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Animal Pak Powder is a Multi-Vitamin manufactured by Universal. It is designed to help provide the body with a wide array of micro nutrients that are vital for optimal health. It could be described as an 'insurance policy' to ensure that you're getting all of your vitamins and minerals but it is still crucial to eat a balanced diet.

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  March 19, 2017

  • Increased Mood And Focus
  • Taste
  • Very Good Value
  • Similar To The Paks
  • Increased Energy

    Multi-Vitamins are a staple for me. I do not go a day without one. Whether its a single caplet/capsule/powder/liquid/pack etc., I'm downing one daily. Some I can feel working, in terms of better overall mood, energy, focus etc. Others I do not, however, hopefully those have an underlying benefit to my overall health.

    Animal Pak has been around for 30 plus years. It's a well recognized brand and one of the first multi packs I tried way back when. My experience with this pak is extensive via the 44 pak container tub. I probably have gone through a dozen or so in my lifetime.

    This is my first try of the Animal Pak in powder form.

    Ingredient Profile:

    Ok, lots to list here, so for your reading pleasure, I included a basic spreadsheet comparing the Animal Pak vs Animal Powder ingredients, I think I got all of them via copy and paste from labels listed on (my disclosure reference of information).

    Please note Animal Pak Powder Ingredients are on the LEFT. Animal Pak on the RIGHT-I had to make my spreadsheet a JPEG to upload

    I think my v-lookups were good to go, however, I will not say that I made any mistakes in copying and pasting.

    Animal Pak Powder is broken down into 5 categories:

    Vitamin Complex
    Amino Acid Complex
    Performance Complex
    Antioxidant Complex
    Digestive Enzyme Complex

    Quick Summary of the differences, these ingredients are NOT in Animal Pak Powder(refer to spreadsheet picture):

    Uni-Liver Complex
    Oriental Ginseng

    Included in Animal Pak Powder NOT in Animal Pak:

    Uni-Pro Blend- whey isolate-yes there's about 3 grams of whey isolate in this product, not much but an added ingredient

    Other than the above which they removed most of the liver complex and was replaced with a Protein complex, there are a several ingredients that vary in dosage. Please refer to spreadsheet below.

    Taste 8/10:

    I purchased the orange flavor and if you don't like swallowing 11 pills/caplets, this if for you. The flavor was strong but quite good. I enjoyed it as it had an orangey tangy taste to it.

    Mixability 8/10:

    I would strongly suggest you mix the product in a shaker cup, not a glass. Found that stirring with a spoon gave me a lot of product on the sides of the glass, which I had to continually add water and capture the residue.

    The shaker is your best bet here as if any is on the sides just shake it up and your good to go. Very little if any residue remaining.


    I took 2 scoops in 12 ounces of water, in a shaker was the preferred method. Drank it on the way to work on an empty stomach. Please note, the directions say to have it with a meal. I had no side effects and felt absorption would be immediate, hence I ran with the above.

    I didn't split the scoops up and maybe I could have messed with that dosing based on the below effectiveness.

    Effectiveness 8.5/10:

    The effects were similar to the original, regardless that the ginseng was not present in this product. Within 15-20 minutes of finishing the product, I felt more alert, my mood was increased and seemed to have more energy as opposed to other multi's I have had in the past. These positive effects lasted a good 4 hours.

    Now when I would use the paks, I would split them up and the above positive effects lasted throughout the day or at least 8 hours. I didn't even think of splitting the scoops up here

    My value based on purchase 10/10:

    Ok, I bought this off of the daily deal site Pharma Soup and the price was $8.99, it doesn't get better than that. The only downside is I was limited to one. Whoever posted that Pharma Soup site, I love you bro !!!!

    Real Value 8/10:

    A1 Supplements has this for $26.98 as of this review. That's $1.22 a serving (2 scoops) for 22 days. based on the above, that's solid value.

    Side Effects:

    I experienced no side effects with this product

    Conclusion 8.5/10:

    I loved this product hand downs. The variances between the two Animal Paks vs Powder were minimal for me at best, yet the results were the same. This is one of the best vitamin powders out there, if you are in the market. I am definitely buying this again based on the above results.

    Most likely I will split up the scoops to one in the morning, one in the afternoon.
    • Orange: 8/10


    Other Prices:
    A1Supplements   $28.95
    Ill Pump You Up   $28.95
    TF Supplements   $29.95

      December 25, 2016

    • Good Ingredient Profile
    • Price
    • Has Good Liver Support
    • Easy To Digest Powder
    • Foamy Mix
    -Ingredient Profile-
    Without digging into each individual ingredient and dose, I feel it would be better if I emphasize the label differences between both forms.

    Animal's dosing of the various vitamins and minerals has always made sense to me. If it was 'underdosed', it was for good reason. You can take on massive shots of the energy transportvitamins because you're assuming above normal activity levels and macros. But the minerals are carefully dosed because the individual's diet SHOULD cover what's left, in addition to the potential of crucial conflicts.

    Transferring over from the pill label are the core vitamins, minerals, BCAAs, EAAs, Antioxidant complex and Digestive Enzyme complex. The "updated" difference is under the Performance complex, specifically the Uni-Pro blend. In the pill form, the OG Uni-Liver blend (liver, beef protein isolate) is used. The Uni-Pro blend adds whey protein isolate, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Hawthorne, Milk Thistle and Citrus bioflavanoids. These additions improve on the goal of the blend, which is liver health.

    -Taste / Mixability / Dosing-
    I had a thorough run with both orange and cherry berry. The orange flavor taste more like an actual orange. I was hoping it would be more like Juiced Aminos, which is a very difficult product to follow in the flavor department anyway. Cherry Berry is the one I favor much more and is now my staple multi. It has a hefty artificial tart going on but I love it.

    Each flavor carries its own mixing issues. The orange flavor leaves some very noticeable specks at the bottom. It actually took a concerted effort to get that out, to the point that I stopped trying after a few weeks. Cherry Berry foams up to as much as twice the volume. Cherry Berry also will have some small clumping issues in ice cold water, therefore shake it well.

    Since this is Animal Pak, there's a good chance that this is a single serving for you. Factors like extreme activity levels, higher calorie diets, more body mass, etc COULD warrant a second dose.

    It's Animal Pak! One of the rare times I can 'name drop' in a review and have it actually explain something. The absorption is virtually the same as the pill form, except you're already taking in some of the necessary water. The difference of course is how easy it is on the gut in terms of breaking down for digestion. As long as I took it with plenty of dense macros and water, I feel that I have fared better with the powder over the pills.

    The pricing for this powder goes head to head with the pill form. This shows how appropriately priced this item is and how consistent Animal intends to be. Normal price range is $27 - $30 + shipping.

    -Side Effects-
    Mind your urine color if your water or macros are short.


    Animal Pak is my stapled multivitamin, simple as that. Putting it into powder form is just an excuse to further solidify that decision. It was also great to know that there's basically no price difference between either form.

    The downside to a powder form though is carrying it around. I keep my container as apart of my 'Go bag' so it's always with me. With the pill form, all I had to do was grab and pocket a set of pills for that day.

    This is once again another hat tip to the Animal brand for not changing the product since I've been born ('84)... and then knocking it out of the park by getting with the times and making a powder out of it.
    • Orange: 7/10
    • Cherry Berry: 9/10


    Other Prices:
    A1Supplements   $28.95
    Ill Pump You Up   $28.95
    TF Supplements   $29.95

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