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Animal M Stak is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by Universal. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.

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  April 6, 2016


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So I have really been sold on Animals various paks after using multiple ones. That is to say I do use various other brands and supplements through rotating cycles depending on my goals/needs at the given time. I added M-Stak to my Animal Cuts in order to get down to the body fat percentage I wanted while retaining mass. Last time I cut I lost way too much muscle and was looking to avoid that this time by all means.

Ingredient Profile

I am no scientist by any means, but do like to look into the ingredient profiles to the extent possible. I have found that I really enjoy the energy complex that is thrown into this pak. at 500 mg it may seem a lot for some people, but I can handle a pretty fair amount of stims. This complex helped to give an added perk throughout the day, much like a cup of coffee. Nothing too crazy, but a nice clean energy and focus. Even throughout the process of my cutting, I have to say the anti-catabolic amino complex paired with the anabolic complex definitely worked. I could tell between cycles of the product that they helped because during the fourth week (the week you take off the product) soreness and energy depletion would be fairly higher (I would assume the amino profile aided in this mainly). The insulin potentiating complex definitely helped with usage of the food I was taking in paired with the flavones in the pak. I have had issues in the past with taking in food, but not getting much recovery and feeling of usage of the carbs I was taking in along with insulin sensitivity seeming to become poor (I store fat pretty easily). This complex paired with a caloric deficit has definitely increased my sensitivity, but not hugely. I am more predominant in the area of fat storage, so nutrition is a large part of my training. Overall, it seems like a really solid composition of ingredients, although many, to help the pak have the power it does.


Taste and Mixability of course being negligent here, the dosing once again seems to be spot on. Two packs, especially when stacked with other products would just be way too much. I like the effects I have had with this product, but more is not always better in this case. As stated before, I am fairly resistant to stims, but I can feel the effects of this pak pretty quickly. As directed, I took it for 21 days straight with the one week break at the end of each cycle. I feel that although most would not want to take this break, it is definitely for the better. The effects of the product do start to seemingly taper mainly towards the end of the third week. Taking htis break really does seem essential to staying sensitive to the pack itself for future cycles. I like to take my stims a little closer to my workout, and took it only about 20 minutes before workouts instead of 30-45. This personally worked best for me since I would get through my warm up complex just fine and then the bulk of effects would kick in once I started my compound lifts.


I have to say that this product has to be extremely effective given the way I used it. Starting out at 210lbs with 21% body fat, I have dropped to 195 with 14% body fat with a couple of cycles of this product. Now the fat loss has to be contributed to the animal cuts for the most part, but I do feel the nutrient partitioning effects of the M-Stak definitely helped aid in this along with the perk it gives during workouts. Another benefit of it preworkout is that it gave me some of the most insane pumps. Where I feel this product has exceptionally shined is the fact that I not only have retained all of the muscle mass I worked for, but actually gained some throughout the process of my cut. This is something I have never been able to achieve before, and was something great when I found out about it. I can back this up with the monthly visits I would make to have body composition recorded through a body scanning device (not just the cheap ones you can personally buy that look like handle bars or small scales). Although not a massive amount, gaining 4 lb of muscle mass throughout the process of my cut has definitely proven this product for me. As far as strength goes, it has at least maintained my strength in some areas and actually gained some slightly in others, namely being lower body lifts. I will definitely be trying this product in a future mass building cycle and see if I can unleash its true potential when on an actual caloric surplus instead of deficit. As far as individual benefits from different complexes in the paks, those are provided above in the ingredient profile.


The various Animal Paks are not cheap, but not especially expensive by any means either. The M-Stak has proven itself to be the same. Although it is an investment to make multiple cycles of the M-Stak, it is definitely something I would do again and would actually recommend more than one cycle in order to truly benefit from it. Yes, it is only a three week supply, but at the same time it lasts for a four week cycle since the break is taken at the end.

Side Effects

I cannot say that there was really much in the way of side effects, especially given that I would take it before my workout. I would notice though that if I did not make it to the gym fairly soon after taking, I would start to get pretty warm and my face would turn red, although I turn red very easily due to my complexion also. I could definitely tell a difference from when I was not taking this because the M-Stak would make me sweat like crazy, like a ridiculous amount compared to normal. Although, this was something I didn't really mind. Paired with the sweating was the insane pumps mentioned in the effectiveness section also. Vascularity was also greatly improved when using M-Stak. Overall, not really any negative effects.


