effects of each. I was running a 4 days on and 3 days off split and my workouts were usually pretty quick because I was working out before work. My reps were usually in the 5-8 range and I was mainly training for strength and lean gains. My first week of taking this the effects were mellow but still felt. My motivation in the gym was increased and after I got going I was all into it even if I was tired. My strength was slowly but steadily climbing. Most notable was my actual strength and not so much my reps. My reps did slowly increase also but my actual strength and power were more noticable, not earth shattering but slightly better than if I wasn't using Animal Stak. I will say that my most notable improvements came in my sqauts and pullups. I didn't try to add alot of reps to my pullups, just a little extra weight hanging off me and using better form. These results kept pretty much the same for both cans and my week in between.
As far as my libido that was hot and cold. The first couple nights my libido shot up. After that it tapered down. It was still higher than it usually is but not as high as it was the first few days, which is okay because my libido has always been pretty decent and too much of an increase can be distracting. Now as far as body recomp effects, I will say that I could definitely tell some leaning and hardening. I wasn't trying to diet down or up, I was eating like I normally do and my abs and waistline were looking alot tighter and more defined. My muscles were also feeling a little fuller and harder than they usually would from just Kre alkalyn and my vascularity was very noticable. I'm already pretty vascular in my arms but this was becoming more pronounced and veins in my shoulders and obliques were popping pretty nice also. All of these effects were also noticed on the first container and second. Also I did not use a pre workout the entire time I was using Animal Stak.


This is were the product takes a hit. 3 weeks worth for usually between $33-40 online and usually over $50 at the Vitamin Shoppe and GNC. I got 2 of these for about $50 each at the Vitamin Shoppe with my end of year points rewards coupon. If this product were cheaper I would run it alot more often. I will still probably buy another couple of cans of this in the future and run it with Erase Pro.

Side Effects

Oily skin. Libido boost. Extra aggression( not bad, but noticable). Extra drive and motivation in the gym.


Overall a good product that did enjoy and plan on running again. Just wish the value was a little better. So I thank all of you for taking the time to read my review and I hope you found it helpful.
  • Muscle Density
  • Fatigue Reduction
  • Stregnth Increase
  • Vascularity +
  • Its On The Pricey Side
  • Some Aggression
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  November 5, 2015



Ok, really cool down. So I've been a lifter since my college days, never looking to get huge but always looking to get a little bigger and a lot stronger. Used to have a college gym buddy, we'd go every morning and I saw some awesome gains when we first started (whats that, 138lbs to 172lbs in one semester???) and then just kind of....piddled off. Never saw those kinds of gains again. At the time I was using BSN's "MASS STACK". I think my gains were mostly due to being new at the game though. Since then I've seen steady gains in size and strength, but nothing spectacular.

Got married and lost the gym buddy (still best friends, or BFF's I guess is modern lingo?) and only had access, or so I thought, to a smallish gym with moderately useless equipment. You know, the gym that serves as a physical therapy place as well and has the two flat screen TV's showing all the things wrong with our country and not a scrap of good news. It wasn't working out. Then I found the crossfit gym...even closer to my house and perhaps a little conducive to my goals (those being get bigger and stronger) and those of my wife (tone up and maybe lose a couple...not that she needs to, my wife is beautiful. But I support her in her goals to become better :) ).

So we started the crossfit thing! Each class separated into; Mobilitiy, Strength and Conditioning. Three times a week I stretch, lift (the three bigs, Bench, Squat, Dead Lift), and do some form of lifting fast (breathing hard moving heavy objects and running and both). It was at this gym, run by a sarcastic and well versed Marine (I don't believe in "Ex-Marine"s) who seems to know what the hell he's talking about. So in starting this new gym I decided to start a new stack; Animal Pak, Animal Flex, Animal Stak, EFX Kre-Alkaline, NOW Whey Isolate.

And Here. We. Go.

Ingredient Profile

No idea guys. I'm not a pharmacist. I've heard a lot of the ingredients thrown around in other well reviews products but I don't have a friggin clue what any of them actually do. The list on the label is extensive. It looks impressive and the picture on the side is nice to look at. I came on SR and read reviews and even contacted UN themselves to make sure it was safe to use and that's what I needed to know.


