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Only 1 Review - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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Creatine > Ethyl Ester

(225 gm) - [$0.13/gm]

Horse Power is a Creatine Ethyl Ester Product manufactured by Ultimate. It is an ethyl ester derivative of creatine. It has been proposed to be more effective than the traditional version, though this hasn't been proven. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

See all 4 products in:
Creatine > Ethyl Ester

  August 24, 2010

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Vascularity
  • Good Ingridient Profile
  • Brutal Itchy
  • Bad Taste
  • Sometimes Felt Sick
  • Lemon Lime Is Horrible Tasting!
Ok so i bought this product back in like febraruy of this year. I was excited to take it since it looked really good and had a good ingriendt profile. When i took it.. wow.. the lemon lime taste that i got was like punching myself in the face!! It was horrible! I mean dang!! It was flippin horrible! I don't even know how to describe how freakin bad it taste! I had to mix it in fruit punch gatorade to tolerate it andt even then it taste horrible lol. So after taking one scoop... i felt the beat alaine tingle. Really felt it lol. Well technically it was Betaine Hydrocholride.. but yea it made my whole body itch and tingle.. and it was moderate to intense. Had a good pump but no energy whatsoever. Thers no stims in this prodcut at all which i did like. But since i was used to taking really good pres like 1.M.R., Assault, and Animal Pump, i was expecting somthing better out of this. I only took this about 5 times until here recently. I just finished off the rest of the bottle(im broke and i found this in the back of my cabinet lol) And MINUS THE TASTE... actually had pretty good results.

I took two scoops of this and by the end of last week was taking almost three. It probably was too much creatine.. but i wasn't feeling anything. So id take this with some gatorade, and within about 10 mins feel the beat rush. When working out i had a good pump and very good vascuarlity. My strength was higher and soo was my endurance. Sometimes it did make me sick to my stomach though.

this product has a very legit ingridient list. 1.1 grams of CEE, 1,5 of tei-creatine malate, 2 grams ofe betaine hydrocholride(which im guessin is similar to beat alaine) 2 grams of taurine, 1.1 grams of acetyl l glutamine, and along with another 4 grams of aakg, and 5 more grams of other stuff. No stims, no really fillers from what i can see... I had some pretty good strength on this. Nothin expolosive by any means. Really good vein poppin action though. You can def tell the difference from a pump product and a energy product thats for sure. This is a pump. It was also nice that there was 50 servings in this bottle. But i had to take more than one soo yea..

The TASTE WAS HORRIFIC!!! I MEAN come on.... the lemon lime taste was horrible! I don't know if it was just that flavor.. but i wil never order a lemon lime flavor again in any product lol. I think this prodcut would of been alot better if they had added some stims to it. The beta itch wasn't as bad as some people make it out to be, but yea it was annoying. I honestly don't remember how much i payed for this.

thers better stuff out there.. if you want to give it a try.. DO NOT order lemon lime lol.


  • deeja
    Rep: +509
    August 24, 2010

    good review...i love this stuff. It all tastes like nutsack though

  • taysab23
    Rep: +614
    August 24, 2010

    yea i think if they added some stims.. it would be alot better.

  • Spdgreddy86
    Rep: +360
    August 24, 2010

    ...I cant stand the beta tingles...even a small amount of it sets my skin on fire. I don't know how a lot of people do it. Good review though.

  • taysab23
    Rep: +614
    August 24, 2010

    i kinda like the beat tingles as long as there like not bad. I'm pretty tolerant to them and this stuff made me feel like something was itchy me beneath my skin.


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