I feel that whether bulking or cutting, this is a solid product that has personally proven itself. Although I have not used it in a mass/strength gaining cycle yet, I have no doubts that it would help. It has definitely helped with my energy and recovery levels during my cut, which is one area I usually have the most issues with when cutting. I would recommend this product regardless of the price, and will definitely be using again in the future.
  • Insane Pumps
  • Decent Strength Gains
  • Maintin Muscle While Cutting
  • Fat Burner?
  • A Little Expensive
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  August 7, 2014

As a big believer of Universal products I have to admit my bias. That being said I try to not let that get into the way of letting brand interfere with true results and honest opinions.

I've taken Animal M-Stak on 3 separate occasions throughout my duration as an athlete and avid weight lifter. I had taken a PH prior to M-Stak and was entirely familiar with that realm of supplementation. After learning more as I grew in my understanding, I decided to not do another PH cycle and look to something less involved with that side of physique shaping. I had read about this product and decided with a friend we would give this a go as an added supplement to what we were already doing with other standard supplements we took (protein, amino acids, creatine). From this first time to the most recent, the product has wielded results.

The product is marketed as a "non hormonal anabolic support vitamin pack." It's main purpose is to utilize particular "flavones" (eta-Ecdysterone and Methoxyisoflavone) as muscle building agents, aiding in the process of protein synthesis. It also contains ZE RED PILL (500 mg caffeine pill). My favorite preworkout to date. Not even kidding. I'm a big coffee drinker and believe in the capabilities coffee offer as more than just a stimulant. That red pill freakin got that flow of caffeine in a way different way but if you're not big on that caffeine rush you can simply not take it, it doesn't directly affect that process the flavones provide within M-Stak.

The fits within Animal's convenient power packs that are extremely convenient and are several pills (It's like 9... but I never really counted each one lol). It's not difficult to take but I'm not really bothered by that while others would not be as ok with it. I took it about an hour before I began heavy lifting but it would be taken earlier in the day (besides the caffeine pill). It's a 21 day cycle that they recommend you take a week between before beginning another 21 day cycle

I finished my latest can of the M-Stak about 8 days ago. I was taking ON Whey/Syntha 6 Blend, Universal Torrent, BCAAs, and Amino Tabs along with the M-Stak. With the M-Stak I felt myself gain strength and recover pretty quickly. I like to use my core lifts in the beginning of my workout to determine the gains in strength and muscular endurance. I could go into extreme detail but I'll save the ranting and raving. My muscles became fuller and I was gaining real size in my muscles. I was definitely helping that protein absorption with the M-Stak and just felt the size and strength come on. I went from 182, 13% body fat to 189 14% body fat, nothing super lean but I was burning fat.

Overall I didn't experience any side effects besides sweating my nuts off when I was shredding but I know the red pill plays a role in that. I recommend this product simply because it definitely opens up better absorption of proteins and carbs and really does what it offers, builds muscle. Of course I don't recommend this as a single acting agent behind muscle building but it plays a role. To really maximize what the product offers it should be supplemented with an ample amount of proteins and carbs.

To the "hard gainers" (I'm not big on using that term just because I can't help but think of the marketing ploy that term creates when a product offers lol) it is a surprise and change of pace developed muscles can undergo and can definitely be beneficial in one's diet.

Money wise, I guess it could be considered expensive but to me if it isn't nearing expiration all supplements are expensive. Also not something I'd recommend as a beginning supplement for those who are beginning their journey with weights because it should be used as an added component to an already sufficient diet and supplementation program. Also you gotta shred da weights. The Red Pill, as I repeat, is the best preworkout I've taken to date. I feel like the man when I'm taking the M-Stak.

Bottom line, it's a solid product.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Insane Pumps
  • Solid Strength Gains
  • Makes You Feel Like The Alpha Dog
  • Solid Weight Gains
  • A Little Expensive
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  August 16, 2013

Okay guys, I will do I guess what I do best and give you a 5star review on this product. I was cycling off Animal Stak and I read line6read's review and I was very much excited for it. What I got however, was a flop. Let me discuss.