Lot's of pills that don't taste like anything. Easy dosage packs that you open and take first thing when you wake up (I work out at 6am, wake up at 5 and take this with a cup of coffee). 45 minutes later I'm ready to lift!


Tell you my time in the gym and then may the stats speak for themselves!

So in the gym was a new world. Again this may have been also the new experience of a crossfit gym but there was no more random acts of weights. There was a mission and you better believe I was going to accomplish it!

First step, stretch....why am I doing this? I want to lift weights...I'm just...stretching...I WANT TO LIFT THINGS!!!!

Two; Strength. LIFT!!! YES!!!! Monday is Bench, Wed is Squat, Friday is Deadlift! I felt like I was going to pick the gym up, I wanted to pick the gym up. This wasn't about picking up metal this was about unleashing the animal! I felt amazing, I wanted to show the marine I was ready to go! Lift and then lift some more! We work in five week cycles with five set lifts.
Week 1 - 5x5
Week 2 - 5x3
Week 3 - 5x2
Week 4 - 5x1
Week 5 - Deload, 5x8 and find new 5x5 weight

Three, Conditioning. Run! Lift! Run and Lift! My lungs gave out before my muscles did. I felt alive and every day it got better. As Stak established itself in my system I felt stronger and better.

Every week I was on this my lifts went up. Apparently my weight went up to! Now, with only 21 packs I had enough for three of my five week cycle it's hard to tell exactly how much of my gains were attributed to the Stak and how much was the new crossfit regime. But here are the stats.

Bench Press:
Week 1 - 5x5 @ 135lbs
Week 5 - 5x1 @ 190lbs (I know it's four less reps...but awesome)

Week 1 - 5x5 @ 155lbs
Week 5 - 5x1 @ 240lbs (wait what the hell?)

Week 1 - 5x5 @ 135lbs
Week 5 - 5x1 @ 175lbs (damn knees...)

Week 1 - 176lbs
Week 5 - 185lbs


Never below $30 a can...ten dollars a week. I think the results are worth it.

Side Effects

My wife kept commenting on my appearance. I looked bigger and more chiseled. It made me a little other areas in our marriage as well. Not that she seemed to mind! One thing I did notice however is that while it didn't put you in a bad mood, it made it VERY hard to get out of one. almost like it trapped you in anger. it was noticeable to my wife as well.


If you need a boost, this is the supplement. Add a good diet and proper sleep this will help you get over the hump that's been keeping you stagnant. I cannot say enough good things about this product and I recommend it fully! It requires some personal discipline to keep your moods in check. Either that or a faithful and loving wife. I'm happy to report I have both.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Muscle Density
  • Fatigue Reduction
  • Stregnth Increase
  • Some Aggression
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  August 27, 2014

After having tried multiple test boosters I've settled on Animal Stak (both old and new "more potent formula") as my tried-and-true test booster of choice.

N/A, these are pill packs. There aren't quite as many pills as in Animal Pak, and they are all capsules so they are easy to swallow. The biggest drawback to this product is having to down a handful of pills to get the effects.

I feel multiple effects from Stak. The first is that I get a pump and increased heart rate roughly 30-45 minutes after taking the pack. I have taken this product before trying to go to bed and it made me unable to sleep for hours. I recommend taking it just before working out (30 minutes prior) or first thing in the morning.
The second effect is increased motivation in the gym, feeling better and more alert during the day. When I cycle off this product, or if I stop taking it altogether I can feel the physical difference in the way I feel. It's not a miracle motivator, but it's enough to make going to the gym even easier.
The third effect is the long-term muscle hardening, size increase, and recomping. I rarely see physical changes with the first can of Stak. Yes, I feel more motivated, but it's not until I take a week off and start the second can that I start to see the true benefits. I generally see pronounced muscle density, strength increases, increased muscle mass, and an increased ability to burn body fat. If you are shooting for a recomp this product and a dialed in diet and exercise regimen will put you well on your way. If I do not decrease my maintenance caloric intake I will always gain mass.
I have used this during all phases of bulk, recomp, cut, and maintenance and have been pleased with the results every time. I have taken this product cycled off and on since 2010 and have always considered it worth my time and money.

The price per can is reasonable from online outlets, but can be pricey at places like GNC. My main complaint about the price is that if you really want to see effects you need to buy at least two cans and plan on doing a 8 week cycle (with a week off in between cans). I have seen the best results this way and have always done a cycle of at least two cans. There are 21 packs per can, which allows you to take it for 3 weeks, plus one week for recovery before starting your next can.

