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UG Annihilators Wrist Wraps Reviews

By: Unbreakable Gear

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UG Annihilators Wrist Wraps is a Workout Equipment Product manufactured by Unbreakable Gear. It is designed specifically for workouts and can maximize results and time spent working out.

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  September 28, 2015

  • Durable Material
  • Cast Like
  • Improves Grip Strength
  • Great Value
  • Cool Design
  • Cuts Off Circulation After Four Minutes


Whats up guys another review here. A lot of you may know that I am currently injured and going stir crazy. So with that out of the way I have been finding ways to keep myself occupied while my son is at school. I have been gimping to my local gym(perk of living in an apartment complex next to the strip mall where my gym is at) and have been working on my bench with one foot in the air. Also in the meantime while I am off work I have been graphic designing my a$$ off lately. I was on Facebook and I am part of legitimately thirty or so powerlifting/bodybuilding/fitness groups. I posted in a group asking what is everyone's go to company for weight belts. A lot stated Anderson Powerlifting, Inzer, and Unbreakable Gear. I have never personally heard of Unbreakable Gear up until this point. I am not naive to the fact that Inzer is the stronghold in every gear aspect. I'm also not naive to the point that shipping takes over six weeks easily. I know this because I ordered Inzer Z Knee Wraps prior to my injury. I truly forgot that I even ordered them until they showed up. I really didn't want to go down that road again nor pay that much for a belt. One of the guys tagged the owner of Unbreakable. I started following him and got to messaging him about me doing some design work for barter. Long story short I did multiple designs and I got in return these wrist wraps and the UG Pro Lever Belt. That was that. This review is completely unbiased. I do not get any royalties for the shirts(not at that point yet in my hopeful career), I own absolutely no stock in the company(not sure if it is possible too), and I am not in anyway endorsed or sponsored by UG(I wish! bahah). Believe me when I say if things went as smooth as they did with this transaction and I got sent low quality gear I would see this as a perfect opportunity to comprehensively bash these products. I have had to do this a few times where my work gets stolen or a situation occurs where I somehow don't get paid fully and I have to go to great lengths in order to get my money. Lucky for me there was absolutely no headaches with this transaction and I couldn't be happier with the quality of what I got paid in.


Ok so these wrist wraps are extremely durable. On the edges they are already showing a little fray but that is normal with any wraps. Just messing around and putting on inzer knee wraps and not yet using them the same thing has happened. Both aren't frayed to the point or even close to the point that it is falling apart. At all. Both Inzer and UG are solid products that should be a staple in any powerlifters arsenal. So why use wrist wraps?! Aren't they just a waste of money? Yes and no. Truly depends on who you are, what your goals are, and what type of exercises you are doing. If you are into powerlifting its a necessary evil(I say evil because it's another thing to add to your investment). If you are just doing low weight exercises with high reps it would be absolutely pointless to use these. I see people sometimes where wrist wraps with doing regular dumbbell exercises and I personally don't understand it. I get it if you are pushing yourself and doing max effort on db press/bench, but curling 40 lbs in each hand not so much. Wrist wraps help grip strength. Take your hand and squeeze your opposing resting hand's wrist. Notice how your fingers contract closer? The same school of thought applies to wrist wraps. When you are doing big exercises such as military press, push press, bench press, deadlift, squat, power clean, etc. the last thing you want to have happen is your grip fail. Also these are not meant to be used as a crutch. My max bench is 335 (not high I know), and I don't even put these on my wrists until I am benching 290+. These wraps are "cast-like" very stiff and strong material. From what I have noticed with these my muscles will fail a lift loooonnnggg before my grip does. I put them on squeeze as hard as I possibly can and my grip doesn't even enter my mind on the descent. I have not used them for max effort on squats or deads yet due to my injury. I can already tell on my squats the bar isn't going anywhere near rolling down my back when I wear these. I am still up in the air about whether or not to use any wrist wraps on deads. It doesn't feel as comfortable to me as to others I guess. I used to have EFS two footers and they were not as strong as I would of liked. These were exactly what I needed.


Okay so pre injury I was prepping for a meet and trying to figure out how much money I was going to spend all together and I was tripping out. Singlet, belt, knee&wrist wraps, gym bag, high socks, etc etc I'm losing it. I'll spend the world on my son, family, place to live, and insurance. A hobby I can't justify the same. I was shopping around and I tried Mark Bell's Gangsta wraps. They were definitely top of the line compared to my old EFS ones. When I saw the price tag of $46+shipping I was looking elsewhere. When I got these I was so happy. If I were to have bought them it would have been an even $30. These are the exact same quality if not a tiny bit better. I figured with the gangsta wraps you are paying for some of the brand name. If this didn't work out and I stumbled upon the UG site and saw these for $30 I would have jumped on it. Plus the color scheme is dope as well.

Side Effects(8/10)

The side effects are similar to other wrist wraps but a bit accentuated. These are strong, super strong. I wrap my wrists super tight with every lift that I use them for. If I have them on too long I get an indian burn like and sore wrists.


My conclusion on these are I would definitely recommend them to all my friends. Without a doubt. Plus the super fast shipping was awesome. Unbreakable Gear (almost) has a customer for life. I say almost because I have yet to try out the belt. It looks and feels durable. I haven't been able to use it due to my injury so I can't say if it is as good as these YET. POPS OUT

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