As everyone knows these products, m-stak, test, stak all come in a 3 week supply. 21 days of use, not the full 4 weeks. A little week but hey if it works or you do back to back cans, it can be great, but it sure is pricey on your wallet.

I am stacking this with FinaFlex DAA and D-Pol.

M-Stak throws out pretty ridiculous claims:

Required For:

Natural bodybuilders & powerlifters.
Classic "hardgainers".
Maximizing muscle gains naturally.
Anabolic & anticatabolics.
Optimizing non-hormonal anabolism.

Lets just say it falls A LOT short of all it promises to do. Now lets get down into the dirty and gritty and break this thing down.

Natural Flavone/Sterone Complex 750mg
Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (Turkesterone)

Beta-Ecdysterone and Methoxyisoflavone. These ingredients have the ability to shuttle nutrients toward lean mass accumulation, a process known as nutrient partitioning. Beyond this, these anabolic flavones promote enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

Ajuga Turkestanica contains the potent phytosteroid extract Turkesterone, suggested to be extremely powerful in advancing protein synthesis.
Beta Sitosterol, while having its own inherent anabolic potential, helps promote a healthy immune system and may help support healthy cortisol levels already within normal range
Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex 3000mg
Leucine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG)
Leucine Ethyl Ester
Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC)

You get a pretty descent Amino's complex but it still falls short.

Aminos help to stimulate muscle recovery and protein synthesis via translation regulations, all through non-hormonal means. They do this by supporting key muscle growth regulators such as mTOR, PKB, p70s6k, 4E-BP1, FOXO and MAFbx. These aminos essentially work as a signal for turning on the muscle building process, supporting increased muscle anabolism following a training session.
Anabolic Adaptogen Complex 1000mg
Muria Puama
Kudzu Extract (Isoflavones)
Safed Musli
Rhodiola Rosea Extract (Rosavins)

These herbs have been suggested to help increase physical training capacity, improve endurance, minimize the catabolic stress response, decrease mental fatigue as well as support sexual health and boost support system function. These are critical factors for naturally enhancing ones performance levels in the gym.
Insulin Potentiating Complex 500mg
Banaba Leaf Extract (1-3% Colosolic Acid)
Cinnulin PF
K-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (K-R-ALA)

Cmpounds such as K-R-ALA and CinnulinPFâ„¢ help your body to utilize ultra anabolic insulin both effectively and efficiently for supporting muscle growth. This equates to increased uptake of glycogen and increased muscle cell volume which contributes to that full, pumped feeling when you workout
M Factor Complex 500mg
Ginger Root Extract (Gingerols, Shaogols)
6, 7-Dihydroxybergamottin

This complex promote nutrient utilization to ensure the powerful components of the formula are processed to maximum efficacy. Using ginger root extract coupled with the powerful absorption enhancers bergmottin and bioperine.
Energy Complex 500mg
Methylxanthine Complex (Caffeine, Theobromine, Theophylline)

Energy complex that is supposed to propel you through an even grueling workout.

DOSAGE: 10/10 - The dosage is probably the easiest and best part about this product. There are not that many pills, 8 in total, 4 gell caps and 4 regular sized powdered pills. On training days you take a pack 45 minutes pre workout and on non training days you take it either in the morning with food or the afternoon. Simple enough
EFFECTIVENESS: 3/10 - I can't believe I went to GNC and bought this product for $45, because I was so excited I could not wait a few days for delivery from a website. Well lets break this down into what its supposed to do and how it worked for me.

For me this is a placebo like effect that you throw your money away just so you don't get itchy and get another can of Animal Stak. Stak was fantastic, I even did 4 cans, yes 4 cans back to back and still felt every bit of anger and strength increase till my last pack. For this however, I did not.

STRENGTH: 2/10 - I barely got stronger on this product. I felt like it did not contribute at all in this department. I can imagine that maybe this product works best in the 5th and 6th week, but since I felt absolutely nothing after 3 weeks of continual use I would not throw more money away on hopes that it would magically work in the future. I tested my strength mostly on my compound lifts, bench, squat, dead. And I noticed when I tried to go heavier, I just could not. It completely failed in that department.