Some cycles I'll get some acne on my back. It's never been enough to pin it definitely on Animal Stak. Also, if I take this before bed (as suggested on the label) it will keep me awake, and probably contributes to some feelings of stress when falling asleep (similar to if you took a heavy stimulant an hour before going to bed). I have no issues if I back it off a few hours.

A few more thoughts:
I am generally wary of estrogen-regulating products, such as aromatase inhibitors because I tend to respond with joint issues, particularly in my knees. I am required to run and maintain flexibility, so that's always a concern for me. I've never had joint issues while taking Animal Stak, even with the estrogen regulation and anti-aromatase complexes that are in the product. As a regulation product it is also suitable as a PCT.

I've taken a few other Animal/Universal products and not been too impressed. The reliability and consistent results with Animal Stak keep me coming back, though, and I've not yet been let down.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Muscle Density
  • Stregnth Increase
  • To Many Pills
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Trust: 0%
  December 15, 2013

I've used SR for awhile now just researching different supplements, and finally thought it would be good to give back, not just take.

So, I've used this supplement a couple times now. For this reason, I will talk about 2 experiences in particular.

Taste: It's pills... So nothing bad

Other supplements while taking this supplement:
- Protein
- creatine
- BCAA's
- Animal Pak
- Animal Flex

Now to the good stuff.

Surprising first experience:
The first time I took this I got sick about 4 days into it. This really sucked since the packs only have 21 days... so, I decided to keep taking it.

Result: I was able to go up in strength still while being sick and push through my workouts. This was HUGE for me. My disclaimer... I didn't go up in strength a lot. Maybe 5 lbs on squat, dead, and bench respectively.

Second experience (all was well):

Details: I ran 2 cans back to back

Effectiveness (8/10):

Strength: I added 50lbs onto my 5 rep max on squats, about 30 lbs to 5 rep max on deads, and 20lbs (about) on bench. The biggest thing that I noticed is that the same weight seemed to go up easier. So, I could just do more reps with the same weight which was awesome.

Body Weight:

I gained about 6lbs and to be honest, I had a hard time eating enough consistently... which I feel like I could have gained more if I was more on point. I want to make sure I make my point. I still had to eat enough to gain the 6 lbs

Expectation: Mainly strength with the hopes of a little size. Lived up to expectation.

Visually Noticed:
Tightness, I seemed to be holding on to less subcutaneous water which is great. Also noticed a slight increase in vascularity.

Mood Changes:
I felt slightly more confident than normal... and seemed to unlock a little more intensity (tap into beast mode)

I mentioned mood changes. No anger, maybe slight irritability... but, not even sure of that. So definitely good to go. Sex drive stayed the same.

5 day split.
Diet: 45/35/20 (carb/protein/fat) - Although some days it was more like 40/30/30 if I felt like I needed more fat.

Biggest con:
I'm with a lot of people. I think it should be more than 21 days per can. I don't think it needs to be a full 6 weeks. I think 4 weeks would be about perfect.

Similar products:
I've used another natural test booster but can't remember which one unfortunately so I believe it's unfair to compare.

  • Builds Muscle
  • Muscle Density
  • Stregnth Increase
  • Vascularity
  • Not Enough Packs
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Trust: 100%
  October 29, 2013

After tiring long hours at work I sometimes find myself in need of a little boost but hesitate to go with pwos because I am kinda sensitive to heavy stims and at 25 years old (1 year ago) it was convenient to introduce a test or multi-hormonal booster into my stack.

Some failed me and others did well while each one provided different results in different departments.

Animal stack was effective in all departments except the strength one so I find it deserves a detailed review.


I had two cans with one week break in between taking one pack 30 min preworkout on empty stomach or between meals on rest days.

Each pack contains 7 pills (2 white 2 red 1 yellowish 1 orangish and 1 purplish).
None of them was annoying to swallow.

Profile: 9/10

I will not discuss all the components because it has already been done in details in many reviews but i will go through each complex and tell how it worked for me.

Natural test complex: No evidence of test increase. Strength was the same, no increase in sex drive and no irritability.

Growth hormone segretagogues: Yes. Gained muscle and got a bit leaner.

