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Amino Octane Reviews

By: Universal

Amino Octane is an Energized BCAA Supplement manufactured by Universal. It provides both BCAAs and stimulants to help keep you awake, energized and your muscles fed.
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  September 18, 2018

  • Great Taste
  • Smooth Energy
  • Not Too Intense
  • Good Value

    Quick Summary

    I'm a morning lifter and while Amino Octane wouldn't cut it as a PWO for those of you looking for a big boost at 4am, it does work great for a jolt of energy in the afternoon or an evening lift when your schedule has been thrown off.


    Hi everyone-- ohhhh baby am I in the red on my reviews right now. Life is kicking my butt, but excuses are for losers! I'm trying my best to get caught back up as quickly as possible!

    I chose amino octane mainly for exactly what I used it for-- an afternoon pickup that would replace a cup of coffee with something that would instead provide some hydration while feeding my muscles with nutrients to continue promoting an anabolic environment and reduce DOMS. Overall I was very happy with it, though I'm not sure how much of an impact it actually made on my training day after day.

    Ingredient Profile

    Universal fills Amino Octane with a duo of prop blends. First are the aminos: This is a 5g serving that runs the gamut. From first to last we have Taurine, Glutamine, all 3 BCAAs, Beta Alanine, Tyrosine, Arginine, Lysine HCl, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine and Histidine. If I were to guess, I'd say that everything after the Beta Alanine is a trace amount serving, and the Beta Alanine itself is probably about 500mg. I have no way to prove that though and I really don't have a major issue with it. I don't think this product is intended to be a standalone product in any sense-- as a PWO or recovery agent.

    Second is the Energy blend. This is not quite proprietary because we know that of the 175 total mg's, 125mg is caffeine anhydrous. Next we have a 50mg blend of Green Tea Leaf extract and theacrine.

    As mentioned, while this could stand alone as an afternoon PWO or a PWO for someone more stim sensitive, I think it's intended to fall into an overall stack outside of those categories.


    I received Peach Mango and I grew to really enjoy it. My wife tried it at one point and wasn't a fan, and I'm not sure the flavor profile was entirely accurate, but I found it tasty nonetheless. It was almost more like an Orange Julius (orange and vanilla) than peach and mango. At least, that was how it tasted to me.

    Mixability was superb in any amount of water. I never saw any clumping and hardly any settling occurred.

    Dosing was always in the afternoon for me. This would replace a 2pm coffee usually, and on a few occasions was used as a PWO for a rare afternoon lift.


    As mentioned in the intro, I used Amino Octane with the intent that it would help me with 3 things: energy, hydration, and soreness. I'd say that it worked well in that order. It was best at providing a jolt of energy that was smooth and lasted well into the evening. Since it was replacing a cup of coffee and I preferred it to be watered down as well, it also really helped me increase my water intake and improve my hydration. Lastly, it seemed to make a minor impact on my delayed onset muscle soreness. There wasn't a huge decrease, but it was certainly noticeable. It was most likely just a result of improved blood flow from the primary ingredient, Taurine. Since finishing the bottle I've noticed a slight uptick in soreness overall, so that's the basis of my claim as opposed to a noticeable change when I started using this.


    The best price I was able to find was $14.99 for 30 servings. Worth it all day! That was found at All Star Health.

    Side Effects

    Amino breath... get some gum.


    Overall I thought this was great, and when compared to it's (most likely) closest competitor ON's Amino Energy, it's a better priced option with more kick. I'd say this is a great buy for people new to the gym and supplements who want to try a PWO, people returning to the gym in that same category, or experienced lifters/supplement users that simply need a pickup in the afternoon like I did. Big thanks to Universal for giving me the opportunity to try this!!

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