PERFORMANCE: 0/10 - Eh you fail M-Stak. It did not increase my performance, if anything it actually got tired a lot faster on this stuff. Weird, I know, but it falls short.

ENERGY: -10/10 - Everyone is touting that the red pill is this incredible energy boost... really ? where was the energy! Its funny because I remember taking this pack after I had my small breakfast (protein bar and coffee), so I figured coffee + red pill would wake me up ? right ? nope. It did absolutely nothing.

MUSCLE GAIN: 5/10 - Ill give it a 5. I did notice a bit more mass, slight bit, and I guess I can attest it to this product, since its toting towards hardgainers who need to put on muscle. But I will tell you this guys, not all muscles are created equal. Just because you are bigger, does not equate to being stronger. Please keep that in mind with the 5.

ANGER: 0/10 - Anger is potent when trying to increase test. On stak I was downright angry at any little thing, on this I was passive and calm. I hated it, just as much as I hated this product.

NUTRIENT PARTITION: 0/10 - Eh, yea I highly doubt this did anything for me. I felt no difference at all. If anything helped with nutrient type of partitioning it was BioGro.

OVERALL: 3/10 - Do not waste your money on this junk. Its absolutely worthless in my opinion. Stick to Stak, because that works wonders. If you want to cycle of Stak, replace it with something else, this product fails on all aspects of its guarantees. Move along jack, nothing to see here, nothing to feel here.
    • Not Enough Packs For The Price
    • Little Weight Gain
    • Useless
    • No Weight Gain
    • No Strength Gain
    • A Little Expensive
    Rep: +3,138
    Trust: 100%
      October 5, 2012

    Okay what can I say I'm a sucker for the Universal/Animal product line, I think the little packs are cute (no homo) and convenient. In all seriousness fellas Animal M-Stak delivers.

    So I decided I would add M-Stak to my pre contest cut because I was cutting weight at an alarming rate. I began to wonder if some of the weight I was cutting was a little muscle. After doing some research I decided M-Stak would be perfect in making sure that all my daily macros were utilized the way they were meant to be used.

    So whats the science behind M-Stak? Well the way M-Stak works it uses two key ingredients Beta-Ecdysterone and Methoxyisoflavone wich are flavones. Flavones have the ability to shuttle nutrients toward lean mass accumulation, a process known as nutrient partitioning, anabolic flavones promote enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. These are the mechanisms most crucial in the process of new muscle growth.

    It is recommended to take M-Stak for 21 consecutive days. On training days you should take 1 pack 45 minutes before training on non training days you take 1 pack in the early morning or afternoon. Me I opted to take my packs every morning upon awaking because I wanted every meal I consumed that day to be properly utilized. Also M-Stak contains a red stim pill that delivers a punch so it was great to help kick start my mornings.

    When I began taking this I was 165lbs 7% body fat after 21 days my stats were 164lbs 5% body fat. I know it sounds farfetched but M-Stak delivered in the department I wanted it most preserving my hard earned muscle tissue. M-Stak totally failed for me as far as increasing my strength in the gym I didnt notice a change at all in the gym wich I suppose is good seeing how I am on a calorie deficit.

    While yes this product did deliver for me the value in my opinion takes a hit. I say this because 1 can contains only a 21 day supply and I feel like Universal/Animal could of stop being a bunch of tight a**es and hooked a brother up with a 30 day supply.
    Any how if your considering buying this product you can find it for around $35.00 wich equates to roughly $1.65 a day.

    M-Stak is a product that no matter what your goals are you cant go wrong and here is why, If your bulking all of the excess calories you are consuming will be properly utilized to make you anabolic and not not stored as fat also it helps on a bulk because it truly does make you hungry. If your goal is to cut M-Stak will maximize all the calories you consume and use them to preserve lean mass gains. So although I'm a little butt hurt about the value I recommend everyone give M-Stak a run because It works and can be tailored to any body composition goal you have.
    • Maintin Muscle While Cutting
    • Increased Appetite.
    • Good Energy
    • Not Enough Packs Per Can
    • A Little Expensive
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    Trust: 0%
      August 7, 2012

    Although I absolutely LOVE universal nutrition, this product didn't do it big for me. This product promotes nutrient repartitioning and has "digestive enzymes" that are marketed towards helping increase protein synehtesis. I didn't really get anything out of it besides great workouts from the stimulant red pill.