Aromatase inhibitors and DHT blockers: It works. No hair loss, no shrinking testes, no erectile dysfunction and no depression.

Cortisol inhibitor: It is said that cortisol inhibition will help muscle growth but can't tell if the mass I added is related to this. On the other hand the good mood assured me this was working. In fact cortisol levels peak while facing a stressful situation and take some time to get back to normal and I felt the change having a cool reaction and getting back to normal quickly.

Liver detoxifiers: No problems.

Vasolidator complex: Some vascularity and pumps.

Effectiveness: 7/10

After 7-10 days of continuous use I felt it kicking in and the kick persisted during the one week off.

Strength 1/10:

This is what disappointed me! I was expecting some but got nothing and this is the falldown for this product, otherwise it merits a solid 9 for effectiveness.

My weights stayed the same and some has increased in the 7 weeks period but stak has nothing to do with it since I always get stronger in many lifts in such a long period.

Energy: 8/10

During the day I felt no difference but once I enter the gym my state shifts to "energy mode". I become progressively more and more aggressive as sets go by to reach the maximum In about 3 sets so I have no problem with the toughest workouts even after being wrecked at work or lacking some sleep hours.

Short term recovery: 10/10

Yes, a TEN! It was incredible. I recovered in no time from the heaviest sets and even toughest drop sets. As soon as I stand up and take a breath I am ready to go again. This was amazing and really helped me with intensity and saved time cz I was able to finish a whole back training in 20-25 minutes.

Pumps and vascularity: 6/10

I noticed some pumps and vascularity but were not consistent and not comparable to NO boosters. The good thing was I looked fuller all day long even on non-training days.

Recovery: 7/10

It enhanced my sleep patterns just like I was on ZMA. In fact it contains the same amount of zn, mg and B6 found in many ZMA supplements.

I had vivid dreams through the whole journey and almost living a second life while sleeping and that helps big time with recovery cz once in r.e.m mode the majority of blood flows to muscles while the brain needs take a dive and the reparation begins.

On the other hand, no soreness reduction was noticed and that was expectable.

Muscle building 8/10:

I put 2 lbs of pure muscles and looked a bit leaner. I don't attribute all the gains to the stak even though it was alone in the stack beside creatine and whey which I never cut off. It played a big role helping me with superb intensity and hormonal boost.

Value 8/10:

Some may find it a bit on the pricey side especially with only 3 weeks supply but if we think twice it's not a simple test booster and derived from one of the finest brands on the market.

I've seen some ineffective simple test booster even more expensive than stak so in my opinion it deserves the money but like the majority of supplements it could be cheaper.

Overall 8/10:

For all who haven't tried it yet: Go ahead! I'm sure anyone with any body type will see some kind of results because of the variety of hormonal aspects even at a young age.

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Muscle Density
  • No Fatigue!
  • Good Mood
  • No Strength
Rep: +29
Trust: 30%
  January 14, 2013

Profile: Great mix of ingredients that cover your hormones from a variety of 'angles'. This will include AI, cortisol inhibitors, DHT blockers, liver detoxifiers, but I guess you probably know all this already.

Effectiveness: I didn't do any blood testing but my hormones felt a lot more balanced then they usually do. Mood was consistently better, increased confidence, energy levels, aggression when working out, etc. I believe I could feel this working had a general sense of well-being whilst taking this product. Have been making good muscle gains though I don't have a log to demonstrate any figures etc. Some aggression towards others at points though I'm not sure if I see this as a negative or a positive as at least you know something's working and you can dominate the weights, albeit after ***ing off your girlfriend.

Value: Decent value though in the UK everything gets hiked up a bit due to import costs or whatever, but not too bad.

Overall: Would take this again, I have cycled with Animal Test and without, and been pleased with the results either way. Increased energy when working out and general alpha male feeling throughout the day. Would be interested in trying again and investigating it's benefits further.
  • Increased Energy
  • Stregnth Increase
  • But Its Well Worth It.
  • Increased Temper
  • Some Aggression
Rep: +5,654
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 70
  November 8, 2012

Okay SR time for another one of WarMachine's reviews from the steel crushers log. Today we will be discussing Universal's animal stak. While I am sure everyone may already know, animal stak is an effective complex test booster formulated to support several areas of over anabolic support. It contains ingredients that have been shown to increase and support both testosterone and growth hormone levels and output. It also contains an effective complex of anti-estrogenic ingredients, cortisol blockers, vasolidators, DHT blockers, and liver detoxification ingredients. Many would consider animal stak an ideal choice for a post cycle therapy regimen. I personally agree, but of course it should only be part of the regimen not the only thing.

