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Animal Pak Reviews

By: Universal

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
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  January 7, 2019

  • Builds Muscle
  • A Lot Of Pills!
  • Horse Pills
  • Overwhelming To Take At First
  • Many Ingredients Are Underdosed
  • Not Sure Which Pill Does What
  • Poor Value

Quick Summary

A multi mix of ingredients with a lot of big pills to take at a very high cost.


Thank you to the people at The Original Since 1983 for letting me review your supplement. I always like trying supplements that are not the norm to my every day supplement. This company appears to make several good products, so I wanted to test the waters to see how nice they may be. I was surprised about some things but pretty disappointed overall.

Ingredient Profile

Calories 40
Carbs 5 g
Protein 5 g

The ingredient list is LONG. I can not cover every single item and its benefits, but a picture is available on-line for you to check. What I will do is cover areas so you can get a fill of what it is and what it does. Vitamins are well covered. I checked on a few vitamins that are listed below to compare to recommended daily amount (like I said, it's a long list) and not all met the right amounts recommended by medical field. Animal Pak also includes amino acid, performance or energy blend, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. Amino Acid can help reduce fatigue and work to help the body recover from exercise. The performance complex will aid boosting testosterone. The antioxidants benefits are health benefits. Digestive Enzymes will break down products in the stomach for better absorption into the body. I have seen these items in pre-workouts, testosterone boosters, estrogen blockers, and other health improvements supplements. Some of these are natural ingredients like BCAA's. Altogether these seemingly healthy ingredients are great, they may cause side effects.

These vitamin ingredients (randomly selected) will help decide if the ingredients will be effective. These amounts will reflect the recommended serving of 2 bags per day. Vitamin A recommends max 10,000 IU and Animal Pak has 9900 IU. Niacin recommended max 35 mg and Animal Pak 82 mg. Zinc recommended max 40 mg and Animal Pak 30 mg. Copper recommended max is 10 mg and 0.6 mg. Vitamin E recommended max is 90 mg and Animal Pak 300 IU. As you can see, the vitamin catogerogy is off because some are too high and others not high enough. All this is interesting because it may not be effective. I believe, if you are taking this as a multivitamin, you will need to take some in addition to Animal Pak. It is good to know what is missing and what to add. The vitamin section gets a low ranking and if that easy area is low, the rest may be as well.

The real benefits of this product is the other categories of amino acid, performance, energy, antioxidants, and digestive which I give an okay ranking because I do not have confidence in the correct amount of each ingredient. For me, this is really a difficult item to figure for recommended amounts of ingredients versus the amount contained.


This has several pills similar to multivitamin pills. There were many big ones and a few small ones. There were 44 bags of tablets and you take 2 per day anytime and you do not need to take food with capsules. I would only take 1 bag per day as I found it too difficult to take that many pills in a day without choking to death. The taste and mixability don't apply here because it is a pill. The dosing was high and 2 bags a day was too much for me, so I give this a low ranking.


This is a hard topic to discuss because like some other supplements, it is really hard to rate because how do you know without blood work to see if it is effective. The effectiveness appeared fine. This is something that could be effective if in addition to some other supplements you might be using. It did leave me feeling like I had high immunity to a sickness that comes along in the winter. I definitely felt healthier. I could not say that Animal Pak was medically helping me as I did not get scientific evidence. In order to get that information, you will need full blood work done. Either way, it was a good product, so I give it a good rating.


I was able to get a 44 bag supply (but it would only be 22 servings if you took the recommended amount of 2 bags per day) and the cost is around $30 for the 44 bag supply which $0.68 for a bag. I will rate the value on the amount I consumed but the recommended amount is 2 servings per day which really increases the price and is WAY high for me. This is a high cost for me when compared to a normal multivitamin and is still high when you compare it to similar supplement (which is $0.30 to $0.40 per serving) so I give the value a low ranking because the cost does out weigh the benefits of other similar products. I have tried the Hero's Pack and it is $0.36 per serving and cares very similar ingredients and amounts of ingredients. The ingredients for Animal Pak are wonderful and it is fully loaded. The price is too high for me. I do not believe this product is worth the try due to the outrageous cost of $1.36 per serving if you take the 2 bags per day, so I will not get it until the price is at $0.50 or less per daily intake.


I believe this is an effective supplement with great ingredients. The carbs, sugar, and calories were low. The price is way too high. I think this is a solid supplement but it's not worth trying given the high price. If the price was around $15 for a 30-day supply, I would buy it. At $30 for a 22 day, I would not buy it.

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