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Amino Code Reviews

By: Ultra Human

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Ultra Human for sending it out!
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  July 28, 2018

  • Better Recovery
  • Hydration
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Competitively Priced
  • Prop Blends
  • Not Widely Available


I had never heard of Ultra Human until they began their participation in the Trooper program. After looking into their company, I was intrigued by their overall premium marketing on their website. I was looking to try EAA/BCAA product when this came up on the Trooper program, here is the review.

Ingredient Profile

Amino Code comes in a 40 serving container with each serving being 9.7 g. I want to mention that when this came it was inside a felt bag (shipped in a box the bag was in the shipping box), which was a nice touch. In addition, the batch numbers and the persons name of who authenticated the bottle was handwritten on the bottle. This was a nice touch as I like this type of thing. Each two scoop serving of this product contains 30 calories and 3 g of carbohydrates. For vitamins and minerals it has 2 mg of vitamin b6, 25 mg of calcium, 25 mg of magnesium, 40 mg of potassium, and 35 mg of sodium. I see a lot of minerals in BCAA/EAA products these days for electrolytes.

The first major ingredient profile is called the Ultra Human Amino Matrix at 4250 mg. This contains your BCAA, EAAs, and sustamine. Sustamine is a dipeptide of l-alanine and l-glutamine, which when in this form is supposed to have better absorption. In addition, sustamine has been shown to have improved time to exhaustion during high intensity exercise and improved basketball skill performance. However, those benefits were seen with 600 mg, 2g, and 4g. Due to the prop blend, you have no idea of the amount you are getting in this product and if it is close to the doses that showed benefits. The next blend is the Ultra Electrolyte Mineral Blend at 2527 mg. Coconut water powders makes up 2100 mg of this blend and 427 mg are various electrolytes. This particular portion of the label I liked as I usually look for hydration with BCAA/EAA products. This is especially true in the warmer months as I tend to do a lot of cardio outside and sweat quite a bit more.

Overall, I like the ingredient profile but do wish it was not a prop blend. It is not a deal breaker but it is surprising to see prop blends in products today. I did really like that this product has no artificial sweeteners, colors, artificial flavouring, sugar, or gluten.


Amino Code comes in two flavors, they are dragon berry and raspberry lemonade. I received the dragon berry flavor and it was quite good. It had that traditional dragon berry smell kind of like a cross between a raspberry and grape with some strawberry. When you first taste it you get this dragon berry flavor followed by a strawberry like kick. The strawberry flavor lingers a little bit and then you get a slight stevia taste. It was quite good and very refreshing, which I was surprised because some stevia sweetened products are overpowered by it. In this case, the product was not. I usually would mix this in 40 ounces of water with ice cubes and it would mix well. There would be some residue at the bottom but it was minimal. In terms of dosing, I would use two to three scoops at a time. I would sometimes put this in a 40 ounces water bottle and sip throughout the day.


I felt that Amino code was effective in two key areas, which are hydration and recovery. The first thing that I noticed when I first started taking this product was I was thirsty less. I tend to drink quite a bit of water but it fluctuates since as a teacher it is hard to use the bathroom with how classes are set up. So, during the work day I will usually drink less but that will lead to me being thirsty later in the day. However, when using this I would put it in a large water bottle and sip throughout the workday. I noticed that I tended to be less thirsty later in the day. In terms of taking this during my actual workouts, I noticed that I went to the water fountain less frequently than before. While running I also noticed that I would less frequently need to run by my car to get a drink. I am unsure if it was the coconut water or the electrolytes but whatever it was I felt this product was effective for hydration.

In terms of recovery, I noticed a small but significant reduction in DOMS. I recently have been upping the intensity of my workouts and noticed I would be very sore for several days. If DOMS was a sharp knife, I felt like this product dulled it slightly. It was still there but to a lesser degree. As far as running went, I felt that this made me less sore and I was able to run a little more frequently. On my off days, I will sometimes hike but this will at times turn into a run. However, if I am very sore that does not occur. I noticed that when taking this those hikes turned into runs slightly more frequently.


Amino Code currently retails for 39.95 for 40 servings making it about $0.99 per serving. This is a pretty good price but I will note that this is not widely available. I could only find it direct from them or on Amazon by a third party seller ($0.10 cheaper). At $0.99 per serving I think this is competitively priced due to it being an EAA product as well. Currently, most popular recovery products on major supplement retailers tend to be straight BCAA products, which can be cheaper. I personally see value (and prefer) BCAA/EAA products over straight BCAA. I think it comes down to what you prefer and if you want an BCAA/EAA with hydration support this could be a good buy. If you don't want the hydration their could be cheaper options out there for BCAA/EAA products.

Side Effects

I had no side effects while taking this product.


Amino Code is an effective BCAA/EAA product for hydration and recovery. In addition, it is competitively priced but not widely available. I definitely think it is worth a try if you are looking for BCAA/EAA recovery product with hydration.

  • Dragon Berry: 8/10


  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    July 30, 2018 - Last Edited: 2018-07-30 13:42:14

    I like how you always try to perfectly describe the taste, most of us just say it was great! or it was average and nothing else lol.

    Nice review.

  • Xcmiler
    Rep: +1,295
    July 30, 2018

    @MarsheS Haha thanks, flavor is always important to me.

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