Taste (N/A): The pills within the pack are virtually tasteless and I didn't experience any bad aftertaste or burps following the dosage.

Ingredient Profile (10):

Serving Size: 1 Pack
Servings Per Container: 21

Amount Per Pack % DV

Vitamin C(as Ascorbic Acid) 100mg 166%
Vitamin B6(as Pyridoxine HCL) 10.5mg 525%
Magnesium(as Oxide) 450mg 113%
Zinc(as Oxide) 30mg 200%
Chromium(as Picolinate) 100mcg 83%

Natural Test Complex 1000mg
T-bulus Extract Complex (Standardized For Protodioscin & Ste-roidal Saponins)*
Longjack Extract Complex*; Avena Sativa Extract (Standardized For Avenacosides A & B)

Growth Hormone Secretagogues 300mg
Mucuna Pruriens Extract (Standardized For 15% L-Dopa); Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine *
Vasodilator Complex 750mg
R-gene Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG); R-gene HCl *
Aromatase Inhibitors 200mg
Calcium D-Glucarate, Diindolylmethane (DIM)

DHT Blockers 475mg
Beta Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto Extract, Quercetin *

Cortisol Inhibitor Complex 300mg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Phosphatidylserine *
Liver D-toxifiers 250mg
Lysophosphatidylcholine, Milk Thistle

As I mentioned in the intro, the profile is quite complete and contains several anabolic favoring ingredients that aid in numerous areas of anabolic support. Longjax, tribulus, and avena sativa have all been demonstrated to have positive effects on testosterone levels. Mucuna Pruriens for gh support, and arginine/AAKG for vasolidation are also good bonuses. Although,

I will state, however, that I believe that there is some under-dosing in a few areas particularly in the cortisol blocking complex and anti-aromatase complex. For example, phosphatidylserine's cortisol reduction properties have been demonstrated at doses of 400 mg or higher. Similarly, Acetyl-L-Carnitine must also be dosed intermediately for such benefits. A total complex of 300 mg is a clear indication that their dosages are somewhat low in this product. Still, potentially with animal stak, I believe that a cortisol blocking benefit can still be seen with conjunction of the other ingredients.

Usage (9): The amount of pills is overwhelming especially to a first time user. However, after a few packs, I think one can become accustomed to it. In addition, each serving of animal stak is relatively convenient to take. Simply take on pack a day about 15-thirty minutes before your workout. This is essentially the way I used it. I would take this along with my hit of alphamine and sometimes with jack3d micro. Goes down well without any contradictions.

Effectiveness (9): In terms of effectiveness I give animal stak a 9 out of 10. In conjunction with my other supplements, animal stak was a remarkably effective test booster especially when coupled with test powder. My gym aggression was intensified and I also found myself pushing more weight and performing my boxing-style hits with more force. Furthermore, along with the primary effects of ultima and modern bcaa, animal stak I believe helped catalyze the fatigue reduction influence because I found in preliminary dosage prior to my dosage of my ultima/bcaa concoction to have a positive effect in fatigue reduction. In other words, because animal stak would be taken before my intra-dosage of ultima and bcaa, I was able to deduce the fatigue reducing benefits by analyzing my endurance with some of my first training movements.

Another noticeable benefit I noticed was the libido increase. I was experiencing wood in the morning, occasionally throughout the day (awkward at times), and even upon going to bed. What man doesn't like that?

Value (9): For the results I experienced, animal stak in my opinion is fairly priced for the most part. The price range varies at 29-35 dollars. I was able to get it for 28 dollars at my local supplement shop. Since you get a three week cycle in each can, I would say this is a fair deal, especially considering the benefits. You'll need two cans to complete a full 6-week cycle. This could raise the value tag somewhat, but I still think it is a decent price. In short, the value knife doesn't seem to graze this supplement.

