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Multi-Vitamin for Men Reviews

By: Triple CS Supplements

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Triple CS Supplements for sending it out!
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  December 4, 2018

  • Decent Value
  • Low Dosages
  • Indigestion
  • Prop Blends

Quick Summary

An under-dosed but decently priced multi. Doesn't compete with top-notch daily multis, but the potential is there.


I'm a believer in consistently taking a daily multivitamin in order to ensure I'm meeting core nutritional needs. I usually stick to a basic, one-pill multi with a relatively simple ingredient profile (ON's Opti-Men is my go-to). I want to note that I view multi-vitamins the same way I view protein - as a mandatory dietary staple; not a product I expect will take me to the next level. Thus it makes this particular category rather difficult to review.

Thanks to Triple CS for allowing me to run their men's multi and my apologies for the delay in posting this review.

Ingredient Profile

Triple CS Men's Multi (which I will refer to as CS in this review) has a simple ingredient profile, especially compared to some of the more aggressive "paks" on the market. This is not uncommon for one-a-day pills but even though the profile is simple, it's under-dosed compared to like-products.

Here's the deal. Pills are not a good delivery method of vitamins. They don't trigger digestion and thus aren't absorbed as efficiently (which is why it's always recommended to take vitamins with meals). To compensate for this most multis contain a dose of core ingredients that greatly exceeds the daily recommended dosage. Additionally, the recommended daily dosage doesn't account for factors such as body mass and metabolism. All said and done you want a multi with an aggressive vitamin profile that includes high doses of vital, water-soluble vitamins.

Let's compare CS to FLEX Nutrition's Mega Multi, another vitamin I recently reviewed and found to be competitively priced, well-dosed, and all-around simple. CS loses or ties on nearly every ingredient when compared to FLEX, sometimes significantly so. Sure, the daily percentages are decent, but reference the previous paragraph. Would you rather take in 10,000 IU of Vitamin A or 4,000? 1,000mg of B6 of 7.5mg? 50 IU of Vitamin E or 30? You get the point.

Overall the profile of this multi, while not poor in its structure, does not have as high a dose of most critical nutrients and vitamins compared to similar products.

Also included in CS are small prop blends titled Male Support, Immune Blend, and Antioxident Fruit and Energy Blend. Given these are prop blends there is no way to adequately examine dosage, however a surface examination suggests to me they are under-dosed. Case in point, Echinacea is the primary ingredient in the Immune Blend, which in total is 110mg per dose. Echinacea, a common herb for immune support, carries a recommended daily dose of 300mg.


Two easy to swallow caps that I usually took daily with my evening meal. See side effects.


As stated, it's difficult to gauge a vitamin's effectiveness. Did I notice a significant difference taking CS compared to Opti-Men or another multi? Not really, which is more a point in favor of CS than anything else given its weaker profile. Unfortunately I did feel ill for about a week or so while running this product, and it was clear my body was having to work to fight something off. I'm not going to point the finger at CS here and say this is because the multi's profile is not as complete it still provided me more general health support than I would have received running nothing at all. But I almost never get ill when taking a multi-vitamin consistently.


The industry norm for a men's multi is roughly .50c per dose, with the more aggressive "packs" running closer to $1.00 per day. CS is available on the manufacturer's website at $17.95 for 30 days, which equates to a competitive .60c per serving. This is a decent price point, and it should be given the simply profile, but I would still argue it's not exactly a good value. I always use ON's Opti-Men as my gold standard here. Not only is the profile of that product far more complete, but a big bottle will cost you .46c per day.

Side Effects

This multi-vitamin gave me the worst powder burps and indigestion I've ever received from such a product. For hours after dosing I'd find myself gassy and constantly belching. Not to mention the burps had that awful herbal vitamin taste. Very unpleasant.


This is a mediocre multi that needs adjustment. While not poorly structured, the dosing doesn't match up to competitor products. And while the pricing is solid, there's still better value to be found for your money. Not to mention the negative side effects I experienced. I'm a hard sell on multi-vitamins and unfortunately CS doesn't make the cut just yet.

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