    Value was not terrible, it was 21 days for like 28 bucks so I am not going to complain there.

    I would stick to animal test and buy some digestive enzymes. Red pill alone should be a product because it is pretty damn potent
    • Cool Can?
    • Makes You Feel Like The Alpha Dog
    • Red Pill!!!
    • Useless
    • Chronic Insomnia
    Rep: +2
    Trust: 0%
      June 26, 2012

    Id probably give this product an 8. Was hoping to get a little more out of it from all of the stuff that i read online about it, but my diet isnt exactly where i want it to be either. I took this product hoping it would help to increase my appetite, and it didnt lol.
    The energy i got out of this product was actually pretty solid though. Workouts were a little bit better but nothing crazy. First time you take DO NOT take a pre workout with it. The red pill is plenty.
    My muscles did though feel a little bit harder while i was on it. I was a little more vascular and i had that pumped look all the time, which felt good. Reading online i saw that people were getting angry on it. This didnt really happen to me. Im usually a very calm relaxed person so i guess you could say this stuff made me "normal". It didnt make me angry, but when i got mad i was ready to throw down. I actually noticed the week after i got off of it i was a little bit more irritable than when i was on it, which i thought was weird. One thing i did like about this product was the strength gains. The gains werent huge but hey, any product that can add 10lbs to my bench is good in my book.
    I did break out with a few pimples on my face when i first started the can. But that went away after the first week. And acne runs in my family so i was really surprised by that.
    All in all though it was a decent product. Deffinately worth trying out if you have the money, just try to eat alot. I would buy it online though. I work at a GNC and even with my employee discount its still cheaper online. Might try animal stak next.
    • Solid Strength Gains
    • Makes You Feel Like The Alpha Dog
      Rep: +4
      Trust: 0%
        April 16, 2012

      So i finished my first can of animal m-stak about 3 weeks ago and Im pretty happy with the results. I was sort of skepitcal at first because of some bad reviews and all the confusion as to what this supplement actually does but in the end I did see some solid gains.

      Effectiveness- The red stimulant pill is pretty strong although I did build up a tolerance to it by the end of the 3 week cycle. have to be careful about when I took or I would be rolling around in bed till 3 in the morning. Notcied some decent gains in size. Muscles seemed to feel fuller and a lot of my heavy compund movements like bench press and box squat went up a good amount.

      Value- This is where all aniaml products seem to lose their appeal. I bought it online for 29 bucks so it wasnt too bad but still could always be cheaper.

      Sides- I did notice around day 4 that my sex drive was significantly down.Ive heard of others reporting this side as well. It did get better though around the third week.

      Overall- I think this product is definetly worth a try. You can put some decent size expecially when bulking.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Cool Can?
      • Decent Strength Gains
      • Not Enough Packs For The Price
      • A Little Expensive
      Rep: +332
      Trust: 100%
        March 29, 2012

      Hi Everybody This would have to be my 4th can of Animal M-Stak before i have made my review on it so I can honestly give you a fair "Heads Up" on the effects this product holds on your body.

      This product is an "all round" nutrient partitioner and in comparison to its competition in the field (Asteroid Stack by USP Labs) truly is an astonishingly good value product. M-Stak works by keeping your body in a positive nitrogen balance and shuttling all the extra food you smash each day into your muscles and illeviates the issue of gaining unnecessary fat along the way.

      Here is a general Outline of the Products dosage and the effects that are noticeable along the way including any side effects and other thoughts I feel are necessary to state.

      DOSAGE - 1 pack a day for 3 weeks. Best taken on an empty stomach prior to training or between meals on non training days. There is a Red Capsule in the pack of tablets that is an "Energy Complex" which does help you with your training but please note that it may effect your sleep if you train in the evenings as adding this to your pre workout supplement can be a little to much.

      Also note that on my current M-Stak course I have been using Animal Stak ( Natural version ) Which by the animalpak website suggests taking M stak between meals and then taking the Animal Stak prior to workout ( I will do a review on the new Stak after a second can as its hard to justify its effectiveness from all fields as it may fall justice to the "Placebo effect .