Cons (2): The "2" is to signify that I believe there are two cons, not critical, but cons nonetheless. The first con as I mentioned in the ingredients section is the fact that some of the ingredients should be dosed higher for their cited benefits. The second con is that, some users may find it an inconvenience not knowing which of the pills contains which ingredients. This was not so much an issue for me, but I am an over-analyzer.

Overall (9): Overall, animal stak gets a 9 out of 10. I would have given it a solid 10, but I believe that based on my experience, animal stak's full benefits can be achieved primarily through a stack of other supplements including DAA, creatine, and protein. Alone, I believe it may not personify the greatest of results based on its profile in some categories of ingredients. Thankfully though, animal stak was not alone when I used it. An exuberant arsenal of several great supplements ensured stak's maximum benefits. For those considering using stak I strongly recommend stacking it with DAA, creatine, and a pre-workout because I truly believe stak's benefits are best experienced as an add-on supplement, not standalone. When stacked, one can potentially experience an increase in strenght, mass, aggression, endurance, and libido. As a final thought, animal stak is definitely worth a try and makes a superb addition to any supplement regimen including those for both recomposition and bulking.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Muscle Density
  • Fatigue Reduction
  • Low Cost
  • Stregnth Increase
  • Intense Boners
  • Minor Acne
  • Spontaneous Erections May Seem Awkward In Some Occasions
  • Some Ingredient Under-dosing
  • Occasional Irritability
  • To Many Pills
  • Unknown Pill Contents
Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  September 23, 2012

I have used animal stak with fantastic results. While taking the number of pills inthe littleplastic bag could be time consuming, nonetheless it pays to go through the process. One thing that I have noticed is that it dramtically increases the density and size of the muscle, especially when I workout my biceps and triceps. Also, I have found the right combination to complement the animal stak. I just starting using the protein powder pw-30 time released. But the good thing is that it has cla which prevent from gaining bodyfat on the abs. At first I was concerned about time released but I can use it as I workout and having already taken the animal stak and a preworkout . Now Im trying to search how I can complement the animal stak and the pw30 with a good pre-workout.

In addition I noticed that my libido is greatly increased and I have a higher energy level as well as more strength!! I now can go from 85 lbs on the bench press to 105 lbs thanks to animal stak. I noticed no side effects. However, I do follow the guidelines of cycling very carefully. The body needs time to know that it has the capability to produce its own tetesterone. The increassed energy also makes it easier to do my daily brisk walk for two hours. Ive tried other products but this is the best because it is , to me the most natural. Has natural herbs like Longjack, mac etc. Growth hormone I consider natural since our bodies may need a little help onthe way. Now if you want to aid the muscle process even more and get a goodnight's sleep , try eating a dozen cherries everynight. I tried it and I have built more muscle and sleep like a baby. IN essence, and in summary, animal stak is a great product that builds muscle, is invigorating, and is capable of working together with other products for the desired effect.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Muscle Density
  • Fatigue Reduction
  • Low Cost
  • Stregnth Increase
  • Awesome Energy
  • Intense Boners
    Rep: +31
    Trust: 21%
      August 18, 2012

    Well Supplement Reviews reader, this is my first review and I hope to set the standard for myself. I took Universal Animal Stak after doing a little research. I wanted some to help putting on a little bit of size after I finished some recent training. I did not have much time to lift and was doing a lot of physical training where I lost some of size and strength. I had been looking into a natural test booster and saw Animal Stak was highly recommended. I popped into GNC and saw it was on sale, so I grabbed it and B lined it too the register before getting sucked into spending any more money.

    Effectiveness: 8/10
    My expectations may have been a little high, but I saw a lot of good things happen in the three weeks I was using Animal Stak. My energy in the gym was through the roof! Put a solid quarter of an inch all around on my arms and my chest. I started seeing the muscle lacerations in my chest, shoulders and back. Also, I notice a huge increase in muscle vascularity all over. I had guys and girls in the gym tell me how great my arms were looking. My weight did not change noticeably, but I am not trying to bulk up or anything. I noticed a huge increase in my libdo, which was great when I saw my girlfriend for the first time in a couple months.

    Strength: 8/10
    I usually do not lift heavy, but I just couldn't seem to help it when I was taking this. I normally do about four set anywhere between 8-12 reps per set on flat bench, which is my first workout on chest day. On my final set I was getting a good solid eight reps at 320 lbs. Normally, when I go this heavy I am smoked the rest of my workout, but while on Animal Stak I was maintaining high numbers throughout the entirety of my workout.

