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Animal Pak Reviews

By: Universal

  February 17, 2016

  • Most Comprehensive Multi-vitamin On The Market
  • Good Ingredient Profile
  • Affordable Enough
  • Look Shut Up And Swallow It Whiner


My expectations were met with this product. There is not a hugely noticeable physique change but then again a multivitamin shouldn't be relied on for physique enhancement. Well done and complete, I feel that this multi covers more bases than most others on the market, a good buy.

Ingredient Profile

For me to list each ingredient specifically with the dosage and efficacious dosing amounts would make this review a book, so if you are that interested in the nitty gritty check them all out for yourself. But anyways, the point is that not everything is in an effective dosage per single pak, however this is a supportive supplement and not a standalone. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONLY SOURCE OF MICRONUTRIENTS YOU CONSUME.

The ingredient list on the Animal Pak is enough to make your head spin. That is not to say that this is a dusted product, it isn't. A typical multi only contains the typical "alphabet" vitamins and a small dusting of other things like calcium, iron, iodine, zinc, and some other essentials in low doses. Animal pak has all of the basics included along with extras. Also included are an Amino Acid complex containing the BCAA's and EAA's imperative for protein synthesis and others which have related and supporting functions. The Performance Complex that supports the biological processes that need to take place for an athlete to do their best. The Antioxidant Complex that has a list of ingredients that are in place to help keep the body healthy against stressors both from within and from the outside. And the Digestive Enzyme Complex which is a bonus. What good are all the healthy nutrients you're taking in if you can't use them?


The pak is all pills so there isn't really a taste unless you have a hard time getting them down. Although per single pak there are 11 pills to swallow, so if you are bad with pills, good luck.

The dosing is varied, on the supplement facts all of the numbers are based on 2 paks but if you search around you'll notice that many users typically only take one and it works just as well for them. Find what works best for you. The label does include a notice that says in normal training seasons only one pak a day is necessary but for truly hardcore athletes who are on an extremely rough training regimen for competitive purposes it is recommended to take 2 paks a day spaced apart by a few hours.


I'd say that the effectiveness of this multi is great. I don't feel like it is the magic ticket to health and fitness but as long as training is intense, recovery is a priority, and diet is in check, this is definitely a supporter in all around health and athletic performance.


Animal pak is a little pricey, especially if you are on the 2 paks a day. a 15 pak goes for $15 and a 44 pak goes for about $27. The 44 pak is definitely the way to go. I will argue though, each pak contains 11 pills each so in all honesty I believe this is a fair asking price for what you get.

Side Effects

One and only side effect I've seen is that pee turns a nice neon yellow/green color. Do not fret, this is just extra vitamins showing in your pee, you are not going to grow an extra set of eyes anywhere, nor gain superpowers.


As far as multivitamins can go, I believe that Animal Pak is the most comprehensive of any of the multis out there. Even though it is a lot to swallow and can be a strain on the wallet it really is worth it.


  • pancow
    Rep: +2,355
    February 17, 2016

    Review looks good. Used to always use this a few years back.

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