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Animal Pak Reviews

By: Universal

  September 30, 2014

  • Great Muti- Vitamins.
  • Has All You Nutreints
  • Good Ingredient Profile
  • A Lot Of Pills!
  • Horse Pills
  • Overwhelming To Take At First
  • Look Shut Up And Swallow It Whiner
Results: I give an 8/10 because I feel it did just what it advertised and I'm fairly new to the supplement world. I choose Univerals Animal Pak over any others I've tried, " Orange triad or GNC Megaman, because the others made my joints hurt... strange.

Taste: 5/10 . It's pills.. some are very large "horse" pills..but the taste is well they are pills..

Side effects: None noted, well maybe trouble swallowing but simply because the pills are so numerous and large

Dosing: 7/10. The tin says 2/day. I take only 1, I've considered moving it to 2 but I feel it might be a waste of vitamins as my urine after taking is discolored but eventually resolves it self as I drink upwards of 1.5 Gal of water daily. So I felt 2 packs a day would be alittle over kill.

value: 8/10. 44 packs for 28$ that's about .65/dose unless one takes the recoomended dose of 2 packs a day so 22 packs for 28$ at 1.30/dose. it's arguable. But I say it's worth it.

Over all: 8/10. I rate this high mainly because I like the product but also because I dont' have alot to rate against it.

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