      EFFECTIVENESS - Around about the day 4 Mark you begin to notice that your body seems to look alot "Fuller" and your appetite begins to sky rocket. This effect has been noticed every single time I have taken the M-Stak. A long with your muscles being alot fuller comes a fairly noticeable strength and stamina increase. These effects are quite usefull to have especially if you have taken a bit of time of the Gym and your stamina and strength are abit lower then they were originally. I have found this to really put the "edge" back into your workouts whether your stuck on a plateau or have been sick etc. It is quite important to eat a fair amount on this stuff and although its not necessary i can guarantee you the appetite you begin to get around the 1 week mark will have you scavenging your cupboard.

      People may think to themselves reading a few reviews on this stating - "Offcourse your gonna be alot fuller if it just makes you eat more, why cant you eat more without it and get the same effects?". That statement can be true to some point however you have to build up to that amount of food intake to keep your metabolism steady. This product seems to basically put your metabolism into overdrive and truly help overcome any sticking point.

      In one course I ate like a pig Keeping my main 5 meals the same but had alot of extra snacks here and there. I gained around 3kilos (6.6 lbs) in the three week course. And stayed Fairly lean however afterwards i did loose abit of definition.

      The other two courses I ate normally and Found it had more effect on my Endurance and General Well-Being as It seems to snuff out any catabolic effects you receive. Muscle soreness is lowered, quality of sleep improves and sense of "Clarity" throughout the day ( Mainly due to better quality sleep I'm assuming ).

      So Overall
      -Muscle Fullness/Denseness
      -Improved endurance
      -Improved Strength
      -Improved Quality of Sleep
      -Increased appetite
      -Decreased Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
      -General sence of well being
      -Has Pre-workout Energy Complex
      -3 week straight course Per can.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Solid Strength Gains
      • Fat Burner?
      • Maintin Muscle While Cutting
      • Increased Appetite.
      • Decent Strength Gains
        Rep: +93
        Trust: 10%
          March 26, 2012

        Hello everyone this is my first review on and I am very excited there is such a website for the fitness community! A bit of a background I am an investment banker and finance nerd who rediscovered fitness after I tore my ACL and ended my soccer career my senior year of high school. I do personal training on the side and actually double majored in Finance and Kinesiology!

        I want to say that I have gone through over 3 cycles of Animal M-Stack in my lifting career and here are the results of each time.
        **I started serious lifting when I was 19 and was 6' 1" 165 at 14% bodyfat**
        1st time results: Summer going into my Sophomore Year of college. I was taking the original No Xplode, Animal M-Stak, and generic GNC creatine. Because I was relatively new to hardcore lifting, I was able to put on 10 pounds between June and July. My body fat was still at 14%. My bench press increased by 25 pounds and my squat increased by 35 lbs.

        2nd time results: January of my final year of college. I was taking Jack3d, Animal M-Stak, Animal Stak, and Gaspari Size-On. My stats at the start were 6' 1" 185 and by the end of the month I was 6' 1" 200 lbs. This was a 15 pound gain but my body fat went from 11% up to 13%. Also, this was my first true BULK and I was a bit bloated up by the end of the month. I however finally broke the 300 lb barrier on bench press up from 270 lbs. Strength gains were still amazing even though I had been seriously powerlifting for a little less than two years at this point.

        3rd time: This past February of 2012. My stats before were 6' 1" 210" and my body fat was at 10%. I stacked M Stak with Kre-Alkalyn 1500, Cellucor C4, and Animal Pak. I really tried to intake a ton of calories and was a regular at Subway getting double meat Oven-roasted Chicken breasts. I have been following the great Mike O' Hearn's powerbodybuilding routines incorporating high rep volumizing bodybuilding lifts with low rep powerlifting. I always incorporate Olympic lifting into my routines so I maintain my explosion so I can train my clients. By the end my stats were 6'1" 220" with 12% body fat. My bench press reached an all time high of 340, my dead lift is now up to 510 lbs, and my squat is mid 400s.

