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I am 22 year old,I m always busy in the morning and I do workout for 2 hrs in th

March 20, 2017

When I have to take the pills,I m doing workout in the evening, I also take bcaa suppliment for my dietary,is it ok to use bcaa with animal cuts please help me I m totally confuse,please tell me the right timing and process to take this animalcuts suppliment


Rep: +1,400
Posted March 20, 2017

It is okay to use it with a BCAA product. Take it as directed by the manufacture on an empty stomach so perhaps in between meals would be best.
Posted March 20, 2017

Is it ok to take the pills morning 7 am and then after 6 hours again and what type of workout I have to do when I attend the gym at evening 5 pm and I waana asked is it compulsory to take 2 packet per day.
Rep: +2,481
Posted March 20, 2017

I am going to assume you are trying to cut. So can you take in the morning and then 6 hours later. Yes. You also have to access your tolerance, if you read some of the reviews on this I believe some people have taken less of the product. As for workouts, a whole new question. Check out our article section on cutting programs. Also you could start a journal and ask in the forums.
Rep: +647
Posted March 20, 2017

The advice these guy have is great. Follow that.
Rep: +2,848
Posted March 20, 2017

Use Wi3eguy's advice - could not have said it better.
Rep: +2,866
Posted March 20, 2017

All great answers, I have taken this before and did experience some burning from peppers included in this so make sure you drink a lot of water
Posted March 21, 2017

But when I take the dose of 18 pills I m feeling sleepy and there is like a burn in my chest and other part of body and This pills make me tired,can u please tell me is there any side effect,becoz 18 pills is too much per day
Rep: +1,835
Posted March 21, 2017

If you are feeling tired after taking a far burner you may want to take some time off all stims to allow your adrenals to reset. If after a month off if you still feel tired I would see a Dr
Rep: +1,394
Posted March 22, 2017

I agree with Willy. If you are getting sleepy from a product like this, it may be time to give your adrenal system a break. I have done it before and it's worth it. There are also some great stim-free weight loss and pre-workout products reviewed on this site.
Posted March 23, 2017

Can u pls tell me is there any side effects while using the product animal cuts I'm worried because 18 tablets of animal cuts and 2 tablet of bcaa it's too much for a day,,, is it ok can I use this
Posted March 23, 2017

I m telling u my routine can u pls tell me is it ok or not , I woke up at 7 and take 1 packet of animal cut product 9 pills in empty stomach at 9 and the I will eat something after 45minutes and then I go to attend my classes and then again at 3 I again take animal product 9 pills then I go to gym after 4 and do hard workout approximately 2 hrs...I m trying to be well hydrated while using the products,,, this routine is good or not,,,I asking this because my friend told me u r taking 20 pills a day and this is dengerous for your health
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