    Size/Definition: 9/10
    I can easily fill out an XL shirt with very little room in the arms and chest. I am not bulging out of them by any means, but the sleeves are pretty much glued to my arms to where you see the vein in my bicep through the shirt. My traps show through my shirt, which has been a goal for a while now. My girlfriend hadn't seen me in a couple months and couldn't seem to keep her hand off my arms. I constantly caught her feeling my back muscles. In my opinion there is no greater compliment.

    Values: 7/10
    I bought the product for $45.00, which is easily over paying considering you can find it online for less than $30.00. I did buy it at GNC and I did not have to wait for it to get here in the mail.

    I may have had an increase in acne, but I am prone to break outs. I just hop in the tanning bed three times a week and poof...gone! I do not have a problem taking pills; I can normally take up eight reasonable size pills at a time. You do not have to take them at random time throughout the day, so it really is not a big deal.

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I did not start seeing any significant differences until the middle of the second week, but this product is super easy to take. Take forty-five minutes before the gym, pop on some workout music and hit it hard!

    I hope this review is able to help anyone interested in taking this product. I have enjoyed taking it and writing the review for it. I am looking forward to getting some constructive criticism, so I can write some better reviews. Thanks for reading.
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Fatigue Reduction
    • Stregnth Increase
    • Increased Vascularity
    • To Many Pills
    Rep: +3,466
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 73
      August 15, 2012

    So guys please bear with me, as this is my first test booster, unless you count D-pol. Anyways, I just finished my first container, and I am about to wait one week and jump into my second container as per the instructions.

    INGREDIENTS: As taken off the Nutrition Label:
    Vitamin C
    Zinc Chromium
    Natural Test Complex 1000mg
    Growth Hormone Secretagogues 300mg
    Vasodilator Complex 750mg
    Aromotase Inhibitor 200mg
    DHT Blockers 475mg
    Cortisol Inhibitor Complex 300mg
    Liver Detox 250mg

    Pretty solid Ingredient list, covers Natty Test Booster, AI, Cortisol Control and Milk Thistle extract for liver health.

    VALUE: 8/10 - I picked this up on Allstarhealth for under $30, for 21 days pack. Pretty good value, depending on the quality of the product.

    EFFECTIVENESS: 9/10 - So I usually do not give 9's on effectiveness unless I literally see the progress of the product on my body. And with this I sure did. Now my diet was a bit erratic based on my work schedule, but I still was able to get in a good amount of complex carbs, protein and healthy fats. But there were still times I had alcoholic beverages on the weekends, a candy bar here and there and some other sweets.

    STRENGTH 9/10: Okay so on my first day, I had a feeling like I was a beast on the gym. I felt the pump when I mixed this with Jack3d 2 scoops PWO and 2 scoops of Con Crete. In the first week the strength increase was very mild, but by my third week this product kicked in full force. I was lifting 20-25lbs pounds heavier on my bench days and about 50lbs heavier on my back days. I know this might not be a lot, but I was going for mass, in low reps heavy weight and this def helped with that.

    MASS: 8/10 - Definitively saw size after my first can. Not a lot but I noticed my back LATS were getting wider, my Chest was popping out more, esp my upper chest, my shoulders began to develop more peaks, and my arms were def becoming harder and more vascular.

    TEST: 9/10 - I know with a good test booster, there are a few things you can notice. 1) my libido was up, and it was UP for a long time. If you know what I am saying LOL! anyways, my Mass increased and I was able to add lean mass, even with my diet being iffy. I definitively feel stronger and can lift heavier weights, which also helped my ego.
    This also helped slightly with muscle hardness.

    CON: 6/10 - I guess the only con I can attribute to this, was that I became angry a lot easier and more irritable. Sometimes I would snap at friends and they would always ask me if I was using Roids. Also it increased acne product slightly. Otherwise, pretty good product.

    OVERALL: 9/10 - For the price this product is def worth it. I am about to run my second can, and I can only imagine the results being even better then they are now.

    Def giving this two thumps up!

    • Builds Muscle
    • Muscle Density
    • Low Cost
    • Stregnth Increase
    • Girth
    • Intense Boners
    • Made Me Very Irritable
    • Increased Temper
    • Some Aggression

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