        My conclusion about M-Stak:
        Universal Nutrition's M-Stak is a great muscle builder. In fact it is my FAVORITE muscle building supplement. I always stacked M-Stack with creatine and would use this product when I was bulking up. This is a GREAT product for powerlifters looking to build strength.

        M-Stak contains:
        -Natural Test Complex composed of Tribulus Extract Complex which does increase your intensity and drive in the gym.
        -Growth Hormone Complex which you can feel after the first week when your muscles are feeling large and you truly feel like you are growing!
        -Vasodilator Complex composed of arginine which is a basic of most pre-workout supplements. Arginine is what helps your body increase natural Nitrix Oxide production and helps pump nutrients to your muscles.
        -Aromatase Inhibitors, DHT Blockers, Cortisol Inhibitors all to make sure you body does not stop producing natural test and to ensure you do not lose your strength and muscle gains after you finish.
        -Liver detoxifiers to ensure the Growth Hormone Complex and Natural Test Boosting Complex does not damage your liver.
        -Great energy boosting complex a.k.a THE RED PILL

        The only BAD thing is the 7 pills you have to take once a day. However, you get used to this very quickly.

        I purchased mine for around $28 for 21 packs and I feel this is a great value considering you are putting on around 3-6 pounds of lean muscle.

        I really think this product should be a staple for anyone looking to BULK and recommend always stacking this product with a creatine, a pre-workout, and a multi.

        • Builds Muscle
        • Insane Pumps
        • Solid Strength Gains
        • Makes You Feel Like The Alpha Dog
        • Increased Appetite.
        • Solid Weight Gains
        • A Lot Of Pills To Swallow
        Rep: +2,619
        Trust: 100%
          October 25, 2011

        So today I will do doing a review on Universal M-Stak. This is a product that is supposed to be for the "hard gainers", for those who have trouble putting on weight and making gains in the gym. This product utilizes ecdysterone and methoxyisoflavone which are supposed to help with protein synthesis, and has some other goodies in it that are supposed to help keep you anabolic.

        Stim Pill – 9/10

        This I decided to give its own mini paragraph, just because I have seen way to many questions pertaining to this. Yes there is a stim pill in M Stak, its red, and no you don't have to take it all the time. On off days I just tossed the pill back into the container to use on days when I'm sluggish. I gave the stim pill a 9/10 because IMO that little red pill is better than a lot of preworkouts out there. It has about 200mg of caffeine in along with theobromine and theophylline in it. Theobromine is commonly found in chocolate, and tea, diff from caffeine but produces a similar effect. Theophyline, also quite structurally similar to caffeine, and just like theobromine will fill you with energy. These three ingredients pack a powerful punch that def helped me get through my workouts .

        Strength – 7/10

        I saw strength gains in all my major lifts. I went up 10lbs in flat bench, 5lbs in incline and 10 in decline. I saw increases in my deadlifts and squats as well. No PH or gear worthy results, but results none the less. I didn't rate this higher because I was taking All American EFX Kre-Alkalyn at the time, and ON's Casein. I don't think that the Casein really made me stronger but it could have been the Kre-Alk or the extra drive I had in the gym that was the cause of my strength gains.

        Appetite – 5/10

        So I know some people rave about how this made you hungrier. This really didn't affect my appetite at all. I tried taking the pills pre workout, and post workout, nothing helped increase my appetite. I put on 5 lbs while on this, and I can say with confidence that was because I ate more not because of an appetite increase from taking this.
        Alpha Dog Feeling – 10/10
        Yeaaaaa I felt like a boss in the gym.

        Value – 6/10

        This is an expensive product. You will find it around 30ish bucks, prob more with taxes and shipping. That's a good bit to spend on a product that will only last you 21 days.

        Overall – 7/10

        Overall I would say this is a pretty good product. I saw some strength gains and felt like I was Jay Cutler every time I started lifting. I don't think this helped me put on weight, and idk about the legitimacy of how they say this will help with protein synthesis, but I was happy with the results that I did get. Other than the price this is a winner in my books. If you have the money to shell out, I would def recommend this.
        (I would have rated this higher if not for the price).
        • Builds Muscle
        • Cool Can?
        • Makes You Feel Like The Alpha Dog
        • A Little Expensive

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