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Best way to use this stack?

December 14, 2011

Hey every one I would love to get some input on what I should do
I ordered
Animal pak
Animal stak
Gold standard 100% whey
Scifit Kre-alkalyn
Scifit Gluta-lyn
Scifit Bcaa-lyn

What would the best way to take this stack though out my day??


Rep: +2,428
Posted December 14, 2011

One Animal Pak with breakfast.

One Animal Pak at lunch.

Animal Stak 45 minutes before workout.
Post workout shake with gold standard 100% whey, swig down the kre-alkalyn, gluta-lyn with your shake.

You can take the bcaa-lyn before or after working out, as long as its within about 30 minutes of activity either way.
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