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Animal Pak Reviews

By: Universal

  November 14, 2015

  • Most Comprehensive Multi-vitamin On The Market


    Hey guys. So this is the vitamin. I've been lifting for about ten years now and about five months ago switched from bodybuilding to crossfitting. I have always believed in the multi-vitamin and even more so since I started sweating buckets at the gym. I've tried numerous multis; Mega Man Sport from GNC, NOW's Adam, Airborne Immune Plus, Arnold's Iron Pack (currently running a box of this again) and a few store brand vitamins. I always come back to Animal Pak. Every time.

    Ingredient Profile

    The necessity of a Multi cannot be ignored. I simply cannot eat enough food to replenish the micro nutrients I loose when I work out. If you work hard, you need a multi. The reason I keep coming back to Animal Pak is it's profile. It is not just a multi, it's an igniter! There are not just vitamins and minerals in here; there's BCAA's, Enzymes, Liver protectors and antioxidants. Pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate (PAK), carnitine, lipotropics, L-arginine, alpha lipoic acid, eleuthero, these are not typical vitamins, these are performance enhancers. The enzyme cluster helps activate other supplements and metabolic processes to keep you growing! Milk Thistle to keep your liver protected (the good doctors suggest between 160-800mg, the Pak sits on the low end at 250mg per pak). The BCAA list is impressive but they to are dosed a little on the low side. If you really wanted to supplement with extra BCAA's you'd be taking a extra supp anyways. Point is this supplement is incredibly comprehensive and well thought out.


    Could not be easier. Take out a pak with breakfast and down eleven pills. No problem. The pills taste...well...I imagine if I want to a creek and picked a stone out of the water and chewed on it that they would taste a lot like that. You swallow them right down anyways so no big deal. Two things of note:
    First - the dosages listed on the side are for TWO paks, not one. One pak is enough for most of us. Two if you're going all out at the gym...or weigh 350lbs of solid mass.
    Second - So the body soaks up the most nutrients right after you work out. Well I thought that was the perfect time take a multi. Thought it would be a smart thing to take it with my shake. Thought it would be a smart thing to blend in the vitamins with my shake. Thought it was a a smart way to create in instant delivery system. I thought wrong. So. So. So. Wrong. Liquefied vitamins are beyond nasty. It was horrible, the after taste still haunts me. The delivery system worked though! I had the shakes for six hours!


    If your body is the fire burning at the gym, Animal Pak is the match. It turbo's your immune system; I have not once gotten sick (not even a cold) while taking this supplement. Not. Once. Years of taking it, years of paying attention and I have only come down with something between cans or if I was taking another supplement. My results in the gym are better on this. It's difficult to measure the effectiveness of this with certainty but I once ran an experiment of the Pak vs NOW's Adam. Size wasn't all that affected but my strength gains were a little better on the Pak and I felt better for those 44 days. I feel good all the time on this, healthier. All the assurance I need.


    A can containing 44 paks can be had for $23.00. You can find a lot more multis for far less but you get far less out of them. If you're looking for "Vitamins and Minerals" this is a great supplement that you will be paying far too much for. If you're looking for a body igniter that will give you all the Vit's and Min's you need plus an incredibly comprehensive profile of other ingredients to prime your body for some serious work, the Pak has you covered for a very fair price.

    Side Effects

    Like all strong multis. Your urine will glow in the dark. That Riboflavin (B2) turns you radioactive and results in neon yellow urine. If you really use your imagination it's almost like you're pissing out red bull...actually ingredient wise you might not be far off...


    This the alpha supplement. The beginning of your stack should start with a good multi. The beginning of a great stack should start with Animal Pak, it will make your other supplements all the more effective. I cannot say enough good things about this supplement. After Animal Flex this is probably my favorite. The second I finish my Arnold Iron Pack I will be coming back to the Big Daddy and I will probably never leave again.

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