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Creatine Fuel has been reported as discontinued.

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Creatine Fuel Reviews

By: TwinLab


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Creatine > Blends
Creatine Fuel is a Creatine Blend manufactured by TwinLab. It features multiple forms of creatines to take advantage of the various features of the different creatines. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

Creatine Fuel has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Creatine > Blends


Only 1 Review - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews


  September 19, 2010

  • Excellent For Beginners
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    This was the first real supplement I ever took and I was amazed by it. It worked great for me and because of this i have always had respect for TwinLabs products. Altough this is simple creatine mono. You feel a tremendous difference n your workouts specially in stamina and strenght. I started using this when I was 17 in college I was 5'8 and 135 lbs, mad skinny with a big head and since I was by myself in college I decided to give this products a try. I bought it at CVS for like 17 bucks. My motivation for muscle gain was like 10yy+. I wanted to get big, so I did workout hard, but smart. After a semester of using this creatine fuel (about 5 months) I was weighting 150 lbs. I remember my roommate and a couple of guys in the dorms saw me and I didn't have my shirt on. It was ridiculously hot, so u know, and they were surprised how big I got in such a lil time. I even made a great friend and workout partner because one of the guys started working out with me. thinking I was like a workout fitness guru haha.
    I recommend this for all beginners because you do feel and see a difference.
    Also, I wasnt taking any other supplement, just this.

    One thing though, you will get to as point when you want something stronger and you will grow from regular creatine. I have not used this product again becuase after my 1st semester I started taking stronger supplements. However, this is a great supp.

    COMMENTS (1)

    • ruabeyo
      Rep: +908
      September 19, 2010

      Too bad I already repped your Animal Stak review...

      I just finished mine and really liked it.

      I think too many people sleep on Twinlabs though ...this is a legit company.

      Great Review Mr. Strong...

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