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Forged Joint Repair Reviews

By: Transform Supplements

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Forged Joint Repair is a Joint Support Product manufactured by Transform Supplements. It is designed to improve and maintain the health of cartilage, tendons and joints in the body.

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  October 14, 2014

  • Relives Joint Pain
  • Helps Remove Stiffness In Joints
  • Good Value
  • Cool Metal Canister
  • Wish It Was Not A Blend
  • Potentially Under Dosed
I have never really gotten into the whole joint products before and thought I would give this a try. This is something I think I should be taking more of since I do workout a lot and it's always good to keep my joints more lubed up. Been having some tendonitis in my left elbow and was hoping this might help get rid of that and a few other joint issues I have been dealing with. This is only my second joint product I have tried besides usplabs super cissus and just straight glucosamine which never did a lot for me by itself. This does come in a nice cool looking canister but the only problem with that is it is really hard to read the labeling on there because of so much light glare you get. It seems like you really have to keep turning the can around so you can read it and not have that light glare.

Servings size 1 capsule
Servings per container 60
Prop blend 750mg
Glucosamine Hydrochioride
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
Cissus Quadrangularis extract
(std min. 5% ketosteroids) (20:1)(root)
Chondroition Sulfate Sodium
Turmeric Root
Boswellia Serrata Extract
(std min. 65% Boswellic Acid)

Other Ingredients
Gelatin, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Guar Gum, Titantium Dioxide, FD&C, Red #3, FD&C Blue #1
Contains Shellfish (shrimp and Crab)

I like most of everything they put in here and feel they are good ingredients to have in a joint product. I think maybe a few more things could be added. What I don't like is that this is all in one big prop blend and have no real idea how much of everything is in here. Also I don't like how under dosed this is. I would really like to see them up the ingredients a bit so you don't need to double up your dose to get the right amounts to make it effective.

The cheapest I can find this for is $14.99 on I don't think that is to bad a price if you did not have to up the dosage like you do. If you did not have to double up on the dose I think it would make it a better deal. 4 pills a day is what I feel most people will need to take to really feel anything from this. If your taking 4 pills this will only last you 15 days and that is not very long.

No taste and nothing to mix since these come in pill form.

It says on the label to take 2 pills a day one in the morning and one later in the day. I took 2 pills right away. I know for some people they will need to take 2 pills twice a day to get the right amounts since these are a bit under dosed. I could have easily done 2 pills twice a day but I just stuck with 2 pills each day.

For a joint product I thought this was ok but nothing outstanding. The main reason I wanted to try these was to help with a little bit of tendonitis I have in my left elbow. Usually the only time I really feel it hurting in my elbow is when I do any tricep exercises. Did this help much at getting rid of the tendonitis no but I do think it helped it a little bit and got rid of some of the imflammation but I could still really feel it at times bothering me. Also I have been dealing with a little bit of pain in my shoulders and upper back. I did notice my shoulders did feel a little better at times and did not feel them bother me as much when I would do my incline and flat dumbbell presses for chest. I think if I would have upped my doses a lot more it could have been more effective for me. I did notice overall my joints did seem to feel a little better and was able to do a few things with not as much pain in my joints as I did before.

Side Effects:
The only thing I really noticed was that after I had been on these for awhile I noticed a little bit of a weird feeling in both my hands around the bottom of my fingers going into my knuckles. When I would try to pick something up with just my finger tips I could really feel it in my fingers down to the knuckles and it kind of hurt a little and did not feel like I had as much strength. I have noticed this before when I have taken just glucosamine and fish oils. It almost seems like I feel better when I don't take stuff like this. So what ever it is that causes this I don't know but really wish this would not do that.

This was an ok product for me. It did some good but I think there are probably some better products out there. Get rid of the prop blend and up the dosages a bit and I think this would be a much better product. I know not everyone reacts the same to each product so I am not going to say it won't work for you just did not do as much for me as I was hoping it would. I would say if you can find this at a good price or on sale I would maybe give it a try if your looking for a joint product.

  November 6, 2012

  • Cool Metal Canister
  • Wish It Was Not A Blend
  • Potentially Under Dosed
Joint health supplements are among one of the most over looked in the arsenal of someone who is doing heavy lifting frequently. Forged was neither the worst, nor the best that I have ever taken.

Taste/Dissolve-abiliy- 9

These are purple caps, that don't really have any taste or smell to speak of. When you leave them in you're mouth for a minute, they start dissolving pretty well, so I give it a 9 in this category.


This contains all the average ingredients, such as Glucosamine, and Chonodroitin sulfate, etc. The most notable however, being Cissus Quadrangularis. This is seen in USP Supper Cissus, and claims to have joint restorative properties. The thing scares me though, is that there is about 6 different Ingredient profiles that you can find online. A little sketchy to me. Also, this is in a blend, and I'm guessing almost everything is severely under dosed. I had to double the serving in to get any effect out of this.


Not to say this doesn't work, it just didn't work well, and I had to double the dosing to get any results. I did have some slight shoulder pain that I have been experiencing for a while disappear, but I also have nagging aches in my elbows, and back from wrestling and this did little to nothing for this. I did notice on days I didn't take this was a bit stiffer, but nothing to call home about. I have had much better results from many other products.

Value: 7

I picked up two little canisters of this for 20 dollars shipping included when it was on sale at lockout. This sounds like a great deal, but you have to keep in mind, there are only 60 caps per container. Dosing at 4 caps per day, I went through two bottles in 30 days. For a joint supplement, especially one that is just average, this is to much for my blood.


This is not a terrible product, and as well all know we all react differently so you may have a better experience then me. I have also never tried a Cissus based product before, so I don't even know if I am a responder. If you have some light aches, and can find it on sale, perhaps give this ago, but I am sure there are better products out there.

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