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Testo X-Pack Questions

By: Trec Nutrition

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what could be the side effects of using this product

November 11, 2015

I am 53 and have noticed a slow decline in my energy level, would this help my levels as for work outs and other?
also I live in Canada, is there a Canadian distributor?
Denis Wickenheiser


Rep: +1,877
Posted November 11, 2015

Side effects -- no, I don't see any reason you would experience negative side effects, at least nothing very noticeable. Some people note changes in mood, heightened libido, oily skin or breakouts, and some other minor side effects with natural test boosters.

Energy levels -- you might see some better energy levels. A lot of these ingredients are designed to help improve sleep quality. I'm guessing it's meant to be taken at night. As far as direct energy increase like you'd see with a pre-workout product, it's not likely you'd see anything like that. But a general elevation of mood and energy levels throughout the day, probably.

Canadian availability -- I have no idea. I've never heard of this product before now and a lot of the results are in foreign languages, so it seems like the availability in North America is limited. You may want to opt for a product that is more widely available and widely reviewed. A few that come to mind are Lecheek TX-3, BPS Endosurge, Performax Labs Alphamax... Or you could stack a test booster and estrogen/cortisol blocker, such as Purus Labs D-Pol/PES Erase, or D-Pol/Lecheek AD-3. You will find plenty of reviews here for all of those products.
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